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#93: Dr. George Athanassakos (Ivey Business School) - The New Testament to Value Investing & Why You Should Read It

July 19, 2022 Trevor Rose / Dr.Athanassakos Season 1 Episode 93
rose bros podcast
#93: Dr. George Athanassakos (Ivey Business School) - The New Testament to Value Investing & Why You Should Read It
Show Notes

Welcome back to the rose bros podcast.

This episode, we are joined by Dr. George Athanassakos - Professor of Finance and the Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing at Ivey Business School. 

Dr. Athanassakos is the Founder & Managing Director of The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing, and the Founder and Managing Director of the Center for the Advancement of Value Investing Education. 

Dr. Athanassakos has a BA from The School of Industrial Studies of Thessalonica, Greece, and a MA, MBA & PhD in Finance from York University. 

Dr. Athanassakos is also a Fellow of the Quality Shareholder Initiative at the Law School of George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Dr. Athanassakos has been ranked among the top 10 researchers in Canada by research published in Financial Management and among the top 10 Canadian professors by the Globe and Mail. 

He is also the author of a new book titled Value Investing: From Theory to Practice – A Guide to the Value Investing Process, which aims to teach students the fundamentals of value investing. 

The book has received strong praise from fellow value investors including billionaire Prem Watsa, and is available for purchase at the Western University bookstore. 

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed  Dr. Athanassakos' new value investing book, principles for success in investing, the problems with EMT, choosing a profession that aligns with your character, lessons from meeting Warren Buffett & character traits of successful investors.

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