Firing The Man
Six Month Anniversary of Ken Firing The Man
Firing The Man
Six Month Anniversary of Ken Firing The Man
Mar 09, 2021 Episode 63
Firing The Man

Episode 63

It’s been 6 months since Ken fired the man. In this episode, we have talked with Ken about his eCommerce business so far, the steps he took to balance his full-time job and business prior to firing the man, and the freedom of having control of his own time. He also shares this one regret in starting a business. What do you think is that regret?  

Let’s listen to Ken’s Firing the Man journey to find out! 

[00:01 - 03:51] Opening Segment

  • We introduce our topic for today
  • What’s the last 6 months been for Ken? 

[03:52 - 11:07] Before Firing the Man 

  • Don’t miss our interesting exchange about health insurance
    • How much you should consider it before firing the man 
  • How Ken balanced his full-time job and eCommerce business then

[11:08 - 19:46] After Firing the Man

  • Don’t miss these tips from Ken in running your business 
  • Want some Amazon refunds? Check out Getida
    • Promo code: FTM400
  • “What if firing the man doesn’t work for me?”
    • Listen to Ken’s advice here
  • Ken’s outlook about the future of eCommerce industry

[19:47- 27:03] A 5-Star Experience 

  • Why small businesses fail 
  • Ken talks about the power of networking
  • What is Ken’s only regret in starting a business? 

[27:04 - 28:14] Closing Segment 

  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“Surrounding yourself with like-minded positive people really helps.” - Ken Wilson

“Nothing’s been more powerful for my life than knowing that I can take care of myself and my family on my own.” - Ken Wilson

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Do you want to fire the man yourself? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! 




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