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Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast
Verbal Tap (Ep. 297) with MMA "Star" Garry Tonon
August 06, 2018 Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips
Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast

Verbal Tap (Ep. 297) with MMA "Star" Garry Tonon

August 06, 2018

Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips

The guys will be back later this week with UFC 227, talking to the only person who could postpone our fight convo: Garry The LionKiller Tonon. Listen in, as we ask Garry everything we can about: One FC, MMA Career, Colby Covington Beef, and what is in the tiny briefcase?
The guys will be back later this week with UFC 227, talking to the only person who could postpone our fight convo: Garry The LionKiller Tonon. Listen in, as we ask Garry everything we can about: One FC, MMA Career, Colby Covington Beef, and what is in the tiny briefcase?

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:19Inside the cage as we learned at the spectacular UFC 2:27, but that is not what we're talking about today, which means it is time for verbal tap show that proves something about the cage. I'm here on the podcast today, gary the lion killer. Tonin. Gary, that last fight, you forgot how to do heal hooks

Speaker 2:0:43about doing heel hooks is a gordon. Just tick them off for me, so. Oh, okay. Okay.

Speaker 1:0:49Stolen like knowledge and power wise. Is this like a monstars when you know in space jam when they just steal the talent.

Speaker 2:1:00I want to thank you for using a child metaphor so that I could actually understand.

Speaker 1:1:05Gary. I can't help but notice you sound a little different now than you do in the interview. We have coming up with you.

Speaker 2:1:12No, sounds way. Way, way more manly. Is that what you're saying? Well actually

Speaker 1:1:17it's funny. You should. I was thinking more viscerally handsome, which is just bizarre, but I wasn't thinking manly necessarily because that's just not what happens when I hear the cadence of your voice.

Speaker 3:1:29Well, she had, I don't know. I guess, should we. I don't know, it's not, it's not scary.

Speaker 1:1:40I do this difficult Europa mission. You're like settle. Alright. Uh, bringing through the third curtain. It was also wrath at one FC during the fight. So Ras been doing a lot of Gary Impressions lately. That's why he struggled with the eel hooks. Obviously

Speaker 2:1:55that's a good alibi for the flight kicks that he missed. Here's the thing, the reason why I need to be so forthcoming, I know my impression is right on the money and I know you guys would think, oh my God, it's scary, but if you're one of those people who just tunes in to listen to our shows, when Gary shows up and we know who you are, um, it's important that we don't go down a list of falsehoods because I was about to get into talking about stds. And then you start thinking like, Whoa, is that Gary? Is that not gary? I just can't tell anymore.

Speaker 1:2:23It's a murky line to take an impression wise. It's tricky because the actual person is such a caricature. Yes. So he is on the podcast today. He's talking one FC in his normal. Gary kind of don't tell him we said this awesomeness. He's talking everything. Everything we asked him about basically and some things we didn't. That was our fault. No, there's a lot to talk about with UFC two, 27 wrath and we are going to do that later in the week. Who's excited for a little teaser? I first of all, I also know how cody garbrandt got his neck, so if you didn't see that. Yeah, everybody else have got high. It was one of my favorite interviews he's ever done. He's just like, I got this because I'm not spiritual. I'm not religious. I'm spiritual, but I go to church and then he just has all these super awesomely religious statues.

Speaker 1:3:15Really Great. Great interview. I disagree with the Johnson decision wrath. Hot fire take. People can listen to why, but I don't think it was taken from him. I'm going to say that calf and you know what? While we're at it, disagree with the dillashaw decision as well. The decision I just want to make takes coming later in the week for UFC 22 to 25, UFC two, one seven. Yeah, I can do math on the fly sometimes, especially if there's zero division involved. Today we want to tell you about our best friends, the people that keep us very protected during some exposed yoga positions. Raf, I want to talk about north South Jujitsu underwear and a new color teasers. Yeah, it looked like they're doing like a navy hole. That's a sleek. I like money, dude. Like get navy. I liked their spats and for the Gary Tone and fans, they do have a ones in the men's size.

Speaker 1:4:21Obviously you will need the smallest version of north South Jujitsu underwear for the rest of you. They make them across the spectrum. Gets in north South Jujitsu under. I love the way they keep my. I have just weird shaped love handles and by weird shaped, I mean beer shaped psych. Uh, you can tell when someone's drinking more beer. These things never a problem. Even in hot yoga, RAF. And I know that they're for Jujitsu. I'm just getting there. That's my point. We're getting closer by the day. When, when are you looking to get back to the, as Kevin, you know, we'll see. Um, I had a nice rehab session not too long ago with both knees and a and a good clearance, but they, they want me to just get a little bit more flexible before I returned, which is fair. That's perfectly fine. I learned some very interesting things on how to break knees from what Ashley Williams.

Speaker 1:5:12No big deal. Oh, I saw the interview with him. You can check that out. And more verbal type cast at verbal type cast on. So all the social media is talking to people like Ashley Williams. A very. Absolutely. But you could also check out, I don't know, sometimes you want good nutrition cab. Great. I want good, great natural nutrition. That's me. But are you ever certain about what kind of nutrition you're getting? Is there some sort of way that you look at it and you go, I'm not so sure about it. I wish it was certified. Absolutely. And not like that weird guy at Gnc is like, let's trust me. That's a award winning. And you're just like, what? It looks like it's an orange box. I don't know what that is leaking. There's a mouse crawling out of it. That's what I don't want. I want some. Not really certified.

