First Fifteen

Prayer and Prophecy for Parents (1 Samuel 2)

April 09, 2021 Ron Oltmanns Season 5 Episode 2
First Fifteen
Prayer and Prophecy for Parents (1 Samuel 2)
Show Notes

What comes next?! A good story pulls us in and makes us look forward to where we're going next.  In the Bible book of 1 Samuel we start with a sad wife who is ridiculed and she becomes a grateful mother through God's goodness.  What comes next is what we cover today in 1 Samuel 2. 

We began season five with a focus on praying the most common type of scripture: narrative or stories.  In this season we will learn to read and pray the half of the Bible filled with narrative or stories and also grasp the overall storyline of the entire Bible in the process.

If you are getting started in a relationship with God, trying to have a quiet time or seeking guidance at this point in your life, you're in the right place.

Spend your first minutes of the day listening to God and responding in a personal way.  This podcast will show you how and teach you in an easy to follow process.

We will listen to God's word, reflect on it and learn to pray to God as well as carry that word with through the rest of the day.  It's the perfect way to get started in each day's journey of faith!

Like most good stories, we begin this podcast season "in the middle of things" by featuring 1 Samuel 1-3.  By looking at the first three chapters of Samuel, we observe a few key things about stories in general as well as dive into the storyline of scripture.  In later episodes we'll turn to Genesis and then to other narrative parts of the Bible.

We mentioned in episode 1 the three key parts of any story are the plot, setting and characters.  Plot is the basic action sequence, setting is where it happens and characters are the main actors we pay attention to in the story.  The setting of today's episode is still ancient Israel over 3,000 years ago in the town of Shiloh.  The key characters are Hannah, Eli and his sons Hophni and Phinehas--and of course God, the hero of every Bible story!  The main plot points are summarized on this episode.  Beyond that, we reflect on the theme of parents and children and how that theme stretches across the books of 1-2 Samuel and really the larger narrative of Genesis 12-2 Kings.

Go ahead and get started listening and follow or subscribe to this podcast to hear more from God's word. 

The four step process demonstrated in this episode is available here.

Angela Oltmanns has written a series of family devotions based on 1 Samuel.  Get a copy of the book 1 Samuel: How to Be a Child After God's Heart on Amazon (or the ebook).

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