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Priorities & Service: Acts 6:1-7
May 08, 2017 Clyde Christian Bible Church
You know the lesson of the rocks in the jar? It features prominently in today's sermon. The big things go in first, then the smaller things, then the smallest things. It's a good lesson. But there are some problems. What happens when small things get overshadowed and neglected? What happens when big things break down? What happens when the jar threatens to break? All of these questions are examined in the lens of our service in the Kingdom. Are some acts of service bigger and more important than others? Are some people "big rocks", while others are "small rocks", like the Greek-speaking widows in the passage? Let's ask these questions together. Let's also hear Chris attempt an Italian accent, and cry openly at the mic. (Big shout outs to Aislinn & Jason Machushyk and Ron & Monelle Fraser!)
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