Speaker 2:6:06I think he wants them to improve it. That's what I want. I want proven nutrition. Go to proven nutrition See Richie. There's actually, this is one of the weird things. Kept a Richard put up a photo of himself and it's weird when the actual person who owns the company can be a spokes model for his own brand, but he did one where it shows his physique and him being cut and it says, uh, use this proven nutrition and then points to the other person says he uses other supplements and they go, I can't argue with this. Richie's like jacked. This is just unfair to other supplements or other supplements. Get your shit together. But I guess if you were proven nutrition you would be. So I guess that's what we want to say, Kev. We should waste no more time because people might be confused. And the fact that my voice sounds so similar to one gary. Tony, like what happened? Yeah. What happened to him? Is he just in a box? Are you keeping them away from us? Maybe a or we can just transition to that right now. Speaking of wasted time. Good.

Speaker 1:7:21I'm going to hit play on the fight wrath because I've said it before about one FC. I'll say it again. I love that they care so little about keeping Gary's fights privileged that they just post them immediately. It's genius work and I heard a rumor he doesn't have to confirm or deny that gary tone and will only fight overseas because he was just so inspired by the movie bloodsport, so he thinks that's how it has to be done.

Speaker 4:7:48It's actually, that's actually correct. One hundred percent right here to comment. Nikki. Nikki Ryan to this day still still has not watched bloodsport and since since he has stopped, hasn't watched bloodsport like since I found out like the day he told me having trained with them, I won't even know.

Speaker 1:8:06Got Him when he's on the map. I'm the same way with.

Speaker 4:8:11Have you dealt with people? If he gets too close, I just fart in his general direction.

Speaker 1:8:16People that haven't seen Cobra get my ear up. That's when it's like, get the fuck Outta here. Ready is Raf our guest? Gary? Tone in whom? I don't know why you do this. I don't know why you do keep in touch. Maybe you want to tell us, but coming off a fight where we learned. Gary forgot how to grapple. This is exciting. I appreciate you coming on the show this evening, sir.

Speaker 4:8:40Yeah, yeah, no problem. Guys,

Speaker 1:8:42can we start with the hair choice? I don't know where that is.

Speaker 4:8:46The hair choice? Yeah, go for it. Let's do it this way. Why don't you guys riff off before I explain it.

Speaker 1:8:52Pre Bug infection. So I assume this wasn't a help Joyce. Like it would be now you showed up looking like kit. Dale's ghostly cousin. Maybe one that's never been to Australia. It was like a. is that Leftlane Giles? Except better at fighting. Who is that Guy Ralph?

Speaker 2:9:12Yeah, we had some issues. Okay, so gary, I said this as a caveat and there's just like a little part like a little island, the shape of Africa that's missing on your hairline. So what's happening there? And I want to make it very clear that I put it out that you could have done it for a good guy reason and that I should not be judged if you're doing it to like there's a patient out there that you're like, I'm going to do it to be really grossly over to estimated my comment.

Speaker 4:9:47I wish I, I wish I would have thought of that as just went with that as I should have. Just a moment. You told me that right there. I should've just been like, oh yeah, that's my friend who had cancer. I went with that and just let you feel like a piece of shit.

Speaker 2:10:02Here's the thing. I had that joke ready. The second I saw and I go wrap you don't know you, you don't know. You haven't pulled back for that joke back because you know, if he actually produces some make a wish kid that it's supposed to be dedicated to this will ruin you forever. So anyway, what happened dude?

Speaker 4:10:25Dammit. I gotta think about that next time. So about like pretty much like a month after my last bite, I just like got a random patch of hair missing in the front and then pretty soon after that, a random patch of hair missing on the side. So based off of what I talked to a bunch of different people about, I haven't gone to the dermatologist about that time because I was training for my next flight. Um, they just said that like it's some sort of like autoimmune thing or something because of stress and like I need to go get steroid injections or some sort of thing or whatever. That just didn't have time to bother with all that bullshit. I was training. So I just decided to shave my head for the fight and said fuck it

Speaker 2:11:06for steroids. Is that Gordon is taking all the steroids for very clear as to how is why you don't have only a limited amount. You need to say that sentence out loud.

Speaker 4:11:24Oh my God.

Speaker 1:11:29Conspiracy theory to Hensley has one of those steroid buckets. Like the drug buckets in prison. You just take a handful, you throw it in and everybody's like, God dammit, Gordon, save some for the rest of it. Continue

Speaker 2:11:42like super clear about this. Gary, you even being mentioned in the realm of steroids is like, you know, you'll appear with a six pack at some point, but we know that you're not really on like the good steroids if you are on them, even though you're on a federation one FC lesson.

Speaker 4:12:04Oh, they don't count for anything. Although this particular fight, they tested for cocaine and marijuana.

Speaker 2:12:14Apparently the new branding hold on, breaking by. One FC career's over. I didn't know that.

Speaker 4:12:25The only reason though is because it was in the Philippines and the new, uh, the new leader there were, tell what they're called a is a, is a big drug crack down guy. So apparently anybody who does any type of athletic competition in the Philippines has to be tested for cocaine and marijuana metabolites.

Speaker 2:12:43So what stereotype tested like four times. He thinks we gayness. True. He thinks we'd causes gayness if we're just using his gaining and he's not wildly wrong. I just think there's an argument that explains Kevin Disposition. Here's the nice part. I'm glad that we got to the bottom of it because for a split second, you know, aside from the whole cancer, uh, sort of scare or the make a wish angle started whatever disease that doesn't afflict his mustache but somehow attacks his head. It's like his mustache is girthy is

Speaker 4:13:23imagine it really was cancer though, like I haven't actually got to check out. So I could be

Speaker 2:13:28asterisk, asterisk. The worst part of that report exists is that people can go back and listen to these things and go remember that time that you were insensitive about Gary's cancer. And although to be fair about everything, so I don't feel that we're really out of line here. I just thought for a split second you could also be reversed Michael Jackson thing and maybe you're going. And I said maybe this is where it starts. I hope so man. Looks like Mario Van peebles in six months. That's great. So let's, let's do this. Okay. So let's start from the beginning because I want to make sure people have a nice progression. Obviously the heres a good point, but you announced

Speaker 4:14:10tell you what, go or you're in trouble because if I am transitioning to black, I'm going to turn Hispanic first.

