Postpartum Perspectives

Vanessa's Story - Running in Triangles

March 02, 2020 Laura Bauder Season 1 Episode 11
Postpartum Perspectives
Vanessa's Story - Running in Triangles
Show Notes

Vanessa Rapisarda is a mother of three and the founder of Running in Triangles, a blog dedicated to helping women with postpartum depression.  She runs the blog from Manitoba, Canada along with her sister, Jess.

They have also created the Postpartum Depression Survival Guide - an email list for mothers with postpartum depression.  It gives you access to a free resource library with printable workbooks, a list of crisis numbers, exclusive discounts, and more. Their dedication to ending the stigma surrounding perinatal mood disorders is definitely inspiring, and I highly recommend their website as a comprehensive resource.


Website -
(scroll down to sign up for the Postpartum Depression Survival Guide)
Instagram - @running_in_triangles
Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest - @runintriangles


  • Postpartum Support International 24/7 Warmline - 1-800-944-4773
  • 24/7 Crisis Text Line
    • US - Text 741741
    • Canada - Text 686868
    • UK - Text 85258
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7 Hotline - 1-800-273-8255


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