Our Spiritual Life

S4E18 - Angels, Ascension, Unity, and Love with Seph Dietlin

September 05, 2023 Raymond Posch Season 4 Episode 18
Our Spiritual Life
S4E18 - Angels, Ascension, Unity, and Love with Seph Dietlin
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Show Notes

In this interesting and uplifting conversation, I talk with angel communicator, spiritual teacher, and energy healer Seph Dietlin about angels, ascension, unity, love, and more. Upon being introduced, he said that everything he does is about "expanding love and light in the world". He had an awakening of sorts more than 20 years ago when he reached a crisis point in his life, asked "the angels" for help, and was amazed when he heard and felt the angels respond to his request. From that point on, angels began to teach him and guide him about what is happening and why as the world has entered a time of accelerating change and evolution. Seph soon realized that he was meant to be a channel for the angels' messages and to teach people how to access higher levels of consciousness since that is the key to the transition that is happening for the human species and the world as a whole. He talked about the "Matrix" which is the world of illusion based on belief in separation, fear, logic, and linear thinking. And he then explained that we can fairly quickly awaken to higher levels of awareness, which our souls are guiding us toward, enabling us to fully see through the illusion of separation and to know that we are one with the Source. When we make that shift, we gain access to the non-linear, exponential, miraculous nature of the Divine. As a certified hypnotherapist, Seph uses hypnotherapy as one of the tools to facilitate people in accessing the higher consciousness and and associated healing. He reminded the listeners to "Expand the light and love in you" and to know that love is the most powerful way of being we have. You can learn more about him at his website: TalkToMyAngels.com.

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