Speaker 2:14:17Is that how that goes? I'm pretty sure.

Speaker 4:14:19Sure. I think that that's how it goes. I'm going to look Latino before I look black.

Speaker 2:14:23I don't want you to be Latino Dragon.

Speaker 4:14:27I know. That's why I said you're in danger. I know you don't want me to be in the same class as you.

Speaker 2:14:32Anyway. She had been having to dig on RAF. He just wants to stay the funniest Latino on the podcast. A. Oh, I just liked the fact that like Gary, you'll start to understand things like when someone goes, Hey, do you guys want to get [inaudible]? And then they look and stare you for a minute and you go, it's fine. I approve this. Do you guys want to go to Taco Bell? Everybody look at rap and see if he's okay with it. Taco bell is fine. It's not real Mexican food, but we can go to it. So Gary,

Speaker 4:15:05you know, for the longest time I pronounced empanadas are. Sorry, I just did it right there. I always say, man, Yada, like with an NDA,

Speaker 2:15:11like I never even noticed the incorrect incorrectly using a Spanish letter that like Americans don't know that you're calling the pit Jada's like they're their little full of. So I get corrected by Spanish speaking people every single time. I don't know. I would eat the shit out of an Empanada too. I want that on the table. That cocaine and marijuana, you hit it. It's a Philippines delicates cocktail you, you went down to this fight relatively late. Like I want to feel like we didn't hear about it until late February, early March.

Speaker 4:15:55Well that was kind of upset about that, that man, to be honest. Why is that? Yeah. Oh yeah. I mean they just don't know what it was about their scheduling or whatever. They just had a tough time like officially promoting it or whatever the case may be because I'm not until they make the first post about it publicly, I'm supposed to not announce it, you know? So, uh, yeah. I don't know what the deal was, man. I don't know why it took so long. It took, it made me like I had to book flights a lot later and stuff like that. Like it's whatever, man, you know, I know they get busy, they put it on a lot of events to be fair. Um, I think they had 24 events this year, um, for their organizations just decent amount. So, um, I get it. But uh, yeah man, it's, it's, it would be nice to like, be able to have more fun with the promotion of these fights was like basically they are only given me like two weeks, you know. Um, because honestly in two weeks it's funny because I do a lot of seminars and stuff which gets you, I don't really do it as much anymore, but I used to like in two weeks, that's not even enough time for everybody to know you're going to be in a particular area, you know, it takes time to really like actually use, uh, the promotion of a fight. Like the amount of people that would have watched the site on that day would have doubled. Had they given it four weeks promotion as opposed to two weeks, you know,

Speaker 2:17:15so weird. I'm sure. Like even if you didn't necessarily put together seminars, it's got to be kind of weird to be calling up people over in Asia and going, hey, you guys be interested in. I might be in town. No reason. Just kind of visiting. Just Fyi. I tried to put it out.

Speaker 4:17:34I was going to be there. No, I just said like, oh, it might be headed to the Philippines on this particular time so that people would know. But

Speaker 2:17:40Oh, is that your code? Okay, well now that we know it, I'm not sure. You kinda. Alright, Fuck Gary. Careful with that because I said the same thing about

Speaker 4:17:48Tokyo and I don't. I'm not having a fight in Tokyo.

Speaker 1:17:51Oh good. Everybody relax. Because I was going to be like, you got to let a journalist know someone that can fucking crack or stupid code and say it out loud because that's a good time to text your friend Raf. Hey Wink, wink gunna be in the Philippines. So, and just will give us a message if you think you would be like, go and coke and weed free for a few weeks if you get away and then we'll know to announce it, give people a heads up, put it on youtube immediately. And that's, it's a great thing for you that they do that. By the way, just in terms of your staff go. Good. Sorry I was.

Speaker 4:18:29I'll go ahead gary. It doesn't matter. Wasn't no

Speaker 1:18:33fuck both of you for trying to interrupt me. So that was on a real tear. Now there's this fight almost has 23,000 views and it's not like anyone's tuning in. No fence. Rahul, Roz, you, I mean maybe a few, but this is uh, this is a gary wave of fight stuff. So at least they put it on there and post that shit immediately.

Speaker 4:18:53Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think, uh, they're going more the route of like advertisements and stuff like that apparently, like, you know, from what, uh, we had like a, we had a big social media seminar after, after our weigh ins and stuff like that are our press day and everything like that.

Speaker 4:19:13So they, they sat us down for like an hour to an hour and explain to us like kind of like what their, their goal is, what their promotion of their, uh, their organization. So they're kind of like going the, the wholesome, you know, martial arts, respect sort of route. Um, so they're looking for sponsorship from people like Disney and things like that, which apparently would never sponsored like UFC, but they'll do it for one championship. I don't know. Um, it got a little weird when they told us, you know, we probably shouldn't say things like mixed martial arts, which is what we do. Yeah.

