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Lots to Say: Acts 2:1-12
January 30, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
The Holy Spirit arrives! ...and Chris has lots to say about it. We examine 6 various topics (Pentecost, Wind, Fire, Galileans, Glossolalia, and the Foreign Faithful), and though these seemingly unrelated topics may appear disconnected at first glance, they are actually all saying the same thing (just like the apostles on Pentecost). Listen to find out what that one crucial thing might be. (Hint: it rhymes with "The Flory of Nod") Also: my sincere apologies to the good people of Newfoundland. You'll know why when you listen. Plus, we dive into the Palestinian barley harvesting cycle, because Kristy is a bit of a farm nerd. Just like Chris is a word nerd. GLOSSOLALIA!
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