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Mastering Sales While Avoiding Burnout: with Chandell Labbozzetta

September 21, 2020 Andy Silvius Episode 33
Resourceful Agent Radio Show
Mastering Sales While Avoiding Burnout: with Chandell Labbozzetta
Show Notes

You are not going to want to miss today's episode with Chandell Labbozzetta from Melbourne Australia! 

Chandell Labbozzetta is a passionate, dynamic, engaging and highly successful sales and business development expert, NLP master trainer, motivational speaker and author.

Starting her sales career early she achieved the title of Sales Leader with Nutri-Metics at the age of 14. She then went on to win personal and team performance awards in corporate business development and marketing for companies like KPMG. Chandell is acutely conscious of the stress, self-esteem, relationship, and health costs that outwardly successful people experience because she has been through it herself, suffering from professional burnout and severe depression in 2005. When she finally discovered the tools that lead her from suicide to fulfilment she set
out on the path to become a NLP Master Trainer and Motivational Speaker.

Along the way, she realised that some of the business and sales strategies
that she had implemented were completely unknown to her clients and
decided that the holistic personal and business skill suite that she offered
was the best way to eliminate many mental health issues that have
business uncertainty and lack of confidence at their root.

After her recovery, Chandell returned to the corporate world and helped an
under-performing sales team to grow their business by 400% in 6 months
by applying the methods she wrote about in her best-selling book,
“Confident Closing”. She is also a highly sought after speaker on building
high-performing teams, improving communication, and accelerating sales.
Her passion to empower others to overcome obstacles and achieve their
personal and professional goals is infectious and fosters confidence. Be sure to check this out on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and many more. You can also reach me on Instagram or Facebook @ResourcefulAgent .

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