Speaker 1:19:46I have frozen on a picture of you trying to heal hook him. So let's just that in this very unmixed martial arts, we'll call it segmented martial arts. You are trying for your first he'll hook. And this is what America wants to know first and foremost about this fight. Gary, have you forgotten to do heal hooks? Like is it harder with the gloves on? I think that Sarah and if you looked at his face,

Speaker 4:20:14definitely tour his ankle apart. Uh, there wasn't as much knee damage, just think it was just based on the physician just turned his ankle around twice. But I think it's pretty apparent that they were both effective. He just, he just chose not to tap. So when this is what it is, I mean I spent like an entire match with one of the brothers, like ripping his ankle. The spreads to instead is what it is, man, it happens. I just chose that a certain point. I felt like, all right, this is enough. He's not tapping, let's let go and then work on something else that's gonna make him tap or not get knocked out. So yeah, apparently people are making like videos and like comments and posts and things about his level of defense or something to the hill. Looks like. I don't think he ever really did anything to defend. I pretty much just extended to the fullest extent I possibly could and then let go. I don't really know if there was anything that happened that he did specifically that stopped any of this heel hooks, but I don't know.

Speaker 1:21:11Look for a new DVD series defending the toe heel hook. Pretty much

Speaker 4:21:20so it not expecting based off of the things people were saying. Like somebody made look at a full breakdown of like his defensive skills in a position like I'm pretty sure if you look at it, I just fully cranked this ankle and then I let go. Like I don't really know what the deal is. Is this like. I think people expected me to get tunnel vision like most Egyptians, which they go after a submission hold and like if they're not getting a submission hold, they continue to pursue it until they get it. Well that's how it works in grappling. It doesn't work like that. And mixed martial arts. I continue to pursue this heel hook that's like you're not tapping to like I may just end up getting punched in the face. So Hey, let's let go of this and we're fighting. We'll work on something else.

Speaker 2:22:02Just want to make sure that we're very clear on this. You referred to it as what you're not supposed to refer to it as it is Marshall Entertainment. Okay, thank you. Oops. Marshall Entertainment. That's exactly. You know, you got to get that family friendly audience in there because here's the best part is this is why I love the grappling community. They're very behind you, but then when you don't finish with your hooks, it's like what's happened to carry? Like what, what man? Man. The other thing that I think is really funny is, you know, you made a statement in your first one to really, uh, have stand up and Kevin's probably going to get to this a little bit later in the fight, but the other alternate funny part of that is when people go to these, abandoned the standup and going back to his grappling, a striking good job, Gary. Oh this second

Speaker 1:22:54jazz looked brutal. Now that I'm rewatching what you did to his knee, that is not defense. I recommend not with my addiction.

Speaker 4:23:02The second one particularly, I remember a patient, I was like, all right man.

Speaker 1:23:06Okay, I like that. Hold on. You just hit him in the face while he was staring at the heel hook. That was fun.

Speaker 4:23:12I got the funny part was he was trying to hit me and I used this like x flag around to make sure that I can create distance so he couldn't hit me and uh, I just let I let, uh, I let my legs, he's up for a second and I just hit him in the jaw. I just thought it made me laugh

Speaker 1:23:28during the fight. I don't know why they threw the nice knee of justice. So let me spend that last comment you just said for the blog posters Monday through Wednesday. Gary. Tone and afraid to get hit in the face during. That's what I heard. That's just what I heard you.

Speaker 2:23:44We're doing more grappling

Speaker 1:23:47in this fight. Intentional because he obviously, I mean in terms of. I don't know what his striking premise was. Oh, I also want to talk about. Ralph made a hilarious meme about your fight status, the skills and different strengths, but I genuinely think you should be offended by where they had your, your grappling.

Speaker 4:24:08Where do they have my grappling?

Speaker 1:24:09Not at 100 percent. That's not even at 90. It's an iclean 72, which I think is complete bullshit. It's like, okay, all points aside. Like you might want to make it above 90, you know, just. Sure, sure. Kicking a miss. Why were you grappling more this time?

Speaker 4:24:36Sorry,

Speaker 1:24:38I tell you what, I was going to call it. Heard you on this one. I'm going to hit you with his horrible radio questions. We'll just keep those.

Speaker 4:24:45No, uh, I wasn't, I, I, I, I grappled more this time actually for two. I was thinking about it leading up to the fight for sure. But also something somebody mentioned to me actually made me think about doing it a little bit more during this fight. I was having an interview with a guy he used to work for Spirit magazine, I think it was in Japan. I'm not pretending to be still does or does it doesn't anymore or not. I'm assuming interview with that guy and uh, you know, he, we talked about my first fight and how, you know, I said like, listen, like, you know, I don't want to be in a championship fight for the first time after use my striking, um, that's why, you know, I want to make sure I test it in my earlier fights. And he raised an interesting point to me, which was, you know, that although I had been doing grappling for over a decade that you don't want to be in a championship fight and have to use your grappling in a fight for the first time, uh, you know, at that point in time as well, you know, and I was thinking about it, it's like it's actually correct, which his grappling and a fight is very different than, you know, grappling and a grappling match.

Speaker 4:25:48So that was kind of my thoughts, just like, all right, well let's see, you know, what kind of threats are going to be offered to me from my grappling exchanges in this fight. So I kind of shifted more ironically, asked her, you asked me that question. I shifted more towards making a decision on, yeah, I'm going to scrap it and a little bit more during.

Speaker 1:26:06Okay, well to your point in what you're talking about and I think the next echelon of your game, it'll be fun to see you get creative with the ground and pound because it still seems like you're grappling and you're like, oh shit, I can punch him. That's right. Boob. But there's a lot of moments still where yeah, you're, you're causing some problems. So in the transition it's kind of. That's what's fun about this fight. There's a lot of transition from grappling to fighting, which is difficult in your sales group.

Speaker 4:26:34I think there was one time where I was mounted on him where I transitioned to a triangle which just didn't make any. Like I should have just stayed on top and punched him in the face. I don't really know why bother to do that.

