The Power of Infusion Therapy: What you need to know
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The Power of Infusion Therapy: What you need to know
May 14, 2024
Baptist Health South Florida

You've probably heard about the hype over “infusion therapy” or “IV therapy” for conditions such as dehydration, fighting exhaustion, boosting your immune system, and getting vitamins into your system. And while the IV therapy market (IV stands for intravenous or “within a vein” ) is expected to surge in demand and reach $4.5 billion dollars by 2028, infusion therapy is also a vital treatment for those battling all types of conditions.


From multiple sclerosis (MS) to cancer treatment, keeping track of medication schedules can be overwhelming. And many medications can trigger unwelcome side effects, such as stomach issues or skin reactions. Yet, infusion therapy can help many minimize these side effects since medication is delivered directly into the bloodstream.



Johanna Gomez




Farima Raof, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Manager at Baptist Health


Carolina Duran, Infusion Care Patient