Detroiter's Think Big: A Small Business Podcast

COVID-19 Tele-Town Hall with Josh Hundt and Brenna Roos

April 02, 2020 Detroit Regional Chamber
Detroiter's Think Big: A Small Business Podcast
COVID-19 Tele-Town Hall with Josh Hundt and Brenna Roos
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As the Arsenal of Health continues to grow in Michigan, the effort is underway to ensure businesses can support the fight against COVID-19, connecting critical supplies directly with the health and human services providers and municipal governments who need them most. Josh Hundt, chief business officer and executive vice president at the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and Brenna Roos, Private Sector Liaison, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division at the Michigan State Police will discuss resources available for these vital matchmaking efforts. Hundt and Roos will engage in a discussion with Tammy Carnrike, chief operating officer of the Detroit Regional Chamber. Participants will have the option to submit questions to Carnrike during the discussion.

Tammy Carnrike:   0:00
Good morning, everyone. This is Tammy Carnrike with the Detroit Regional Chamber. And welcome back to another one of our Tele-Town Hall meetings. These town halls have been very well attended the chambers. Pleased to bring you this relevant information. Um, and, uh, just a few upfront points for you. Just for those of you Who you mean that a first aid in the past? You are all on you, but you do have the opportunity to submit questions. The box is the right hand side of your screen is where you submit questions. We'll try to get to as many as we can. However, we know we can't. And so there will be follow up after from our government relations team to get back to those that didn't get answered. Also, I want to let you know what audio version of this discussion will be available on the chambers resource, like by the end of the day. And that's So today I am really pleased to welcome Josh Hundt. Josh is the chief business officer and executive vice president of the Mesh Michigan Economic Development Corporation and another special guest Brenda Rousse, who's private sector liaison for emergency management in Homeland Security division of Michigan State Police. And we're gonna have a conversation about growing needs to support covert 19 and sourcing Michigan companies to help with serious need for creepy used to support hospitals and health care professionals and and more. My colleague Bread Williams is also, uh, with me. He'll be taking all of your questions and managing those questions. But first we're gonna start out with some time with Josh and with Brenna Um, Josh. There's many efforts underway across our state i the business community, trade associations and others to seek companies that have the capability and the capacity to help, especially M E D C virtual border. I don't know where all these efforts working and what more do you think is needed for it to be more successful?

spk_2:   2:08
Well, I think so far, and thank you so much for having me. So far. It's been amazing to see the partnership of Of All the different Groups Coming Together and the M. E. D. C's virtual matchmaking program, as has launched ah a couple of weeks ago and and so far has seen over 800 companies sign up to supply the needed equipment, personal protection equipment and others for for health care organizations and municipalities across the state during this time of need. And in addition to that matchmaking, the pure Michigan Business Connect platform has has served a great purpose off really convening a lot of the different groups that are are coming together and working closely with the governor's State Emergency Operations Center. And so it's been great to see the way this free online procurement and donation platform has been able to have suppliers of those critical health products come together and bring bring together things all in one place so that our health care professionals and our first responders have have what they need during this unprecedented time. And I would say what needs to happen in order to continue to move forward is just to continue to keep that partnership going, continue to make sure that that everyone is talking together and that everyone in the state is is working together to show the resiliency and show the strength that that Michigan provide during this challenging time

Tammy Carnrike:   3:48
run up. Um, it wasn't until actually prepared for this tele town Hall that I I actually thought about this. But talk about the importance of having the collaboration between the business community and emergency management operations

spk_1:   4:07
so so really just echoing the same sentiments as Josh. The partnerships have been incredible during this experience. And fortunately for the Michigan State Police Emergency Management Homeland Security Vision, we had established a public private partnership programs prior to disasters. So are, uh, initiative with that program is just simply POTUS to shake hands during blue skies so we can walk together during gray skies, establishing most partnerships before disaster. So we know who our context are. So, for example, right now we're working with doubt. Thio produce hand sanitizer for the state of Michigan, which is generously being donated to us. So having that contact before this incident really helped, uh, create that relationship during the incident and move forward with what Dallas capabilities are. And, you know, on the other end of that we've had small business owners contact us and have really greatly help the state of Michigan during the incident as well. Griffin Claw Distillery in Detroit is a great example of that. They've provided over 3000 gallons of hand sanitizer to the state of Michigan, which we purchased, and we're very willing to purchase because we're trying to support businesses and in Michigan as they're trying to support the state of Michigan.

