Series 1: Developing Your Organisation's Skills Strategy
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Series 1: Developing Your Organisation's Skills Strategy
Jun 25, 2020 Season 1 Episode 11
Elliott Scott HR

In our final episode of Series One, Emily Ramji chats to Janice Burns and Todd Tauber from Degreed about how organisations can develop a more coherent “skills” strategy. As organisations are forced to rapidly adapt to changing landscapes, the need to identify, develop and redeploy skills has never been greater.

At the organisational level, accurate skills data enables strategic workforce planning and allows the company to successfully deliver its business plan. For individuals, how their skills are recognised, developed and used underpins employee experience, organisational culture, wellbeing, performance and ultimately shapes their career. 

Key timestamps:

3.34: Why skill data and a holistic understanding of skills within organisations is so important

5.59: Is skills development an area of HR that is well developed and organisations are currently succeeding at or is it a new space? 

8.26: How technology can enable organisations to better understand skillsets and be more agile in their ability to respond to disruption

14.05: Skills for performance enablement 

18.30: Examples of organisations utilising skills for strategic workforce planning  

22.24: Advice for those who are looking to re-shape their talent or internal mobility strategy 

31.00: How organisations can use learning behaviours to drive higher employee engagement

39.00: The importance of continuous career development 

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