Gabba Gabba Huh?

Radio - Episode 26

March 09, 2021
Gabba Gabba Huh?
Radio - Episode 26
Show Notes

GGH Talks should return next week, but here's a new radio episode for your ears! Lots of great music on this one, including several songs related to recent GGHT episodes! Sponsored by Hobo Wolfman Records:

Music for GGHR26:

Phantom Ships - Way Out
Brain Fever - Zero Percent
Meat Group - B.C.
Double Negative - Suicide Suicide
Spider Bags - Hey  Delinquents
Adult Film Makers - I Love You (You Hate Me)
The Mustangs - Renegade
The Cherry Icees - You're No Good For Me
Poison Anthem - Bury Me
Mineral Girls - Skeleton Dad
The Stylin' Johnny Appleseeds - Irkutsk

This episode is brought to you by Hobo Wolfman Records:

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