Storytime Seedlings

Episode 22 - Eggs and Chicks

April 07, 2020 Storytime Seedlings Season 2 Episode 22
Storytime Seedlings
Episode 22 - Eggs and Chicks
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Eggs are hatching and chicks are peeping in Episode 22 - join us for the Storytime Seedlings Podcast with children's books, fingerplays, songs, a story and pre-literacy advice for par  ents, caregivers and teachers for children aged birth to five years old.

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Theo birds were singing, The flowers are blooming and this is the story. Time Ceilings, Podcasts Spring and Summer 2020 addition Episode 22. Eggs and Chicks. Now it's time for some good books. Ali Bye, Olivier Done. Ria Ali is waiting in his ache and he won't come out. Gaussian, Gertie air trying to get him out. They try poking, talking, listening, even chasing the rolling egg with Ali in it. I won't come out, says Ali from inside his egg. He stands on his egghead. He rolls out of the nest. Then Gosse and Gertie say, Don't come out. But then Ali cracks his egg. Is he finally coming out? This sweet, easy reader is a story of a determined little Ali who wants what he wants when he wants it. Toddlers and preschoolers will definitely identify with Ali, and if they're the big brother or sister, they'll see themselves in Gosse and Gertie. Babies will love the gentle story with the warm illustrations. This is a story that beginning readers will enjoy sharing with younger brothers and sisters. Ali Olivier Done, Ray Ah, quiet boat ride by Sergio Rose. Here, Fox is ready to roll out on the pond for a quiet boat ride. I can write com chick af. I guess it doesn't have to be quiet, says Fox. Good thing they're friends because Chick is not quiet. Chick is afraid that on their quiet but right, they will come across by mets or get in a shipwreck or come across sea monsters. Don't worry, Fox reminds Chick were on Lee on a pond and not far from shore. That's what Fox says, but even so, chick kisses the ground when he jumps out of the boat and onto the shore. So much for quiet. The quiet Boat Right is just one of three stories in this easy reader book by Sergio Rajveer of Two Friends, Quiet Fox and Noisy Chick. Funny and fun to read to preschoolers and maybe toddlers, and certainly something a beginning reader will enjoy. The quiet bull ride Bye, Sergio. Rosie here Are you my mother by P. D. Eastman. Her little egg is about to hatch, so Mother Bird flies off to get some food for her new chick before it cracks open from its egg. I must get something for my baby bird to eat, she said. I will be back. Clip out of the aid comes the baby bird. But Mother Bird is not yet back. Where is she? Baby bird climbs out of the nest and down the tree. He couldn't fly yet but he can walk. I will go find my mother, he said. Baby Bird did not know what his mother looked like. He asks a kitten, a hen, a dog and a cow. Are you my mother? No, we are not your mother. And neither is the boat or the plane or the big snort machine. But the big snort machine knows who baby birds Mother is and lifts a baby bird back to the nest just as Mother Bird comes back. Do you know who I am? She s finally Baby Bird finds his mother. Are you my mother? By P. D. Eastman is a classic easy reader, published by the Dr Seuss Siri's of Beginning readers in 1960. Endearing and funny, suspenseful and satisfying. A great book for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and a memorable one for new readers as well as parents and grand parents who may have read this back when they themselves were just baby chicks barely out of the nest. Are you my mother? By P. D Eastman. Okay, get ready. It's time for finger plays and songs. Five little eggs. This is a finger plate, and this is what you gotta do. Hold up your hand and your five eggs. That's what your fingers are. And as we say, each number you hold up one and then two, then three than four and 55 fingers and you wiggle them and make them talk. Ready? Here we go. Five little eggs. Call up your hand. There were five little eggs and what do we see? They're about to crack Open my goodness, Me said Mother Hen. The first a cracks open. And what do we see? It's a fuzzy little buggering black looking at me and wiggle your finger. The second little egg cracks open, Breck. And what do we see? It's a little turkey gobbler. Comfortable looking at me. The third egg cracks open. And what do we see? It's a little fuzzy owl. Who, looking at me, The fourth egg cracks open. And what do we see? It's a pretty little bluebird twin twin looking at me. The fifth, a cracks open and What do we see? It's a little yellow chicken Peep Peep looking at me, my baby, said the mother hand. As happy as can be, Mummy said the chick, Did you meet my sisters and brothers? What she mother hand my goodness me The end Here's a finger play called eggs in a nest. So this is what you gotta do. Hold out one hand flat, palm up and make a fist with your other hand and laid on top of the hand you're holding flat. That's going to be your A and the egg itself. Uncle Peck, Peck, Peep, Peep. And eventually it'll hatch out and open up your fingers and wiggle And like their little birds. You ready? Here you go. Eggs in the nest Here is an egg in a nest in a tree. What's inside? What can it be? Peck, Peck, Peck and peep Peep Peep out hatches A little bird. We go, We go, we go. Pickle. Cute as can be. I should try that again. Palm out flat egg on top. Here's an egg in a nest up in a tree. What's inside? What can it be? Peck, Peck and Peep Peep peep out hatches little birds We go global As cute as can be One of my most favorite things of all to do in story time Our toe Hand out the shaker eggs If you have a shaker The egg Go run and get it And if you don't you can shake whatever you want You could shake your hand Wiggle your fingers Whatever you'd like to do But I've got my shaker in here Emigrants seeing the Shaker egg song If you're happy and you know it give a shake Are you ready? If you're happy And you know what Give a shakes If you're happy And you know what Give a shakes If you're happy and you know it And you really want to show it If you're happy And you know what Give a shake If you're happy And you know what Give a tap Happier that you tap your hands together Stepped up If you're happy and you know what Give a tap tap tap If you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it If you're happy and you know what Give a tap, tap, tap clap pretty If you're happy and you know what? Give a clap, clap, clap If you're happy and you know it Give a clap clap, clap If you're happy and you know it And you really want to show it