Speaker 2:26:44Don't change what we love about you. You keep that. You say gold, how fucking dare you. I loved it. I was like, yeah, so like

Speaker 4:26:53oil that like a lot of that stuff was just very, very difficult. Like 100 percent, like at least at least like shoulders and arms for sure. I remember trying to make grips on him and it was like, it couldn't make a grip on anything. Especially gloves I can by hand with slip right off. He makes one grip on my glove and I can't fucking move my entire hand. I'm like, what the fuck's happening here? This doesn't make any sense.

Speaker 2:27:15Yeah, I was wondering about that. So let me get this straight. You're saying just like naturally from sweating or was he greased? Like what is

Speaker 4:27:24never really. You can never really say, you know, but you collect your pussy. But that's fine. He would say 100 percent for certain because I do believe that like different people produced certain different levels of uh, of breeze through their skin just naturally just based off of the different people that I've grappled with over time. Um, but it definitely felt an unnatural level of slippery

Speaker 2:27:48for sure. No body defense. Greece go. Yeah.

Speaker 4:27:52Yeah. But I mean that's something to be expected. I mean, John's told me that for years that like basically as you fight it, the high level, like pretty much everybody's going to do that, uh, because they know you're a rapper. So I mean it's whatever, but it didn't stop either of the heel hooks from breaking his ankle or the strangle from happening. It actually did the strangle easier.

Speaker 2:28:12We'll look for his second defense series coming out on DVD from Ra, who? Raj, you oiled up the art. We have called this Guy Raj alcohol and I'm hoping that everybody else has because that's the only. When I saw his name come up I said, okay, like I'm not going to learn that real name. I'm just going to call Gary versus out and let it be.

Speaker 4:28:35I'm not going to learn that real men.

Speaker 2:28:37Hey listen, I've got too much stuff to do at times. I've got people that interview, I've got people try to give me shit. I have to decipher the fact that they felt the need to give you power levels like that made the meme. It was because I said, where do they get off? He's had one fight. Eddie especially didn't like sit there, they go striking for being honest and then they're like grappling artists. Downing 80 three and it's like you're playing madden and then all of a sudden you see that all of a sudden one of the announcers has the exact same power level as like Tony Romo and you go, is that fair? So when I saw that and I saw that power chart,

Speaker 4:29:25so I've been assigned me to announce here is what we're, what we're saying here.

Speaker 2:29:28I'm not saying you're the announcer, I'm saying you might be a announcer, you might be somebody who has very entry levels into grappling chart. Gary, I've got one. They throw steph curry, it's like three 82 post game 79 the fuck are you talking about? So we could help but like look at it and laughed profusely and then, you know, we make a meme and we're happy about it, but I'm still sitting there and I'm trying to explain to somebody to go. It's just weird that they gave him cage control as still a pretty high thing. And I go, what were the rejected things you are currently? We're trying to control position just as a. we're in a mountain round. Three ref. Oh, nuts on the. There's a tape. Yeah. This is where the triangle. I'm sorry. Things just got real for Raj goal. Fair enough.

Speaker 2:30:24So Gary and dealer thing that was interesting to note about this is that the internet seemed to be like a, you know, they were complimentary of this guy and they said that he exposed you and I thought that was a comment as well. A planet brown belt. He's been rolling a 10th planet. They screamed that in a weird way. Also, I think this is the thing that I had to do live on the air with you last week. I did a version of it, but I wanted to see if this brings back any memories. Kev, can you tell me exactly where they are on the fight right now that you're watching so that I can replay what he would be saying? Minutes 12, 24 in the third round. Raja gold just got up to try for one more. Go of it in the standard. Oh cool. It was very close to finishing this. I go wrong with this announcer's voice like he sounds like a voice that you do on the cartoon network. Oh, he is limping by the way.

Speaker 4:31:22Not announcing yet, so I can't say for sure.

Speaker 2:31:25Oh, when you do just know.

Speaker 4:31:27Say they were getting rather. I did hear they were getting rather excited.

Speaker 2:31:31Not just excited but like, you know how Mike Goldberg with occasionally get a little too excited about a kick or something and you go, I'm not Goldie good for you. This guy was literally falling on the microphone and being like, Oh, I think his oxygen levels are very low. I think he might pass out a given time. So when you go back and listen to the commentary in English, just see if you have a natural reaction from there. What surprised you most about this fight man? Was there anything that kind of caught you off guard? Because again he exposed you. So I want to make.

Speaker 4:32:06Yeah, for one I just remember looking across the cage and just being like what

Speaker 2:32:14that

Speaker 4:32:14thing is. Once you go, what is this? You know, because they have the hydration testing and everything like that. So, I mean, from what I understand, I guess that the way that people are, some of these guys are like a, are gaining or getting debbie a little bit heavier is they'll hold in their pis from like the morning and then like run off. Wait. So the pis is still hydrated when they go to pe. Um, but you can't, like, you still can't do hydrate like you do in the UFC. Like you can have massive weight cuts like a dude going from like, you know, one 81 92, 1:55, but I think very easily this guy might've been able to go from like one 85 slash one slash 70 or something like that because he's pretty big man. Like I think he's a considerable. Even though they said something like I was only three centimeters shorter than him, which is not definite bullshit. Um, I'm pretty sure he's at least three to four inches taller than me. And uh, it looked like he was considerably bigger than me too in the arms, legs. And, uh, you know, midsection as well, so say for sure, but that was, I would say the most surprising thing of the fight was his size for first thing.

