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Ep 47: Super Bowl of Trailers!
February 05, 2018 Odie Matthews/Professor Pugsly

This episode is all about trailers! With the Super Bowl we got a wave of trailers for movies this year and they pack a punch. Also some news about Fantastic Beasts and a super Mario movie! Below are the time stamps for when we start talking about the trailers so skip around if some don’t interest you or give em all a listen! 23:30 Jack Ryan 27:13 Skyscraper 30:00 MI: 6 Fallout 33:42 Avengers Infinity War 37:36 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 41:34 A Quiet Place 45:35 Solo Movie 54:35 Cloverfield Paradox Non-Spoilers 57:20 Cloverfield Paradox Spoilers 60:25 Suggestions Facebook: @theroughcutpod Email:

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