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We Cannot Stop: Acts 4:1-22
March 05, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
First steps are miraculous, but they often cause problems. That is true for infants, and for apostles. Persecution arrives at the doorstep of the early church, as Peter and John are called before the Sanhedrin to account for what power and name they healed the beggar. We examine why the Sadducees are so upset, and why the apostles cannot and will not stop proclaiming the Name of Jesus. We examine how these uneducated common folk can speak with such power and authority. We discuss what we need in order to defend our faith. And through it all, we stoke the fires of determination: WE CANNOT STOP. We cannot BE stopped. Also, I call myself and all my brothers and sister in the church a bunch of idiots. But in a nice way.
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