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Breaking up with Bad Habits

January 06, 2022 Reka
Martini Mamas Podcast
Breaking up with Bad Habits
Show Notes

In this episode, Reka explores Jen Sincero's book Badass Habits.  Jen's book provides a no-BS look at how we function as it pertains to old and new habits.  We fail at our habits not because we're not willing to change but because people are not willing to support us in changing our habits, which then, in turn, makes you doubt and question, Am I doing the right thing?

It's just human nature. And we have a tendency of wanting to be accepted, supported, and Unfortunately, that hinders our growth.

The truth of the matter is everybody can't handle the new you, and everybody isn't going to be supportive of the new you. So are you going to have to set some clear boundaries or who has access to you?

Two things can happen: One, they can be motivated by your change, your progress, and feel like I can do it too, or it can go the negative way and it can be jealousy, envy and they feel like, oh, so you think you too good?

At the end of the day, Vision is not popular; the results are. People don't understand what it took for you to get to be. Who you are right now in this moment.  Shapeshifting into that person that you desire requires you to change your habits.

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