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The Cost of Dishonest Discipleship: Acts 5:1-11
April 03, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
Trap Games are a real danger to champion sports teams. They're rolling right along, nothing but victory and success... until a lesser foe causes them to stumble and fall. In the Book of Acts, everything has been incredibly successful, under the powerful guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our last sermon in Acts highlighted the church's unity, generosity, and victory. But today we examine their first "trap game", in the story of Ananias & Sapphira. See how the Old Testament story of Achan, combined with the generosity of Barnabas, along with the very un-pastorlike tone of Peter, the presence of the Holy Spirit, the Edmonton Oilers, and the dishonest discipleship of Ananias & Sapphira have to teach us about our own faith journey. Also: apologies to any fans of the Buffalo Sabres. I basically label them an incarnation of sin. I hope you will understand.
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