Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Four Boxes of Liberty

November 06, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 139
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to Lu Shoot Podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 15 years. In this podcast, we talk about all things related to anything going tell you personal story of mine that might be interesting. So today is Sunday. November 6th. We are two days away from election day. But before we get started, I just wanna throw out some kudos. Kudos to my TCU horn frogs. They came out in the polls at number seven, and there's a lot of some controversy around that, about how they were ranked below teams like Alabama or Clemson, and then yesterday. Three of the six teams that were ahead of'em all lost. So we will see where those, where they end up in the polls. Big game this week at Texas next Saturday. So big times for warm frog fans. So, but welcome, welcome, welcome life, that it's two days. Before election day, and this is critical, I need to make sure that everybody gets out and votes. There's this concept that has been out there, a saying phrase an idea that our liberty, our freedom is based on four boxes. Ballot box, the jury box, the soap box, and the cartridge box. So if you see that and recognize what all the four of those represent, the soap boxes, our freedom of speech, the ballot box is our elections. The jury box is our court systems, and obviously the court cartridge box is our second amendment. And we have to go out and use the ballot box on Tuesday to protect our liberty. And when you look at, to me, when you. The, those four boxes and we're, some conservatives have gone wrong in the past, we, we didn't focus on those four boxes. We really never did a little bit on the second amendment, on the cartridge box. But that was, it. Never, We did not really spend a lot of time and effort. We were worried about. Reducing deficits and spreading democracy in other nations and all these different world war that we got. And granted, I mean, 2001 changed a lot of things in terms of the way we looked at terrorism, but we still, we were looking outside our borders and we weren't looking at the things that our liberty was founded on. Well, on the other side, the left, they had been keyed in on those four boxes, and that is how they've gained so much control. I mean, first, if you look at the, the soapbox, our public forums education, the. Social media, all those places where the word gets out, they have taken over and control those. They control what comes outta them, They control what goes in them. And we send our kids, they get, they come back, come out leftist socialist thinking. We've got our social media that is filtering and moderating anything that doesn't agree with their, their philosophy. And then the media. All the media is on the, on the left side, the ballot box. I mean, they, they don't really care about the, the, the Topics, the debates, the issues, they, they, they are heavily focused on the process, getting the vote out, getting people to vote controlling it, manipulating it changing, you know, figuring out ways to either work in or outside of the system, getting dark money into it. Can financing these campaigns and not worrying so much about who the candidate is or if they're a good candidate or they're bad, but just knowing that they can manipulate the system to get anybody across the finish line. And we have, we have not focused on that. And then the jury box, they have put, you know, they developed all these activist judges and had'em out there actually creating laws and. Really, you know, changing the, the way that certain laws were intended. That is how, you know, we, we got, you know, the, the Bible outta the, you know, separation of the church and state Roe v, Wade, all these types of things, really changing the. You know, altering the foundation of what this country is, and then the cartridge box. Why do you think they're always after the Second Amendment? They, and that's the one that we have stood up and we have fought for, and it, well, if we have been fighting for these other boxes, it's hard. As we have always fought for the Second Amendment, we'd be in better shape. But the good news is, is that, Donald J. Trump came in and he shined a light on all that, and either he did or his defeat did in, in 2020. We, our covid did. There's a lot of things that came and we have gotten, we've created alternate platforms and social media that we can get our word out. We have. Donald Trump put so many solid judges on there. Got solid judges on the Supreme Court. That's how we've gotten so many Second Amendment rulings with Bruin and, and those types of things. And then in the, the ballot box, we have created a Machine. We've got people working poles volunteering. They are out. We are, we're still not where we need to be, but we have been doing it in, in terms of trying to clean up our elections. So, That is why Tuesday is so important. We have to get the vote out, we have to put in the candidates that we need. And if you don't vote or you don't vote for candidates, support the second amendment. When they come knocking on your wanting your, or your 10 round magazines or whatever it is that they have the deemed as unlawful, you won't be able to complain. So we need to u continue to fight for those four boxes. Soap box, ballot box, jury box, and that fi final and all important cartridge box. So go to the ballot box this Tuesday, vote for those candidates that are out there. We have a lot of good candidates. Our candidates are so much better, and I think we can have a huge red wave. We could start changing the face of things and maybe we can start getting this country back on the track that it needs to be. Thank you for listening. That is my encouragement for you today. Protect those four boxes, protect'em with everything you've got, and defend them and stand for'em. Have a great weekend. Go vote and we'll touch next week how things ended up.

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