Firing The Man
Challenging Conventional Wisdom with The Prolific Investor with Chris Odegard
Firing The Man
Challenging Conventional Wisdom with The Prolific Investor with Chris Odegard
May 25, 2021 Episode 74
Firing The Man

We have the one and only Chris Odegard to talk about alternative investment vehicles you can try over the traditional ones such as the 401(k). Our discussion mostly focused on 401(k) and why he will advise people to NOT put money into it. Instead, he will advise them to invest in real estate, which if done right, can lead to financial freedom and prosperity. 

Tune in now and learn alternative investment secrets from The Prolific Investor! 

[00:01 - 04:22] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know  Chris Odegard
  • He talks about alternative investments 

[04:23 - 14:42] Alternative Investment Vehicles

  • How Chris bought his first rental property 
  • Don’t miss this advice from Chris about 401(k)! 
  • Listen to our interesting exchange about taxes 
    • The 2 tax systems

[14:43 - 25:09] How Chris Fired the Man 

  • The power of negotiation in the real estate space 
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  • How Chris fired the man 
    • Listen to his story 
    • The Hierarchy of Investments 

[25:10 - 35:04] Rentals > 401k

  • Should you drop your 401(k) and buy rentals instead? 
  • If you’re already putting money into 401(k), here’s Chris’ advice for you
  • How to start an alternative investment

[35:05 - 39:25] Closing Segment 

  • Know more about Chris in the Fire Round! 
  • Connect with Chris. Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“I think you have to have a goal that’s bigger than money because when the money doesn’t come fast enough or gets too hard, people will give up and quit.” - Chris Odegard

“...if I was your age, with this brain, I would have never put any money into that 401k. I would have started acquiring single family rentals.” - Chris Odegard

Resources Mentioned:

Email [email protected] to connect with Chris or follow him on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out The Prolific Investor to learn more about his services. 


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