Tammy Carnrike:   5:40
That's really that's That's excellent. Um, Josh, for the purpose of those who are on the line with us, which there will be hundreds today. Um, for companies that may not be as close to this and may not have been touched by one of these organizations. What business is need to know, Um, for them to consider? Is there some way that they can help? They can repurpose. They can retool.

spk_2:   6:06
Yeah, I think what's been amazing has been to see the way different businesses and nonprofits and government have all come together to, ah, to support fellow Michiganders during this time. In terms of a resource, I would recommend anybody on the line and and others go to ah, outside it. She can business dot org's slash cove in 19 where there's all sorts of resource is that are that are out there for four companies and including companies that are already in the space and can, uh, can sign up as a supplier like Griffin Claw and others have done during this, this time of need for so many of our health care professionals on. And then we also announced a new program yesterday, also under the pure Michigan Business Connect platform, to help ah, help manufacturers retool with with small business grants of anywhere from 10,000 to $150,000 if there was some type of a kick start that business needs to, uh, to get the retooling done so that they can. They can do even Maur to support our health care professionals during this time and within the next 30 days, be up and running to provide things like hand sanitizer, face shields or masks or down's or or others. And then that's just another way that a small business or business of any type can get involved in partner during this time. And in a way that a company like Patoski Plastics ah up in Petoskey has already partners to provide thousands and thousands of ah gowns to McClaren hospitals across the state, and and to see more and more companies, uh, get involved in and be able to be a part of the resiliency off Michigan's economy that we're seeing right now to support the Koven 19 crisis.

Tammy Carnrike:   8:07
Yeah, that's a point I've been wondering about when you talked about the loans for small businesses. Um, there's a lot of questions about Can they have a loan from the state? Can they have a loan from their community? Will it, um, keep them from applying for the SDA disaster loan? Is there any issues with the money that the NBC can blend in keeping them prohibiting them from applying to the S P A.

spk_2:   8:32
No, there isn't any, um, conflict between M E d C programming and the SP A loans or other financial packages that could come out through the day care's act, as as that continues to roll out as well. Um, we work to design all of our programs. Whether it is Thebes, your mission business, connect, uh, retooling grants or it's the loans and grants under the Michigan Small Business Relief Program has been consistent with the practice that we've had for at least a decade that any of our financial tools are intended to compliment federal programs and compliment private sector lending capabilities as opposed to compete with them as as we know that we can provide flexible tools to support businesses of all types during this time and at any any other time. But it needs to be working away. That's in tandem with with the private sector and with the federal tools that are out there so that we're not trying to do things on our own. We're trying Thio be a part of the solution to help Michigan, both in terms of the health crisis and in terms off strong economy that we all want to see today and into the future.

Tammy Carnrike:   9:48
Okay. Thank you, Brenna, From an emergency management standpoint, is there anything that is still, um, a kind of a hard need that you see from maybe packets of areas of them estate that, um, you would want the collars to know about?

spk_1:   10:07
So we've seen some pretty incredible innovation. With manufacturers switching over their operations to provide the state with peopIe, one of the more impressive switch overs would probably be making face shields. That's a really sought after item for the state of Michigan right now, as well as gowns. I know that our procurement department is working in coordination with many Michigan businesses, manufacturing pp and, you know, doing things out of the ordinary, which is has been just amazing. And we love the support from our residents. We want to support our residents and continue to support their small businesses. So if there ah, they're manufacturing capabilities are are able to meet the space the space specifications for metal medical equipment were able to purchase that medical equipment.

Tammy Carnrike:   11:02
Okay. Thank you. Well, I'd like to go to my colleague Brad now so that he can entertain some of the questions that we've been hearing from our callers.

spk_3:   11:13
Thanks, Tammy. I appreciate it. And thank you, Uh, to Josh and Brenda for joining us today. There's a number of questions in the chat room on, so I encourage you to keep them coming, but I'll let you know those that we can't get to today. My team's the government relations team here at the chamber will make every effort to help you find an answer to hear in the next several hours and days here because our goal is to serve you and help you through this trying time. The first question I have for you, Josh, hopefully you'll be able to help us. Answer is Yeah, We've seen Wayne County. Ah, and TCF Bank. I believe it was came together with an innovative program pretty early on in this crisis. Um, if ah company that is based in Wayne County takes advantage of of that program, are they still eligible for an S B A loan?

