REAL TALK - Come Follow Me

Real Talk & Friends - Kerry Muhlestein

April 29, 2022 Ganel-Lyn Condie and John Fossum Season 3 Episode 3
REAL TALK - Come Follow Me
Real Talk & Friends - Kerry Muhlestein
Show Notes

Join this fascinating and wide ranging discussion with acclaimed author Kerry Muhlestein, PhD. Hosts Ganel-Lyn Condie and John Fossum chat with Kerry about these and other interesting topics: 

  • Dr. Muhlestein’s work on the BYU Egypt Excavation Project
  • His new book “Learning to Love Isaiah” and what he hopes readers will gain from it
  • The repeated pattern of God saving his children throughout the Old Testament
  • The rich imagery and symbolism found in the Book of Isaiah
  • Tips for how to approach a study of the Prophet Isaiah’s writings

About Dr. Kerry Muhlestein:

Kerry received his B.S. from BYU in Psychology with a Hebrew minor. As an undergraduate he spent time at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies in the intensive Hebrew program. He received an M.A. in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from BYU and his Ph.D. from UCLA in Egyptology, where in his final year he was named the UCLA Affiliates Graduate Student of the Year.

Areas of Research: Dr. Muhlestein is the director of the BYU Egypt Excavation Project, and in association with this works on understanding the pyramid excavated there as well as the Graeco-Roman culture represented at the site, and the advent of Christianity in Egypt. In addition, Dr. Muhlestein’s research focuses on the texts and iconography of Egyptian religion, international contact between ancient Egypt and her neighbors, the Egyptian juridical process, Egyptian literature, and the overlap of the Biblical and Egyptian worlds, including the ancient and modern history of the Pearl of Great Price, among other things.
Languages: Exams passed in various phases of Egyptian, as well as Hebrew, Aramaic, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Moabite, Coptic, German, and French. Additionally, courses have been taken in Greek and Akkadian.

About Learning to Love Isaiah:

The words of Isaiah abound with prophecies for both his time and ours. With insights so important that the Savior Himself cited this holy book of scripture more than once during His ministry, Isaiah contains messages that are clearly vital to our understanding of the gospel. But with its notoriously complicated symbolism, how do we begin to decipher this sacred ancient text? The answer can be found in Learning to Love Isaiah, a practical guidebook from BYU Professor of Religion Kerry Muhlestein: we can deepen our comprehension by studying the scriptures chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

Featuring a range of gospel resources as support, each point of doctrine in each individual verse of Isaiah is contextualized with clarity, simplifying the symbolism behind even the most enigmatic verses. This guide also provides tools and training to assist you in gaining more understanding on your own. By discerning the meaning of both past and future fulfillment of prophecy, readers will find plentiful personal applications of the prophet’s words as they journey through the impactful holy book of Isaiah.

Link to Learning to Love Isaiah:


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