The Whistler Podcast
Season 2: Episode 35 The past, present and future of Pique Newsmagazine with Braden Dupuis
Season 2: Episode 35 The past, present and future of Pique Newsmagazine with Braden Dupuis 59:44 Season 2: Episode 35 - Maxxed out with G.D. Maxwell 1:19:21 Season 2: Episode 34 Exploring the future of Whistler with RMOW CAO Virginia Cullen 45:58 Season 2: Episode 33 with Tanina Williams | Recorded live at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre 58:09 Season 2: Episode 32: considering local, regional and provincial perspectives with Jen Ford 54:32 Season 2: Episode 31: Art through the eyes of the curator with Dr. Curtis Collins 1:05:00 Season 2: Episode 30: The practice of fascination in art and environment with Arne Gutmann 54:11 Season 2: Episode 28: Learning about indigenous language and culture with the SLCC Curator Alison Pascal 56:44 Season 2: Episode 28 The youth of today share their vision for Whistler's future (With Tomas Rasmussen and Hugo Steiner) 51:50 Season 2: Episode 27 Learning about environmental activism (With Claire Ruddy) 1:07:23 Season 2 Episode 26: A conversation with Olympian and president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Tricia Smith 1:05:12 Season 2 Episode 25: Connecting with Whistler ski legend Rob Boyd 1:04:51 Season 2 Episode 24: Connecting with youth through the SLCC Indigenous Youth Ambassador Program (with Cheximiya Allison Burns Joseph) 42:31 Season 2 Episode 22: Starry nights, music festival installations and championing arts in Whistler (with Dave Petko) 36:25 Season 2 Episode 23: Swimming with salmon: Art that celebrates the Sea to Sky’s ecosystem (with Christina Nick) 45:03 Season 2 Episode 21: The Three Watchmen sculpture and contemporary indigenous art (with Xwalacktun and Levi Nelson) 1:44:16 Season 2 Episode 20: Masculinity in the mountains (with Chad Chomlack) 1:11:25 Season 2 Episode 19: A conversation about 60 years as a Whistler artist (with Isobel MacLaurin) 47:06 Season 2 Episode 18: Whistler Community Services Society and big picture social wellbeing (with Dave Clark and Lori Pyne) 49:28 Season 2 Episode 17: Something old, something new: marrying technology with the house call to improve primary care in Whistler (with Dr. Clark Lewis) 1:04:03 Season 2 Episode 16: The Whistler Excellence Awards Recap (with Cathy Jewett and Heather Paul) 1:13:28 Season 2 Episode 15: TEDxWhistler returns this weekend (with Anoop Virk) 41:58 Season 2 Episode 13: Whistler Housing Authority brings vibrancy into Whistler’s neighbourhoods (with Marla Zucht) 1:00:33 Season 2, Episode 12: The Real Wild Kittens are changing the demographics of skateboarding (with Juliette Pelchat, Amalia Pelchat and Maggie Crompton) 1:07:23 Season 2 Episode 10: An emotional experience in the mountains (with Jayson Faulkner) 1:11:55