spk_2:   12:15
Uh, yes. Uh, similar to the state program from everything that I understand about the Wayne County program and the program that's in partnership with with Tech, Town and others. Um, a company could could benefit from those programs as well as federal programs that are out there somewhat like our Michigan Small Business Relief program, which is requires a company to show how they have been impacted by the Cove in 19 Outbreak and show the what the financial need is for the tool, um, for our tour. But it doesn't preclude them from other resource is that they they may need. But what we're seeing right now is that so many businesses are being impacted, and it's going to take the local governments, nonprofits, the state and federal and private sector assistance to do everything that we can to support our small businesses. and businesses of all types.

spk_3:   13:22
So there's a question in here to Josh about, um, businesses who are making efforts thio be part of the solution and particularly, you know, General Motors in the other automotive companies that are trying to get into, ah, building and manufacturing ventilators and maybe are running into some some issues one way or another. Are there any issues that you know that are blocking companies from being part of the solution to some of our peopIe, Ian and healthcare needs in suggestions or how they might be able to overcome those in Michigan?

spk_2:   14:04
I think what challenges that some companies we're seeing with some of that initial expenses that it would I take on too quickly retool, not thinking specifically about the larger companies that you mentioned there. But the small, smaller business says that have the skill set, but but needed to quickly retool. And that's where are pure Michigan business Connect. Um uh, program Retooling grant program comes into play to to support companies with the grant funding to retool and get the critical product to our Michigan health care providers and first responders. But I would add to that that and if there's businesses in any state that have the capability to quickly make this shift to support during this cove in 19 Outbreak, it's businesses in Michigan and creation of this arsenal of health. That's, Ah, next generation version of the arsenal of democracy that Michigan was during World War Two, where Michigan is known for what we make and has an amazingly skilled and skilled workforce. Ah, and that legacy of manufacturing innovation. An ingenuity is something that is going to help us lead the way right now in terms of this recovery and support that we can provide for our health care providers through the workforce and the medical device companies in ability for our other companies to quickly shift their manufacturing and then also ever cos be ready once we are beyond the pandemic, outside of things, to ever cos be able to lead the national recovery through a skill set in manufacturing, whether that's in automotive and mobility or medical device or otherwise. Uh, Michigan manufacturers really are at the forefront of the ability to provide the solution now and the solutions to grow the economy once we're out of the crisis.

spk_3:   16:08
So there's a number of questions in the Chadron Josh about where businesses should go, too. Whether it's with an M, E, D. C or elsewhere in state government, I'm not sure where would be the best place to even send them. They are listening to reach out. You know, if they have the ability to manufacture P, P e or other types of healthcare equipment on and can be suppliers to hospitals and health care providers. Uh, is that ah M E D. C outreach or is or should they be reaching out elsewhere into state government?

spk_2:   16:48
I would recommend that they start at our website Michigan business dot org's slash cove it 19 and on there is a would be a link to the pure Michigan business conduct program. With that is the free online procurement platform that's directly connected in with other aspects of state government or the State Emergency Operation Center and and others a starting point. And so far through that platform, we fad over 800 suppliers sign up and over 300 companies Uh oh, our healthcare systems of need signed up for four products, and, uh, so that that starting point of Michigan business dot ord slash cove in 19 directly takes them to to this program to provide product and set up as a supplier and helping that way, but also has resource is and and links to poop. I mean, the ski programs, local programs and federal programs and others where businesses can can partner can partner in the process and also identify resource is that they may need a swell

spk_3:   18:05
When Last week, Josh, when we're talking about the Congress and The Cares Act, there was a lot of questions about the eligibility of non profits for some of the programs created an expanded in the Cares Act. Ah, and that has come up again in the questions today. A cz to weather any D. C. Has any, uh, programs that could be a benefit thio small nonprofits, particularly. The question is about the Michigan small business relief grants. But I know a lot of our employers may not be for profit institutions and obviously not for profits are struggling. Ah, as much eyes. Not a cz for profits right now. What would you suggest for not for profits either small or large right now?

spk_2:   18:58
Um, yeah, Well, first for us, for our programs, both the Michigan Small Business Relief Program eight on the, uh, pure Michigan Business Connect retooling program. Both of those programs are open to non profits and am for profit entities, knowing that there are critical roles that the nonprofit community plays in this state. And so, um, those resources are available to nonprofits in the same way that they are for profit entities. And and I think what we're all working to do right now, and the advice for for all of us is doing everything that we can thio ah, to to follow the the healthcare orders that are out there and, uh, support our fellow Michiganders and staying safe in that way so that we can hopefully make the health care crisis. Ah, shorter term crisis where the curve has been and we were able to fully bring back the economy after the health care crisis. And so that's something that I think nonprofits for profits, government and everybody else has to consistently be thinking about what we can do Thio to continue to bend the curve and get through the unprecedented healthcare crisis and then have Michigan lead its way out of the recovery through the great nonprofits that we have for profits and the business community in general.

