Firing The Man
Raising the Bar with our 2021 Goals
Firing The Man
Raising the Bar with our 2021 Goals
Jan 26, 2021 Episode 57
Firing The Man

Episode 57

In this episode, we are going to talk about the goals that Ken and I set for 2021. From 15,000 to 30,000 emails? Why not 50,000? Buying an existing company or starting from scratch? We have set goals this year based on the lessons we have learned and the experiences we have gone through last year. We are sharing all these goals with you to remind us that 2021 is the year of Firing the Man. 

Let’s jump into the episode and raise the bar with our 2021 goals!

[00:01 - 03:44] Opening Segment

  • Why we’re raising the bar with our goals this 2021

[03:45 - 09:03] Swallow the Frog 

  • Ken’s first 2021 goal is to join a 7- or 8-figure Mastermind class
  • David aims to schedule time for his long-term initiatives 
    • 8 hours monthly to “swallow the frog”
  • Ken wants to attend 3 live conferences to learn more about these topics
  • What’s a “slam-dunk” product for David and why does he want to launch it?

[09:04 - 17:20] Buy then Build

  • Ken’s next goal is on transforming from a solopreneur into an entrepreneur
  • David’s next goal is building his audience and email list and growing his website traffic 
  • How many hours will David allocate for diversification off Amazon this 2021? 
  • Why it’s advisable to buy an existing company for David
  • Want some Amazon refunds? Check out Getida
    • Promo code: FTM400

[17:21 - 24:16] Fire the Man in 2021

  • 100% top-line growth across e-commerce brands
    • How will Ken achieve this goal?
  • David shares his financial goals you’d want to check out!
  • Ken wants to double the size of his email list
    • David nudges Ken to aim for more
  • David announces an important decision

[24:17 - 29:05] Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable 

  • Ken will be going Shopping Mode! 
  • We talk about being comfortable with the uncomfortable 

[29:06 - 33:53] Closing Segment 

  • The importance of planning your activities ahead of time
  • The impact of the words, “Do not disturb”
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“What’s probably made the single most impact for me in 2020, along with my planning sheet, is putting my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb.’” - Ken Wilson 

“I think sharing your goals with somebody, at least one person, is incredibly valuable.” - David Schomer

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