First Fifteen

Live Long and Prosper! (Gen 5:4-6:8)

July 05, 2021 Ron Oltmanns Season 5 Episode 10
First Fifteen
Live Long and Prosper! (Gen 5:4-6:8)
Show Notes

“Live long and prosper.” The line  from Star Trek’s character Spock is a sentiment common to all human cultures.  Most people who enjoy any kind of quality of life desire to have a long life.  What the Bible says about that challenges our common assumptions.

In season five we're listening to Bible stories and learning to pray them.  We started in the middle of things with the beginnings of the story of Samuel before turning back to the very start with creation and how the first couple chose to go their own way, to know good and evil on their own apart from God's clear teaching, followed by their sons engaged in a murderous power struggle with sin.

In our podcast we take time to listen to God's word, reflect on it and then pray it back to God as well as carry that word with us through the rest of the day.  We are focusing on narratives or stories in this season.

In a previous episode of our podcast we talked about Genesis 5 and emphasized the first few verses and Adam's part in the story when we talked about praying a family tree in Genesis 5.  Listen to the podcast here.

The end of chapter 5 mentions Noah and shares some important notes that highlight the stories to come in Genesis 6-9 about the Flood. 

One of the words used repeatedly in Genesis to mark a new section of the story is toladoth (generations or family).  In fact, Genesis is divided into ten parts by these sections.

1:1-2:3  Bereshith – In the beginning
1) 2:4-4:26  Account of the heavens and the earth
2)  5:1-6:8  Family history of Adam and his descendants
3)  6:9-9:29  Family history of Noah and his descendants
4)  10:1-11:9  Family history of Noah’s sons Shem, Ham and Japheth
5)  11:10-26  Family history of Shem and his descendants
6)  11:27-25:11  Family history of Terah and his descendants
7)  25:12-18  Family history of Ishmael and his descendants
8)  25:19-35:29  Family history of Isaac and his descendants
9)  36:1-37:1  Family history of Esau and his descendants
10) 37:2-50:26  Family history of Jacob and his descendants

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