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#79: Jonathan Sporn - How Psychedelic Drugs Help Ease the Mental Health Burden in Society

June 28, 2022 Christian Soschner Season 3 Episode 20
Beginner's Mind
#79: Jonathan Sporn - How Psychedelic Drugs Help Ease the Mental Health Burden in Society
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These days many sources are highlighting the shocking scale of the global mental health crisis and how this affects approx—a staggering one billion people worldwide - over one-seventh of the global population.

“Unfortunately, as harrowing and monstrous this number is”, the investor Christian Angermayer wrote in a blog post, “it is my belief this is a gross UNDER-estimate.”

Ultimately, the number of people needing mental health support is arguably all 100% of the world's population.

I invited Dr. Jonathan Sporn, CEO of Gilgamesh Pharmaceutical, to gain more insights into the unmet medical need in mental health and the promising novel psychedelic drug development sector

Jonathan Sporn MD is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, assistant professor at Columbia University, and CEO of Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, based in NYC, which is developing novel psychedelic-related or inspired medicines to treat mental illness.

Topics we discuss in this episode:

➡️ Global Mental Health Situation
➡️ The History of Psychedelic Drug Development
➡️ Investors in this promising area
➡️ The Background Story to the foundation of Gilgamesh Pharmaceutical and
➡️ And the Different Ingredients Needed to Structure a Novel Game-Changing Drug Development Company

Connect with Jonathan Sporn on Linkedin
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🕒  Timestamps:
(00:00) Introduction to Topic, Speaker, and Company
(04:00) Life in New York in 2022
(07:15) The Global Mental Health Pandemic 
(10:39) Mass Shootings in the United States as a result of the Mental health Situation
(14:05) Why is it Necessary to Develop Novel Drugs to Fight Mental Health Issues in Society 
(19:00) The History of Drug Development for Mental Health Patients
(24:00) How Effective Are Psychedelic Drugs to Tackle Mental Health Questions?
(25:05) Psychedelic Drugs in Pop Culture
(26:40) What Inspired Jonathan Sporn to Dedicate His Professional Life to Advance R&D in Psychedelic Drugs
(29:30) Psychedelic Drugs Help to Observe Own Behaviour
(32:30) Root Causes of Mood Disorders like Maniac Depression, Bipolar Disorder
(34:05) Psychedelic Drugs Enhance Neuroplasticity
(36:50) From Basic Research to Drug Development in the Pharma Industry
(40:10) Mental Health R&D at J&J
(43:40) S-Ketamine vs. K-Ketamine – Difference and Similarities
(46:35) Early-Stage Research in Big Pharma
(49:00) Big Pharma and Small Biotechs
(51:50) The decision to Start A New Company
(57:00) Foundation of Perception Neuroscience – From Early Stage Research to Clinical Phase 2 to Exit 
(59:05) Atai Life Science – Continuing Development of the Compounds against Depression
Supporting links: 
(01:00:00) Reasons for Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur After a Successful Exit Deal
(01:06:00) Drug Development is Simple – Given an Experienced Drug Development Team
(01:08:00) What is the unique approach of Gilgamesh Pharmaceutical?
(01:10:15) Target Product Profile of Psychedelic Drugs 
(01:20:30) Gilgames

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(Cont.) #79: Jonathan Sporn - How Psychedelic Drugs Help Ease the Mental Health Burden in Society