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EP 24 Galactic Empire / Atrium Audio
August 31, 2017 Galactic Empire / Atrium Audio
EP 24 of the damn podcast featuring Galactic Empire/Atrium Audio was a fun inside look at the operation of Galactic Empire and we also talk about the future of the band (which is bright). The Cantina band song is on at the end of the podcast. Carson and Grant open up about Galactic Empire and Atrium Audio. We kind of hit all points in between. Shout outs! People Directly Referenced: Chris Kelly, John Williams, Ricky Armellino, Chris Blancato (Australia), Troy Glessner, James Hayball, Kelly Slovak, Jessica Heffner-Mcfarland, Bands and Companies: August Burns Red, Live, Everclear, Candlebox, Texas in July, Rivers of Nihil, A Wake in Providence, Slovak Guitars, Polaris (Australia), Spectre Studo (Mastering), This or the Apocalypse, Alustrium, Mentioned Briefly: London Symphony Orchestra, Huffington Post, Jaws, Ralph McQuarrie, Disney, E Channel, Bill Belichick,
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