First Fifteen

Reading and Praying through Bible Narrative (1 Samuel 1)

April 02, 2021 Ron Oltmanns Season 5 Episode 1
First Fifteen
Reading and Praying through Bible Narrative (1 Samuel 1)
Show Notes

It began with a story.  When we were young we listened to stories being told or read to us and it's one of those human activities we never outgrow.  Whether in gatherings with family or meetups with friends, at work or afterwards, at school and in our movies we tell and listen to stories throughout our entire lives.  The Bible is a book filled with stories (almost half of it is narrative), and what's more it tells one coherent over-arching story from beginning to end.

We begin season five with a focus on praying the most common type of scripture: narrative or stories.  In this season we will learn to read and pray the narrative half of scripture and also grasp the overall storyline of the entire Bible in the process.

If you are getting started in a relationship with God, trying to have a quiet time or seeking guidance at this point in your life, you're in the right place.

Spend your first fifteen minutes of the day listening to God and responding in a personal way.  This podcast will show you how and teach you in an easy to follow process.

In fifteen minutes (or less) you will listen to God's word for you, reflect on it and learn to pray to God as well as carry that word with you through the rest of your day.  What a perfect way to get started!

Like most good stories, we begin this podcast season "in the middle of things" by featuring 1 Samuel 1.  We'll use the first three chapters of Samuel to make some comments about stories in general as well as dive into the storyline of scripture.  In later episodes we'll turn to Genesis and then to other narrative parts of the Bible. 

Three key parts of any story are the plot, setting and characters.  Plot is the basic action sequence, setting is where it happens and characters are the main actors we pay attention to in the story.

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