Storytime Seedlings

Episode 18 WINTER

January 19, 2020 Storytime Seedlings - Lauren Teixeira and Nancy Buckles, Milpitas Public Library Season 1 Episode 18
Storytime Seedlings
Episode 18 WINTER
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Winter is here--brrrrr! Time to put on your hat, coat, boots and mittens, because it's cold outside and may be snowing. Join us for a Snowy-Wintery storytime of picturebooks, fingerplays, songs, stories and tips for raising your own reader--Episode 18  Winter.

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Let's Sing a Winter Song Episode Intro
Winter Picture Books
Winter Fingerplays and Songs
Winter Storytelling - The Mitten, a Folktale
Pre-Literacy Tip for Grown-Ups - Nurturing Imagination in Young Children
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