Baptist HealthTalk
Episode 100: A Glimpse Behind The Scenes
Episode 100: A Glimpse Behind The Scenes 26:30 Omicron Wave Woes: COVID-19 in 2022 33:20 Omicron, Boosters and COVID Pills: A Look Ahead 24:48 Don't Let COVID-19 or Flu Ruin Your Holidays 23:42 Answers to the Top-Searched Health Questions 25:05 COVID-19 Cases Are Rising Again. What's Going On? 29:14 Better Health in 2021 With A Primary Care Doctor 18:36 COVID-19: Vaccines, Treatments & Healthcare in 2021 23:15 How to Cope With Election Stress 17:56 Kids & COVID: An Update 18:50 Athletes and Heart Complications From COVID-19 17:17 COVID-19: An Update From the Front Lines 30:37 Stories from the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Surge 19:23 Heart Failure: What You Need to Know 19:36 Coronavirus Surge Alert: Masks vs. Myths & Misinformation 20:59 Getting to the Heart of Advances in Open Heart Surgery 15:17 Getting Back Into Training? Don’t Jump the Gun! 25:37 Dealing with Work-From-Home Aches and Pains 19:18 Coronavirus and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know 16:48 Fighting COVID-19 with Convalescent Plasma Therapy 27:21 Protecting Our Patients With New Safety Measures 19:46 Young People and Strokes: A Troubling Trend 23:46 Coronavirus & Kids 28:12 Coronavirus: Coping With the New Normal 21:30 Avoiding Medical Care because of Coronavirus Fear is Bad Medicine 15:04