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#011 The Blackwater Massacre

August 19, 2021 Evan Liberty, Dustin Heard, Paul Slough, Nick Slatten, Gina Keating, Eddie Gallagher
Shawn Ryan Show
#011 The Blackwater Massacre
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After thirteen years of political persecution and wrongful imprisonment, four U.S. veterans reunited last Christmas with their loyal families after receiving Presidential pardons that some described as “an affront to justice.”

In their first joint interview on The Shawn Ryan Show, the four men of Blackwater USA’s Raven 23 Tactical Support Team sit down with Shawn Ryan to discuss the most controversial gunfight of the entire Iraq War, the complete system failure of the U.S. government, a corrupt court system, and incompetent journalists that demonized them as war criminals and convicted them before standing trial, despite their innocence. 

In an extensive interview, Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nick Slatten and Paul Slough discuss their ordeal as well as their experience in battle, their time in prison, their faith, and reuniting with their families.

Special appearances from Gina Keating and Eddie Gallagher

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Blackwater Massacre Intro
Paul, Nick, Evan, and Dustin: Introduction
Blackwater Training : What it's like
Op tempo and day-to-day life with Blackwater and the May 23rd incident
The Incident: Sept. 16, 2007, Nisour Square, Baghdad, Iraq
Gina Keating: Interview with investigative journalist
The Blueprint behind the corruption and Joe Biden's address engaging in that corruption
Prison Sentencing: Life and 30 years
Thank you to President Trump
Eddie Gallagher: Surprise guest appearance