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The First Gospel Sermon, Pt. 3- “What Should We Do?": Acts 2:37-47
February 19, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
After Peter's mic drop of a sermon climax, the people have one desperate question: "What should we do now?!" Peter's immediate answer includes 2 requirements and 2 blessings: repent and be baptized, and you will receive forgiveness, as well as the Holy Spirit. We discuss each of these, especially baptism. From there, we catch a glimpse of what the life of the early church looked like in response to forgiveness and the Holy Spirit. The believers devoted themselves to four things: Apostolic teaching, fellowship (koinonia, in Greek!), breaking bread, and prayer. They also committed to a revolutionary new kindness, generosity, hospitality, thankfulness, and unity that would eventually sweep across the globe. Finally, Chris connects all of this to our humble little Kingdom outpost: Clyde Christian Bible Church. Where the early church is still alive and kicking, by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
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