Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Credit Card Companies Tracking Gun Purchases

September 17, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 132
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Well, welcome to the live sheet podcast. My name is Jeff do, and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 15 years. And this podcast, we're talking about all things related to the second amendment, as well as not throwing a sports story or something going on in everyday news. Well, welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Today is Friday, September 16th. Hopefully I'll get this edited and out, but it'll probably go out tomorrow on sun Saturday. But thank you for listening and welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Been a great week for me. Nice weather been fairly relaxing, but so what are we talking about today? Credit cards? So it's in the news. I'm sure everybody has seen it, that the international organization of standardization ISO and you know, they set up standards for all sorts of different things. And the fact that they are the international organization that should raise some concern whenever they're dictating now to add a. Code a new merchant categorization code MCC for credit cards to identify gun store. Gun store purchases. And now, while this is seems to be somewhat innocuous aren't they always just a little Inno Inno innocuous. What it's going to show is that it's, it's things that were purchased from gun stores and you can't tell whether that's fishing gear, maybe waiters, you know, ammunition, a. Dreaded AR 15, what have you, but it is a step. And so, you know, whenever you see people from like Bloomberg's, every town for gun safety is Haring. And they're saying that this would prevent an extremist from building an arsenal. It could also prevent law abiding owners from putting purchasing handgun to birth themselves. But you know, this is the, the next step that they're trying to take. The government can't form a gun registry. Right now legally. So they've been going out to other sources and trying to piece this information together, and this is gonna be another one. So, you know, one of it is, is you know, how do they actually wanna work it? So the The plan would be not only would they require the credit card companies use the code, they, they want to require sporting good stores, like academy to ring up gun sales separately. And you can see that, you know, once they start identifying that they're going to start to track us. And so what's the solution. Here's the problem we've known. There's a problem. Big brothers always watching us. They're they're watching your internet searches. They're watching your, your credit card purchases. They're listening to our cell phone calls. They say they're not, but they are. I'm sure of it. And. Now they're putting codes in. So I saw an article where some, some gun stores are putting ATM machines in their stores. So when you go in there, you can just withdraw some cash and make that cash purchase. That's a solution. You know, we are, as we look at this digitized world we're getting into, do you wanna protect your privacy? You need to protect your privacy. And that part of that is, is getting off the grid and, and, you know, staying as, as private as you can, you know, I have talked on this podcast, a few episodes about Bitcoin and where I see the future with Bitcoin and it being a pristine asset and that, you know, People need to look to be holding Bitcoin people. And I have started to accept Bitcoin for my transfers. Haven't done one yet, but I'm accepting it. And it's not that difficult. It's a, it is probably a big leap for gun stores to start accepting some Bitcoin as payment for their guns. One just the volatility of it. Will Bitcoin ever be a source of currency exchange? I think so, but you know, I don't know. I, I will accept it now. There's risk, you know, prices go up, prices, go down for Bitcoin. So what you sold a box of ammo for yesterday, and then you got the pay Bitcoin that may translate into fewer dollars. The idea is to get off the dollar standard. Get on a Bitcoin standard and just price one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and, and start moving there. That is solution. Now Bitcoin is not private. It's it's synonymous. You don't necessarily know who it is, but it is. It's not anonymous and you can't go expect if you're using Bitcoin that nobody knows what's happening, the government will be able to track gun store purchase. Using Bitcoin when they start wanting to this is just a step, it is another way to protect your privacy. I think we all have to continue to look at that. When you're making your online purchases use a VPN, do those types of things use an FFL. That's gonna protect your privacy as much as you possibly can. Do those things, encrypt your emails, use a emails server like proton and get off of Google. These are all sorts of things because they're listening to us and they're following us credit. Adding a credit card code is just a very simple thing for them to do, and it's gonna get much more sophisticated and much more out there. So we know they're coming after us. They want to come after our guns and we have to stop them. We have to fight and I encourage you to always fight. And so look at. News about the new credit card code for gun stores as just another sign of red flag to start getting things in order. I'm not telling you not to go out and buy guns using credit cards. You know, we're all law buying citizens. We ought to be able to do that, but just prepare for what that might mean and that people might be knowing what's going on and they may come knocking on your door. There's a whole other set of steps to do that, but right now we have a. Constitutional right to purchase and own firearms. And we need to abide by that. And in order to do that, you may want to keep some of your privacy intact and don't share what all you've got. I encourage that for everything. So. Do that keep this as a, as another sign of, of where this country is going and what they want from us. They want us to be all subjects. And I don't think we're gonna let that happen. This is the, the great United States of America. Tomorrow's constitution day. We're celebrating constitution and did a quick little podcast on it as well. That second amendment of the constitution is vital and there's a reason why it's there and we have to protect it and fight for it. So. Keep that up. Keep your hands up, keep on fighting and have a great weekend.

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