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'Thanks,' she whispered, before closing the door. I heard her shuffled back towards her room, which was further from the living room than mine.I considered, for a.moment, just finishing myself off and then telling her everything was fine, but truthfully there was a strange smell - the tree. And she'd heard a rustling?Shit, I thought. Maybe a rat or something caught a ride.The idea made my skin crawl, but, truthfully I was still so keyed up and horny that I felt a little... daring.The dildo I had still hanging out of me had a flat base, just to stop it, you know, getting lost inside you. So, I pushed it to the hilt, feeling the smooth plastic stretching me deep, filling me nicely; the size meant it was enough to shift and rub my sweet spots as I moved, without being uncomfortable. The pad pressed nicely against my trimmed mound, too, brushing my clit as I pulled my own pyjamas over it.Soppiness be damned - so long as I turned the lights off Sarah would never notice.My pyjamas were a pseudo elf costume; striped leggings with green shorts patterned onto them. They were quite thick, too, so once they were over my hips there was enough clout there to hold the dildo - or long, thin pussy plug - inside me. I pulled the cord tight and tied a quick bow at my waist, so they were tight against my pussy. If I didn't have the toy in, this would have definitely given me the deepest cameltoe ever, but as it was I just felt sexy. I could feel my juices seeping into the crotch as I buttoned up the pyjama top - they were just pop-on buttons, but they added to the elf effect. Plus, with no tee underneath, I suspected that, at the right angle, someone looking might get a bit of an eyeful, which just added to my already silly arousal.I crossed the room, legs wobbly after my cut-short session, the tension in me building again as my long-awaited orgasm twirled around the thin plastic cock inside me, shifting as I walked. On one step, it would rock to the left, dragging against my inner walls, slick and mischievous. On the next, the base would roll over my clit, and the shaft would roll over, putting pressure on the right side.Left, right, left, right, I fucked myself.Chest heaving, I could feel the soft, slightly fuzzy fabric against my eraser nipples, the soft brushing sending jolts through me as my hips swayed, subconsciously climbing higher, towards the cliff edge. I tried to steady myself before heading into the hall.The smell was significantly stronger in here, permeating the air all around me. It smelled like... somewhere between cut grass and petrol. It wasn't bad, per se, but it also wasn't what you wanted to be smelling at almost midnight.