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Looking to Him with Eyes Closed: Acts 4:23-31
March 12, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
Perspective is important. This is true in Kindergarten, and this is true in the mission of the Church. Now that the followers of Jesus have had the first taste of persecution, how will they respond? What is their perspective on suffering? Acts 4:23-31 is a prayer, and there is much to learn from it. We examine the key element of togetherness, and compare this prayer to the template prayer Jesus gives in Matthew 6. We examine the titles of Sovereign, Lord, and Creator, as well as the humility of His slaves, the apostles. We discuss the primary focus of our prayer: His Kingdom, His will, and His glory... only after seeking these things do we then bring our petitions to Him. We finish by looking at the Lord's answer to His subjects (spoiler alert: He hears them and answers!). In all this, we are reminded of the proper perspective we should have on the more challenging aspects of our faith. We also hear a bonus version of Seek Ye First from Angie, Trish, Sharon and Chris to wrap it all up. Not to mention a world record number of occurrences of the term "butt crack" in one sermon.
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