What is a PODE and how can they help with our pensions?
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The Smart Divorce Podcast
What is a PODE and how can they help with our pensions?
Oct 20, 2023 Season 8 Episode 6
Tamsin Caine

In this episode Tamsin speaks to actuary Richard Nobbs about PODEs (Pensions on Divorce Experts). They discuss when a PODE might be needed, and when they might not, along with how to instruct them and what questions to ask.

Richard Nobbs

Richard is an actuary and the owner and a director of Excalibur Actuaries Limited, one of the leading pensions on divorce expert firms, with a team of over 20 including 6 actuaries. He is a member of the Pensions Advisory Group - colloquially known as PAG, comprising judges, barristers, solicitors and pension experts and who have provided extensive guidance on how to deal with pensions on divorce. He is chair of the PAG valuation working committee.

Richard is also a member of the Academy of Experts and Expert Witness Institute.

On a lighter note, he is married with two daughters and in his spare time Richard is an expert skier and an enthusiastic, if less accomplished golfer and photographer.





Tamsin Caine

Tamsin is a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years experience. She works with couples and individuals who are at the end of a relationship and want agree how to divide their assets FAIRLY without a fight.

You can contact Tamsin at tamsin@smartdivorce.co.uk or arrange a free initial meeting using https://bit.ly/SmDiv15min. She is also part of the team running Facebook group Separation, Divorce and Dissolution UK

Tamsin Caine MSc., FPFS

Chartered Financial Planner

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