spk_3:   20:27
Okay, um, I'm just sorting through There are so many so many questions here. And a lot of them are thankfully about businesses who have the ability to, you know, either make pee pee or be, ah, solution to the problem. Um, and, you know, it looks like registering with pure Michigan business Connect is that is the first step for them. Is that is that the right for staff for most of these folks, Josh

spk_2:   20:58
Yes, I would say that is the right first step for any company that, um has the ability to to provide supplies or or that, um, is has a need for for supplies that is the best place to go to sign up and and get the connection's made in that way,

spk_3:   21:20
I will know to in here for folks who have questions, particularly around unemployment and relationships with your employees, Uh, that tomorrow we have Jeff Donofrio, who is the director of the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and has joined us in the past for a Tele town hall is going to be joining us again tomorrow and we'll be able to offer some insight into some of the questions that I'm seeing in the chat room as well regarding unemployment and employee relations. So if you've asked that question and I'm not asking it of Josh, that's that is, um, part of the reason. Um, see, I'm just going through here. There's there's a lot of really great great questions. Um, how I've got a question from someone working who owns the logistics company here. Josh and I know, um and I think a lot of people who are stuck at home recognize this right now that there's a particularly a strain on our logistics capacity. Uh, right now, um, you know, Amazon Prime used to be two day free shipping, and now it seems like it's 55 days to get most things, and I'm assuming that is true. Ah, uh, through most of our the just explicit facilities, you if you're just a company that has increased capacity, um, what is the best way to get in front of folks who may need Ah, majestic service is right now.

spk_2:   23:06
And are you talking in terms off hiring? Hiring? People are getting in front of businesses that are that are needing. Yeah, yeah. I think that the connection platform, under pure Michigan business connected, is, ah, platform that I would recommend for for that as well, because the pure Michigan Business Connect is a program that WAAS was fully originally based on. Connecting businesses of all types on a needs that they have and making those Michigan to Michigan connection. So whether it's ah, whether it's specifically for product related to Cove in 19 or it's ah, or it's connecting various types of logistics companies, that that program and that initiative is ah is an ongoing program that we've had for the last decade and will continue to have as we bring connections to sperm or contracts in Michigan.

spk_3:   24:05
All right, Tammy, I am in the process of sorting through some of these questions, so I'm gonna hand it back to you, uh, for a moment, and if you want to hand it back to me, I'm happy to take it back. But I'm just trying to sort through some questions right now in the time as well.

Tammy Carnrike:   24:22
No problem. Yes, I see you there quite a long list there. Um, Brenna, if if I could check with you a little bit. Um, we've talked a lot about how you're working well with, you know, at the state level state Michigan government and the M E D. C. Working collaboratively. How are you working with local, um, municipalities, um, to help Would perhaps there needs How were they interacting with the state in order to get a system?

spk_1:   24:55
Yeah, that's a great question. So logistically how that works. If a local emergency management program, it's a request for some sort of p p e or hand sanitizer disinfectant wipes from an entity within their jurisdiction. That resource requests is then routed through the local emergency manager to the State Emergency Operations Center and then dependent upon what the request is, the state will attempt to build the request to the local emergency manager. And then that product is then distributed through the local emergency manager back to the local entities. So hospitals right now, for example, requesting peopIe are going through their local emergency manager. Those repressed they're coming as consolidated amounts from the counties. And then we had the state level work to fill those requests through procuring items or donated items, and then you're able to through our distribution company dropped those items off at the local emergency management point of distribution and then that peopie is undistributed to the hospitals or law enforcement agencies, um, or even private sector individuals that private sector entities that have put in resource requests as well.

Tammy Carnrike:   26:21
Oh, that's that's really impressive. I didn't realize all that was going on within the local municipalities. Um, so because of my eye, wear another hat working with the army. Um, and I know that a lot is Flo only through FEMA. So even, you know, at repairman activities now, the setup of the field hospitals. Um uh, who's the main point of contact here with FEMA? Is that your office? Ah,

spk_1:   26:50
we have a FEMA liaison sitting in the State Emergency Operations Centre, which is our direct contact to FEMA. So if there are any enquiries for FEMA and you need to go through the State Emergency Operations Center or you you want to go through the state Emergency Operations Center, that question would be routed to our female liaison.

