Mormon Kabbalah

Book of Remembrance Chapter 17: Three Kinds of Offerings

November 01, 2022 David Ferriman Season 2 Episode 23
Mormon Kabbalah
Book of Remembrance Chapter 17: Three Kinds of Offerings
Show Notes

In this episode we go over Chapter 17 of the Book of Remembrance. Here we discuss Raphael's teachings on the Second Endowment, the Law of the Gospel, to help us grow as Priests and Priestesses.

From the Book of Remembrance:

"And Raphael blessed them, saying: Thou shall succeed in the works of the Lord; thou hast forgone wealth, and glory, and worldly treasures, all to the goodness of God; therefore, as Priest and Priestess thou shall petition the Lord above and sacrifice unto
him the peace offering. Give reverence and serve God in great fear. Be delivered from curses of the land in which thou dwellest. The punishment that came forth from the holy place, Eden, might be a blessing, if thou can see it as it is; Its measure is longer than the Earth and wider than the sea. Receive salvation from affliction, injury, and suffering; do not writhe in pain; do not be ruled over by foreign lands or their gods. Do not bring death or speak evil but fill thy days in goodness and blessings in the world. Deliver others from misfortune and affliction and destruction, yea from the fire and burden of sin. The wicked here outside the Garden, without Chesed it shall  prepare to burn in flames on the day of the great judgment; So mote it be, Amen." -Book of Remembrance 17:23-34

For those looking to learn more about Strangite animal sacrifices, please look here:

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