Speaker 2:33:19Um, and then, uh,

Speaker 4:33:21I guess, uh, he's, he's punching power and accuracy wasn't too bad. I'm actually on accuracy towards the end. Started to dwindle once I kind of figured out what he was going for was pretty predictable. But um, yeah, the power was, was a lot harder than I expected because in his previous fights, I think he took a little bit of a different strategy. This fight, I'll explain why later in his previous fights, he just stampeded forward into everybody. But his, his very last flight before mine, when he did that, he got knocked out by check hooks because he was running forward checkup, checkup, checkup, finally dropped. So I think he was a little worried to do that. This fight, maybe we were expecting that we, that's what we were preparing for our, these are worried to do that. This fight because he didn't want to get knocked out like the previous site.

Speaker 4:34:06Um, even though like I'm not crazy experience stryker or anything, so he tended to stay a little bit more standstill. Um, you know, wherever he was at, there was only one time where he pursued me, which was round two, but every other time he kind of stayed still, which actually oddly made me want to stand more still, which is bad for me. That was kind of odd. I don't have like a nonreactive opponent that wasn't moving very much, so it kind of screwed with me. Those are kind of the two things. And then like the last thing I would say, I definitely didn't expect him to just not tapped to submissions, but you know, I mean it happens, but I didn't expect him to just let it lead, get broken completely the second, especially the second sentence, the second leg break down one was pretty bad. Like, like I like if I look at you, if I look at your face while I'm breaking your leg, like I'm definitely like, that means things are pretty bad because I'm like, man, like what's that? So that was pretty rough.

Speaker 2:35:03A lot of unexpected things. A lot of guys will try and talk their way out of things sometimes, not for sure in the best of ways that they should. Um, I had a guy who I was trained with today told me, I think he was saying he was close to losing this fight or he did lose his fight or he got put it in this knee bar and I just asked him, I was like, oh, did that, was that bad? He's like, yeah, I fucked up my knee, but I punch my way out of it. And I was like, good story. And he goes, but I couldn't walk the day after and I go, just curious, can you show me what he did? And he's like, yeah, this is where I was. And I was like, do you know what you're supposed to do from here?

Speaker 2:35:39And he goes, oh no, I go, we should go. Just like cool. And then one thing I made sure I was just like, just know where your knee is, you know where that's happening. A lot of things can happen. The guys just like, thanks dude, you're blowing my mind. I was like, no, this is entry level. So while I understand punching can be very helpful, uh, it's probably better to go to, um, this is something that I was intrigued in asking you because now you know, the first fight, it's a different situation because you had that first round and then you were able to go and finishing your second round this time you actually had two opportunities to go over to your corner. What was the best advice that you were getting in those moments?

Speaker 4:36:21So the best advice was actually a device that I didn't follow up because I'm just a fucking retard. So, uh, yeah, John had told me early, like, first round I've reversed round. He was like, listen, like he's only throwing right hand, which that I knew I was, I believe that, but he's like Stan conventional because you're more likely to shield the right hand with your hand and then you can throw more effectively. You're going to get hit less and you're going to hit him more as opposed to standing, um, as opposed to standing southpaw. Um, where there's like an open connection with his right hand to your head. Um, so he said that and I heard him, but like, and it's not that I didn't want to listen, I tried, I tried, but like my body's natural inclination was, well, I want to stand southpaw because I want my head to be further from his rear hand.

Speaker 4:37:16But like in reality that's almost worse because you can kind of smother it by being closer to it. And like he said, like I kind of have that arm up to deflect the rear hand. Um, so I was leaving myself more susceptible the whole fight by standing in southpaw a to him just throwing that heavy rear hand over and over again. So that was the best piece of advice that I've probably got, you know. Um, there was also one piece of advice that I got from one of my corners who's the guy that I brought out as a sparring punk partner, John Bianco, um, that kickboxer he told me that, uh, he, the guy was open for, uh, for the rear high kick a on his right side, my left side. And he was 100 percent right. Problem is, I guess fucking suck. So instead of hitting him in the head, I just fell, but it was pretty clear when I did throw it a couple times that I did, but he was open for it. I just couldn't make contact because I'm terrible. But uh, that was good advice too, if I was competent. So

Speaker 2:38:13to be fair, you know, it's expecting a lot of you to be able to kick and high ticket the midsection maybe. But that's just rude. Um, the second part of this is okay, so I'm now starting to realize how this is coming along because of a two part question I have on this based off of what you just told us was number one, it makes me realize John Danaher is not a short winded person and you only have so much time on a stool. Does he just get going by the time they like pull you off because he's just in the middle of Mr Gary. It would be in your best interest. Got to go back to the round. Okay, cool. Uh, and number two, you don't follow his advice in the first round and I've seen him get heated. Does he get a little bit of a, what the fuck are you doing? Did you not listen to what the fuck's wrong? Ding, Ding, Ding. Time to go out again and say, right. I didn't even get back to it this time. He just said modesty for not doing it.

Speaker 4:39:25Yeah. So no, he doesn't get, he doesn't get like crazy like that. I think like he's very, uh, he's very cognizant of the fact that like any type of emotion could play a role. So I think he, he chooses it. If it was in the training room and I did something like that 100 percent, you'd would freak out and called me a retard. I'm for sure, like multiple times. It'd be like, he'd be like, yeah, wait a way to switch stances you fucking retard or something like that for sure. You definitely say that. Um, but because it's a big fight, he knows that it's very important. Like he just basically repeated himself over and over and over again. So like second round, he just, I'm pretty sure he just kept saying that over and over and over. I'd have to like, I don't know if they have any recording of the corners. There's microphones nearby, but I'm pretty sure that he must have repeated it multiple times second round because I clearly didn't listen to it. The first rap, I just not 100 percent sure

Speaker 2:40:23he spoke in all caps locks because if he did then that's how you don't know what he's really referring to as being serious or not. I one year for Gordon's birthday, uh, wrote a post as John Danaher wishing them a happy birthday. I literally wrote in different parts in capital letters and in regular letters where it was just like before, I wish you a happy birthday. It is important that we discuss the matter in which would come from Mr Gordon. Ryan, the most important part of having a good and socially acceptable birthday is to give credit to those which came before you the previous years of birth. And I was just like, I finished writing it and I go, I've never spent this much time writing a bullshit thing, but I'm not so sure. So I actually have to go and screenshot it and I go, no, Gordon just celebrated a birthday. So I have to just like literally repost that shit every year until the DMA deserves.

