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"If It Is From God...": Acts 5:17-40
April 23, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
Sometimes human words become accidentally prophetic, and that's the case with our story in Acts this week. A lot gets covered in this passage: the imprisonment of the apostles, their deliverance at the hands of an angel, the weaknesses of the Sanhedrin, the ongoing faithful rebellion of the followers, the repeating of the Kerygma, and timeless wisdom from an unlikely source that ends up validating God's empowering of the Church. It's a lot, but in the end, hopefully we come out with a better understanding of Who is in control, and Who we should be obeying. Also, we get to hear Chris attempt a theology of angels, and it doesn't go well. Special thanks to Angie, Trish and Tom for the musical accompaniment at the end (Our God)!
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