Mormon Kabbalah

Episode 10: 1 Nephi 1:67-1574 RAV, 3:9-5:9 OPV

January 01, 2021 David Ferriman Season 2 Episode 10
Mormon Kabbalah
Episode 10: 1 Nephi 1:67-1574 RAV, 3:9-5:9 OPV
Show Notes

Nephi and his brothers go back to Jerusalem to obtain the plates of brass.

1:67 [3:9] And I, Nephi, and my brethren took our journey in the wilderness with our tents, to go up to the land of Jerusalem.

1:68a [3:10] ¶ And it came to pass that when we had come up to the land of Jerusalem, I and my brethren did consult one with another;

1:68b [3:11a] And we cast lots who of us should go in unto the house of Laban.

1:69 [3:11b] And it came to pass that the lot fell upon Laman; and Laman went in unto the house of Laban, and he talked with him as he sat in his house.

1:70 [3:12] And he desired of Laban the records which were engraven upon the plates of brass, which contained the genealogy of my father.

1:71 [3:13a] ¶ And behold, it came to pass that Laban was angry and thrust him out from his presence; and he would not that he should have the records.

1:72 [3:13b] Wherefore, he said unto him: Behold, thou art a robber, and I will slay thee.

1:73 [3:14a] But Laman fled out of his presence and told the things which Laban had done, unto us.

1:74 [3:14b] And we began to be exceeding sorrowful, and my brethren were about to return unto my father in the wilderness.

1:75 [3:15] But behold, I said unto them: That as YHVH liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which YHVH hath commanded us.

1:76 [3:16a] Wherefore, let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of YHVH;

1:77 [3:16b] Therefore, let us go down to the land of our father's inheritance; for behold, he left gold, and silver, and all manner of riches.

1:78a [3:16c] And all this he hath done because of the commandments of YHVH;

1:78b [3:17] For he knowing that Jerusalem must be destroyed because of the wickedness of the people.


This text has been edited from the original to change Greek or English terms to the Hebrew. 

RAV is the Book of Mormon version more commonly used by Community of Christ and their offshoots, [OPV] is the version more commonly used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their offshoots. Neither version was available in the original denomination. 

(1) YHVH: also known as the Tetragrammaton, translated as Yahweh, Jehovah, Yehovah, or LORD.

Elohim: “Gods.” Can denote the Godhead or Trinity as a whole, God the Father & Mother, or the Masculine and Feminine aspects of God.

Music: “Impact Moderato” by Kevin MacLeod

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