Speaker 4:41:25You're not even sure if it's, it's a, it's a useful thing for you to do.

Speaker 2:41:29Here's the thing, it's not like a it following. I put it on the page

Speaker 1:41:35and like I started it and the dumb part is because I'm such a perfectionist, I can't just do the bit and go like, I don't care. Like clearly if I put more than two minutes into it, I go, well I've got five minutes to spare but see this thing through. And by the end of it I'm like, Oh my God, I've written a madman's manifesto.

Speaker 4:41:51We created a monster.

Speaker 1:41:58It was 10 percent of these. It's like this is fucking genius. I had to do this more often. Some acid and the Danaher or 72 hours to write about the science of orgies with a dark, ominous voice. I have a question. Very one related. First of all, you just tapped him and congratulations. Whatever grappling. I guess you still have some skills and despite him being one whole big bitch is. I'm seeing him side by side with you. You're actually. You're right. I didn't notice it. The fight, but he's a clean the he's the rep size and you are not?

Speaker 4:42:33Yes.

Speaker 1:42:34Okay. They clip away from your victory to the. To Bikini clad one FC. I don't know. I assume their accountant

Speaker 4:42:44because they were already a break in the ash.

Speaker 1:42:46They're holding this tiny case that says one championship. Here is obviously my question. Do you get that case and do you know what is inside of it?

Speaker 4:42:57I didn't realize that they were carrying a cakes. They are upset that I didn't. I did. I didn't get what was the fight? Ended seconds, don't go with a side of it

Speaker 1:43:08and they are showing it to the crowd and one of them is behind her pumping it up, raising to indicate that's what you've done and I'm waiting for it to be a fucking transformer or something or you to tell me there was in it. But no

Speaker 4:43:27dude, I wish man. Uh, I have no idea what's in that case. I'm going to take it off with them before the fight. I am happy to either get the case or the very least know what's inside the case. Thank you. As concerning to me as well. Got History many times then.

Speaker 1:43:45I Dunno, they're just standing right behind you with this tiny case. I would be worried now if I were you a little bit. I have no. Okay. Well, Internet, Reddit, if anyone out there listening has the time to deep dive this and slash or raft. We wanted to start a second podcast for years. This is the one, the quest to find a third way. You're doing it pro one. I guess we second what we want the one FC. We'll find out 10 part episode coming this fall. What's in the case? Following A.

Speaker 4:44:19It'd be like how hallux backpack instagram account.

Speaker 1:44:22God, I hope it's way more interesting than that ends up being, but oddly enough, the case still hasn't paid gary tone and either. So we have at least one thing in common

Speaker 2:44:33with both. You have been lovely in the media a little bit with Colby Covington threatening to beat you up and you responding with some personal attacks. Have Youtube had the chance to speak and make nice or is he still just on a.

Speaker 4:44:49Oh, okay. Night Dude. I don't know what the hell his deal is, but anyway, uh, I know his whole, his whole thing is like, you know, uh, he just takes jabs that everybody whatever and like he's trying to promote itself. It's super like forced and Dorky. But it is what it is. I get the point. But anyway, like I was trying to go along with it. I'm trying to use whatever he fucking said to promote maybe a with us. Um, and I got no response after attacking multiple family members.

Speaker 2:45:22So I don't really know,

Speaker 4:45:24well the only response I got was from his sister and like, you know, we talked about, you know, where we're going to go out and everything like that, but it has nothing to do with, you know, that situation, you know what I mean? Her response. But yeah, like he didn't, he didn't say anything

Speaker 2:45:42to be fair. He's going through a lot right now. I mean there was the whole, he visited the White House with a fake belt that he's no longer going to have. So that's rough. Especially to go and present a belt and be like, yeah, I'm the champion. And like, trump go. Yeah. Like, yeah, I'm the president, wink, wink. So it's the weirdest part of this to me for these two though, is I saw that happening and I know that Dana made that happen, but the fact that they made it happen so quickly because they go, wait a minute, Dana said he was stripping them of that title and yet they're having them go up there with an intern belt that he's being stripped of in a week. Like, what the fuck is this? This doesn't make any sense and he's apparently super pissed that they're going to strip him and to his credit, I'll give them this. I liked the fact that the UFC made him an interim championship and then said, now, just kidding. Everything's fine. Tyrone Woodley is coming back and Darren tells away from more fun. So he's got an empty dance card for a little bit, I'm assuming. I think that's plenty of time to have a grappling match with you.

