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Beginning January 2019: This feed is a dedicated feed for reruns. Once a month, we will pick an episode from our backlog and share it anew. Usually this will be from the Channel 1 backlog, but occasionally we'll pull from Channel F, or from any future shows we do (aka "Channels"), so long as the original episode does not exceed 2hrs. Sometimes I will tack a new prelude or special announcement onto the front of an episode, but usually it'll just be the original content unmodified.But please stay subbed to the feed, as there is a lot of excellent content in the backlog to either explore for the first time, or to revisit. I think you will enjoy the look back! :-)Nerd Noise Radio - your home for the best Noise from the YM2612/SN76489, SPC700, 2A03, HuC6280, AY-3-8910, YM2151, LR35902, POKEY, PAULA, SID, and beyond!