Beginner's Mind

#68: Mauricio Agudelo and Lina María Toro - Sustainable Animal Nutrition

February 15, 2022 Christian Soschner Season 3 Episode 9
Beginner's Mind
#68: Mauricio Agudelo and Lina María Toro - Sustainable Animal Nutrition
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Show Notes

What significant problems does the food industry face today? Which solutions are already in development?

In this episode, I am talking with Mauricio Agudelo and Lina María Toro about Sustainable Food Innovation in South America.

BIALTEC assists animal protein producers to improve productivity and profitability through precision nutrition, understanding their particular dietary needs, analyzing them through a bioinformatics platform that uses artificial intelligence, and supplying the next generation antibiotic-free additives that will facilitate performance to obtain the desired results.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The Problems in the Food Industry
  •  What Solutions are in Development?
  • Bialtec’s Mission
  • Why You Should Create a Startup and
  • Much More

I hope you enjoy the conversation the same way I did.

Who are the experts in the show?

Shownotes: tbd



(00:00) Intro

(02:30) Opening

(05:45) Recap of EFIB October 2021

(09:15) The Major Problems in the Food Industry in South America, North America, and Europe

(11:40) Use of Antibiotics in Agriculture 

(12:45) The Two Big Problems in Agriculture 

(13:45) Precision Farming and Precision Agriculture: Using AI, Big Data and Gene Editing

(16:20) Bialtec’s Mission

(19:50) Solution of Bialtec for Precision Farming

(24:15) The Importance of the Microbiome

(30:20) Big Data, Health, and Nutrition

(31:50) Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy Food.

(33:30) The global increase in meat consumption

(36:15) Sustainability

(38:30) Motivation to create a StartUp

(46:45) The Start-Up Eco-System in Colombia

(50:45) Live Your Dreams

(54:00) Opportunity for US and EU Bases Investors in Latin America

(58:45) Bialtec’s Plans for European Expansion

(01:01:45) What is Bialtec Looking for?

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