Making Strides for Animal Chiropractic
Interview with Claire McClintock Dinnen: Accidents Happen; Are You Financially Prepared?
Interview with Claire McClintock Dinnen: Accidents Happen; Are You Financially Prepared? 35:32 Interview with Dr. Susan Roecker: The Process of Changing the Animal Chiropractic Laws in Missouri 42:31 An Inside Peek Into My Presentation for the 2023 AVCA Conference; With Dr. Kaitlyn Lackey, DC 22:25 Planning For Success; What’s Coming Next For Making Strides for Animal Chiropractic: With Dr. Kaitlyn Lackey, DC 25:10 Interview with Dr. Morgan McCaskill: How the Business Basics Course Helped with Patient Retention and Efficiency in Her Mobile Practice 43:03 Interview with Dr. Angelo Marinakis: Walking Through the Seven Steps of Passing a Bill Into Law In Your State 41:52 Interview with Bharon Hoag: Rising Up to Advocate for Chiropractic on a Global Scale 43:07 Interview with Dr. Calle Miller: How The Business Basics Course Helped Launch and Grow Her Practice In One Year 38:13 Interview with Dr. Alisha Barnes: Growing and Nourishing Your Animal Chiropractic Business From Solopreneur to a Multi-Doctor Practice 40:55 Interview with Zack Geist: The Smarter Way To Repay Student Loans 43:46 Interview with Dr. Monique Andrews: Blending Modern Tools with Ancient Wisdom 39:22 Interview with Ben Blecha: Helping Animals and Humans Thrive and Live Life to the Fullest Through Hero Braces 35:12 Interview with Christa Veinotte: Enhancing the Lives of Horses Through Hestaband 43:09 Interview with Dr. Taylor Haak: How the Business Basics Course Helped Shape Haak Chiropractic 41:53 Interview with Dr. Petra Sullwold: How You Can Start Making a Change In Your State for Animal Chiropractors 44:14 Interview with Kristen Christensen, DVM, CAVCA: Balancing Career, Parenthood and Your Business 27:16 Interview with Dr. Julie Buzby: Helping Dogs Rediscover Confident Mobility Through ToeGrips ® 39:54 Interview with Darcy Sullivan: How to Have and Maintain a Successful Website 33:19 Planning For Success; What Does It Takes To Have The Business Of Your Dreams?: With Dr. Kaitlyn Lackey, DC 44:07 Interview with the Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic: Who said CE had to be boring? 37:24 Forming your passion into your profession 18:02 Filling your success bucket 20:25 Interview with Francisco Maia: scaling your business by refining your message 1:15:00 Manage the admin, prevent the overwhelm 27:00 Interview with Molly Cahill: how to be successful on Instagram 59:48