If you're happy And you know what Give a clap OK Do all three You gotta shake it And then we got cap it Then we got a class shake tap clap pretty If you're happy and you know it do all three Shake, cap, clap If you're happy and you know it do all three Shake, tap, clap If you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it If you're happy and you know it, do all three shakes Tap Yeah, Here's a quick finger play and poem and it's called Little Chick Waits by Jean Warren This is what you're going to do. You're gonna have to take one of your hands and make it into a fist. Then rest that fist on top of palm of your other hand. The hand that is made into a fist is going to be the egg, and inside the egg is the chick, and when you crack open the eggs when it cracks open. The little bird comes out and goes Peep, peep, peep. Okay, so you can make the make your fingers into a little bird. Going Peep. Peep, peep. Okay, Ready? Here we go. Get your fist ready into a little egg. Little chick waits. Little chick waits in his shell off white, curled up cozy. Oh, so tight. Then he tap tap taps at a hole with his beak, beak, beak and pops from a shell with a peep. Peep peep. Let's try that one more time. Ready? Little chick waits hygiene. Warren Little chick waits in his shell off white curled up cozy and oh, so tight. Then he tapped tap, taps out a hole with his beak, beak, beak and pops from his shell with a peep. Peep peep. Here's a figure play about five little chickens. Hold up one hand and your five fingers are going to be all five little chickens goes like this, said the first little chicken. Wiggle your son with a strange little square. I wish I could find a fat little worm, said the next little chicken with an odd little shrug. I wish I could find Ah, fat Little Bug said the third little chicken with a sharp little squeal. I wish I could find some nice yellow mu said the fourth little chicken with a small sigh of grief. Oh, I wish I could find a green little leave, said the fifth Little Chicken with a faint little moan. I wish I could find a wee gravel stone now see here, said the mother from the Green Garden patch. If you want any breakfast, just come here and scratch the end. Now for a story to hear until the Peeping Chick, adapted by Me, Lauren and based on the book The Baby B B Bird by Diane Massey. One spring night, an egg cracked open and out of it hatched a baby chick peep, she said into the quiet of the night peep. She asked into the quiet peep. She shouted into the quiet, waking up every hen, duck, goose dog, cat, cow, goat pig and horse on the farm. Go back to sleep, said her mother with a tired croak. But the baby chick did not listen. She was to have a happy and excited to be out of her egg people. Maybe, he shouted, Go back to sleep said Every hen, duck, goose dog, cat, cow go pig and horse on the farm. But the baby chick did not listen. She was just too excited and happy to be out of her take. She shouted all night long No animal in the farm Got any sleep that night And in the morning, baby chick was finally fast asleep But all the animals were awake and very tired. The farmer came to the to the barn to feed the hens. The ducts, the G's the dog, the cat, the cow, the pig on the horse He saw how to hire They were it looks like they didn't sleep a wink last night Look, a new chick sleeping its nest like a baby Aw, the animals dragged off the day and when the sun went down they all quickly fell asleep. What shot of the wide awake baby chick? Oh, no, mon the animals. Here we go again. So no animal on the fire and got any sleep that night either. In the morning, as the baby chicks slept dreamily in her nest, the animals in the barn where bleary eyed but determined they came up with a plan and This is what they did. Every hen, duck, goose, dog, cat, cow, pig and horse all shouted at the top of their lungs. Bark! Quack, hawk! Woof! Now move like Hey, the baby chick woke up. She could not sleep all day because every animal on the farm would not stop shouting Bach black hunk! Move me out! Move like hey! Until the sun went down After that noisy day, the baby chick did not even notice how quiet it was in the barn that night. She was so tired, all she could do was sleep. And after that she only when the sun came up in the morning. The end Okay, wasn't that fun? Now it's time for early literacy tips and commentary just for grownups. The early literacy advice I have for you today is on nature. The egg hunt Any time is a wonderful time to see the marvels of growing things all around us. As the world is our always egg, you can transform any day into a nature the egg hunt. Take a walk with your child and have them look for not so hidden things. Can you see the purple flower or the pink one look at the leaves on the trees. How the shape is so different from a maple Ah, birch or a pineal. If you know the names of trees and plants, tell them to your child. This is a mesquite tree. See how the leaves are like feathers and the trunk is bumpy. Then when you spy another mesquite tree on your walk, you could ask Hey, I see a mesquite tree somewhere, Do you? How many do you see? 12 or three? Also point to birds and animals. A ground squirrel or a tree squirrel, a plane sparrow or robin with a red breast? Watch the clouds come and go. Change shape and color. These are the sweet moments to teach and bond with your child. Seeing the world all its colors and difference will expand their awareness and discernment and support problem solving, creativity and critical thinking along the way, I guarantee you and your child will become like just hatched chicks. Seeing the world as new together. That's it for now. Thanks for joining in the story. Time Seedlings Podcast. I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful spring ahead of you. In the meantime, if you'd like to listen to other episodes of the story. Time ceilings. Podcast. Please go to www dot s C c l d 0.0.0 R g four slash author That's a U T h o r Ford slash Lauren Joan L A U R E N J O A n That's my blawg handle where you could find all the episodes on the Santa Clara County Library website. You could also just plain Oh, subscribe to your favorite podcast app like Apple podcasts or Google or stitcher and more in the meantime, have a good one, thanks to the free music archive for the use of the music. Scott Holmes particular and Frank Moon A. For the use of his song could delay at the beginning and the end of each podcast and special thanks to the Santa Clara County Library Virtual Library folks who put all the Web stuff together. They've done a fantastic job. Take care. Thank you

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