First Fifteen

Into the Promised Land (Joshua)

May 08, 2022 Ron Oltmanns Season 5 Episode 20
First Fifteen
Into the Promised Land (Joshua)
Show Notes

What is the secret to standing strong in faith? We see a specific truth about that in the book of Joshua.

Season five is focused on listening to and praying Bible stories or narratives.  In our podcast we take time to listen to God's word and turn it into prayer.

We look at four readings from the book of Joshua that tell the story of Israel entering into the land God promised them.

First there is a new leader before Israel. With Moses' death, Joshua and chosen to lead the people into the new land. Joshua 1:1-11 gives the charge to Joshua for how he is to lead.

In the book of Joshua the people of Israel end their wanderings in the wilderness. Their first victory comes in capturing the ancient city of Jericho.  Just as God delivered them from Egypt by crossing the Sea of Reeds, they now enter Canaan by crossing the Jordan River. Victory is turned to defeat when sin among the ranks takes hold. Joshua 7:1-13 reveals Achan's sin and shows how it must be dealt with before there can be any more conquests. 

As the victories continue, Israel takes over a number of Canaanite cities and the land must be divided among the tribes. Joshua 18:1, 8-10 shows how this happened at the place of the holy tent, the tabernacle at Shiloh.

In the final chapter (Joshua 24:14-15, 23-28 ), Joshua gives his charge to Israel to purify themselves, choose God and throw away the idols they have been carrying for generations. The challenge is to continue strengthening our faith and take courageous steps to rely on God alone.  After reading these passages, we pray them and practice seeing God powerfully at work delivering us from our enemies, calling out sin, giving us our inheritance and binding us to him in a covenant of love.

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We use a four step process for reading/hearing, meditating, praying and then living out scripture from Psalm 1 demonstrated here.

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