Tammy Carnrike:   27:11
Okay, that's really good to know. Um, Josh, let me if I could go back to you for a second we've talked about, um, all that's going on in this state and now hearing from Brennan Also, it just adds to it. I mean, it's a Herculean effort that's underway. Um, but you know, I have heard that sometimes it's confusing because there's so many organizations trying to do the right thing. And worse, the one point of contact to go to Where's the central repositories? Um, do we have that? And who was that? Or if we don't have another efforts to have it in place?

spk_2:   27:52
Well, I think that's a good a good question. And there's probably not one central depository overall for for everything that is happening, because there's there's so many different issues, whether it's, ah, unemployment insurance and sorts, its business assistance or poor others. But I think in terms off business support and and what we can do in terms off the supply chain and what we can do to support, uh, tools for small business, says Tech start ups and and others, the website that I mention of the Unity sees that Michigan business dot org slash cove in 19 gets people connected to the right people within the business community to help, whether that's m e. D. C staff or that's local Economic Development Organization partners or the Small Business Development Center that is a starting point in the M E, D. C. And our partners are starting point thio. Get the business resource is that people need and conserve as that connector, either for supplies to the pure Michigan business connect platform or through our business development managers or others that are still actively working every day to provide the tools necessary virtual way to our businesses across the state during this time. So that website and the M E D. C staff are a starting point for for businesses. And and I do think just the general michigan dot gov slash corona virus website is a great starting point for people to find more, more general information that goes beyond the business. Uh, the business starting point. Whether it's needs that somebody has with Department of Health and Human Service, is or it's something through the State Emergency Operation Center or or others, that's a starting point that that begins to get people to the resource is that they need, as as I know, people across across state government across business and across local government. The federal government are all partnering together, too, to support and show, uh, how Michiganders can can come together during this time.

Tammy Carnrike:   30:07
For those who are with us on today's town hall, Um, I mentioned the Chambers website earlier. Detroit chamber dot com Backslash Cove in 19 will also have connections to the websites that Josh just mentioned. A swell as many other resource is to help you after today. The bread. You have any more questions?

spk_3:   30:28
Yeah, And I know there are so many questions in the chat room and very as you know, because you wrote them very much. A lot of them are very much, you know, individual questions for Josh or or for Brenda or for the m e d. C. And so know that we're going to make sure that these get in the right abs. Um, so I'm not going to ask each individual question, but I am going to try and characterize the tone of these questions that we could get a general answer. Um, there's a question in here about, um, you know, uh, prototype devices. And I think a lot of people are kind of taking an entrepreneurial approach to this crisis. To Josh. You know, we know that there are so many medical devices that air need. So you know, this particular question is talking about a portable ventilator and Marisol blocker in, you know, different prototypes worth to solve some of the problems in health care that we need. Is there a place that, um, these types of prototypes can be shared that maybe solutions to some of our peopie e problems that you would suggest?

spk_2:   31:50
I know that our team that is is working directly with the State Emergency Operation Center and the pure Michigan Business Connect platform is is vetting and sharing all types of ideas right now for solutions. I know things that, like prototyping and others, though while critically important over the long term are things that that, uh, you know, we would we would vat in and partner with the State Emergency Operation Center and and other groups. But our specific programming and tools right now are dedicated to those products that can be made available. This support the health care system and our first responders immediately and within the next 30 days to get the product out there. But with that said, we do believe that the innovation that you're talking about and, ah, part of the MDC strategic plan even before this was centered around medical device technology and medical device manufacturing, where we can combine the strength that we have here in Michigan in terms of manufacturing and engineering in industries like automotive and aerospace, and and also see that continue to develop into a larger medical device sector than we already have. Michigan already has ah, in the top 10 nationally medical device sector, and we think that we can continue to grow that and continue to be that epicenter of the arsenal of health during the outbreak and then, over time, see Michigan's medical device manufacturing grow. So in the short term, we're focused on what we can provide in the next 30 days. For for health care providers, with the long term that ingenuity of our small businesses and start ups of all types, uh, will be critical Team Michigan, continuing to lead the way as ah state for medical device manufacturing.

