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The First Gospel Sermon, Pt 1- Wonders & Signs: Acts 2:13-21
February 05, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
First words are important. In Acts 2, we are given the first words of the baby Church, as Peter gives the first sermon under the influence of the Holy Spirit (and nothing else!). He begins his first words by quoting some old words from the prophet Joel. In this sermon, we explore Joel's and Peter's words about the Last Days. We learn about the signs, wonders, and miracles that signal these last days: the pouring out of the Holy Spirit; prophesying from men and women; terrifying natural phenomena; dreams and visions; and the Gospel going out to ALL people. This will set the stage for Peter to introduce Jesus to his audience in parts 2 and 3 of this mini-sermon series. Through all this, we will see how everything that is prophesied is for the glory of Jesus' Name, the Name through which salvation comes to all. We also have a Greek vocabulary test, and everyone fails miserably. STUDY HARDER, CLASS.
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