spk_3:   33:55
All right, um, it has one of the things that we keep getting asked about two is, and I know you've talked about this a little bit. Eyes just questioned. This fire is how do we go about filling out these different types of forms? I think people, you know, there's a lot of folks who, you know, thankfully have not had to go to the state or the federal government for business assistance before. And so they they've not had to wade through some of this bureaucracy in the past. And so is there Ah, place that they could go just to get help, Uh, with going through the process, filling out the forms and those sorts of things. Is there someone to help them navigate that at the M. E D. C? I suspect that there is, but is there a number that they can call to help them just go through the process as simple as filling out the forms?

spk_2:   34:50
Yeah, I think that where I wouldn't refer people to for For that, everything would be the Michigan Small Business Development Center, which the M E D C partners with directly is A is a strategic service provider for the M E, D. C. And there are links and phone numbers for that organization on our Web site that I've that I've mentioned. And they would be the starting point off that type of technical assistance to provide to businesses that are having to fill out the forms and go through a process that people maybe are unfamiliar with. Ah, was having to having two. D'oh!

spk_3:   35:33
Okay, Brandon, from your end. What is the most specific need right now?

spk_1:   35:39
Ah, well, we have money needs right now. We're trying to get our hands on as much pp as we can. And for the manufacturers, um, what has been coming to us occasionally are many pictures looking for specifications. And we've helped many businesses access specifications for certain types of peopie. But right now, like like I had mentioned, we're trying to get our hands on peopie that has already manufactured, particularly in the State Emergency Operation Center. And I think M e D. C is kind of doing more of the helping businesses learn how to manufacture. Um, but right now we're looking for ventilators. Fairfield's gowns, in particular gloves. We just received a pretty good amount of surgical masks, so that was kind of a win for us. But we're continuing to look for masks very thoroughly, um, and other other items as well that, you know, maybe you wouldn't unnecessarily think of off the top of your head like disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.

spk_3:   36:53
Bring Thank you. That's Ah, that is a good, um, summation of the questions that I have. Ah, from the audience. Certainly is not all of them, But we're going to go through and try and beat, Helpful for the specific questions that ah lot of you put in the chat rooms on. Get you connected with the right folks. Eso Tammy, I will, uh I have it back to you.

Tammy Carnrike:   37:19
All right. Thank you so much. Brad. Josh. Um, Brenna, I want to just give you each a chance to provide any closing remarks in case something didn't come up that you think is important.

spk_2:   37:33
Thank you. I would just I would just say thank you to all of you for joining the call today and for continuing to see the way that Michigan's business community and nonprofit community and government have all come together to support our first responders and at the m e d. C. We're going to continue to partner across government and across the private sector to enhance and provide tools for businesses of all types to to get through this extremely challenging healthcare situation for our companies and our economy to lead the recovery. And, um, having opportunities to to talk with all of you and hear your questions and get feedback from you is critical for months, because the best way that we're going to be able to come together, it is for all of us to to give feedback and listen to each other and continue to support our businesses and our health care provider. So I just want to say thank you, Tammy and into the dry regional chamber for bringing us all together and happy to have the opportunity to take your questions and listen to the needs that are out there.

spk_1:   38:47
Arena Think Thank you again for having me today on the call, and I'm honored. Um, just r r P three program. Our public private partnership program is working diligently to ensure the private sector is able to connect with the State Emergency Operations Center to offer their support to the state and Michigan during the state of Michigan during this covert 19 response and vice versa. We're doing everything we can. We appreciate the partnerships and all of the innovation we're seeing in the state of Michigan, and we're just gonna continuing. Continue, Teoh, keep on fighting the good fight and hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tammy Carnrike:   39:28
Um, Brennan, do we actually had a question in here that said, What is the contact info for Brenna? Um, how does someone find you?

spk_1:   39:38
Um, so our private sector liaison, uh, email can be found on Michigan State police website, but it is M S P Dash S E O C. He s l at michigan dot gov.

Tammy Carnrike:   39:59
And we'll make sure to also put that on our website in our resource center to everyone. Uh, Josh is gonna thank you so much for participating today. Um, literally. The state of Michigan, working collaboratively with Michigan Economic Development Corporation and many other organizations in the state are doing a tremendous and mental work to try and and help with. The needs are of our health care community as we go through this crisis. Um, so thank you for all you're doing. Thank you for all your colleagues are doing on and know how much we appreciate your effort and we'll just continue to watch everything that you do in the future. So thank you for being with us today.

spk_2:   40:44
Thank you so much.

spk_1:   40:45
Thank you.