Speaker 4:46:51Yeah, there's zero chance it's going to happen though, like if you don't respond after the attack, someone's sister and mother. Like, I mean, that's what we used to teach Nikki. Do you know, Nikki? Nikki's not a very talkative guy and he's getting better, you know, since he got older and like, you know, kind of a bunch of us retards around them to, to kind of loosen them up. But, you know, I used to tell Nikki because I obviously had a lot of confidence in his combat skills, um, that when he goes to school now it's not school anymore. But when he goes to school, if anybody tries to start a verbal confrontation with him, he should just go right away and say something about their mother, you know, because ultimately, like if he doesn't, if somebody doesn't respond physically to an attack on someone's mother or then they weren't gonna respond physically anyway. So it's just like, you got to go for the juggler verbally right away. This way you don't have. Because I wasn't confident in his verbal skills, you know what I mean? In terms of like, oh, you're a pussy, you're a bitch. Like, no, I wasn't. I didn't know Vicky could do that game. You know, like I, I knew Nicki could strangle the guy, you know, I didn't want him to lose a verbal battle. Like, that's embarrassing, you know, I'd rather have them just strangle some kid unconscious. So

Speaker 2:48:03dairies like no kid of mine is gonna lose a battle. Kev, I would actually pay to see the series, you know, uh, Gary Tone and mentoring a young ward. Another Ryan two point. Oh, one might say, I don't know, man have normally in. Well, there's also, this already exists in nature, it's called the bluff charge. It's where a black bear runs at you and you are supposed to hold your ground. Now there's one small problem with the theory. If it's not a bluff charge, it's definitely how you get murdered. So do with that information as you will, but that's essentially what your pitch it out. I asked, I was like, how do you know if it's not above charges? Like you don't want to know. It's great. That sounds, sounds like savory getting advice, sir. Enjoy Aspen. Yeah. Okay. Well that takes care of the colby. A side of things. You are also, and this was a bombshell prior speaking of you doing any sort of mentoring or helping beat people up. Ryan Benoit coming to do some training with you.

Speaker 4:49:11Yeah. Uh, so, uh, a UFC fighter at 1:25. Um, he, uh, he's been staying with me and uh, working on a, it's camps, been doing this fight camp here at [inaudible] as well as at my school, at Brunswick and uh, basically just, you know, trying to give him as much training as you can leading up to his next fight and I, uh, I'll be cornering him on September eighth I think. Why don't say, you said it was Bauhaus. Yeah, pretty sure it's Dallas, a UFC card there against a Roberto Sanchez.

Speaker 2:49:45Are you so exciting to be now on the coaching side? Again, does that feel good for you? Because the other thing I think that we, we wanted to ask you was you were hold up, your arm was in a cast and then it just felt like once your arm was better they go, okay, you're in fighting again.

Speaker 4:50:02Yeah, no, for sure. My, my arm was, everybody started. My ritualist was pretty badly hurt. I didn't, I didn't get a chance to post. I wanted to post some photos of that. I'm going to do it soon. Um, I haven't posted anything because I've been deathly ill for the last, like four days. Um, since I got back from the Philippines I thought I would just like eight something shitty because I was shitting myself constantly, but now I got like white spots on the back of my throat. I to the doctor, it's definitely strapped. They gave me antibiotics basically was sick for four days for no reason because it could have been taking antibiotics but getting better now. But anyway, yeah, I was going to post something about the risk. The risk was uh, was pretty badly hurt, but it's definitely a definitely better now. I didn't rehearse it and then reenter it during the fight. So that's good news. I think they want me to fight again sometime in the near future, so that's good for that. I'm almost just exposed the date of that point.

Speaker 2:50:56That's my favorite month near future. I'll just get a quick minute at the 43 minute cut. Gary's the paycheck. No, I'm kidding.

Speaker 4:51:10But on the coaching end of things like, I'm super excited to do this because like I've mentioned multiple times in different use of things like I'm really a big part of why I'm fighting a is because in the future I know that obviously once my athletic career is over in terms of competing and Jitsu or fighting, um, I want to be able to continue on with the sport and the only way I'm really going to be able to do that is through coaching and teaching. Um, similar to what John does for us. And, uh, yeah man, it just gives me an early opportunity to a coach in a high level athlete and just see what that entails. You know, last couple nights I've been studying, um, all of his opponents fights. I have detailed notes written down in a notebook right next to me. I just right before you guys called, I just finished watching his opponents a second fight in an in depth analysis and uh, you know, just working on a game plan for him and uh, you know, different drills and skills that he needs to be working on from the Jujitsu perspective because he is fighting a, a pretty, uh, Jujitsu heavy opponent.

Speaker 4:52:14So it's, it's actually make sense for me to, to be helping them out for this fight.

Speaker 2:52:20That's cool. I don't remember when you. So the other thing, and I mean, you so eloquently mentioned this and I, I kept, I felt bad, you know, Gary's a long time guest on this show. And when he said he felt bad, I thought, oh my God, we gotta do something about this cap. So I took it upon us to go ahead and put up a post because gary put up this thing that said, character Gary Tonin strengths can kill lions, questionable weaknesses. Mosquitoes are highly attracted to you and you are highly allergic to them. And I thought that's a short list of weaknesses. And Gary said, add more to the list asshole. And I said, no more now. I made a very quick beam and we had some people chime in and I'll ask you for years in just a minute, but I'm going to read you a couple that I think were were very good

Speaker 4:53:17illuminary one. So I'm excited to hear this.

Speaker 2:53:20Literally this one just came up right now. A writing clerk says vulnerable to a stun gun while making inappropriate sexual advances. Mosquito bites my ass.

Speaker 4:53:33I don't really have much to say about that, but I think that'd be a volume of anybody carry

Speaker 2:53:44ideas. You know, most people would say you get stung or hit by a mosquito, you know, it's not like anybody's feels good when that happens. You just happen to have an extreme version of what happens. That's all.

Speaker 4:53:58Yes.

Speaker 2:53:59So let's continue down this list and this one, it's from m row 88. And you saw this one, but it says gary as a weakness for the Florida boy whose aged August arms, butthole. If he sees and gets a whiff of its tartness, he will kick it and fuck it.

Speaker 4:54:20Uh, yeah. I feel like I commented on this, I didn't really know what the hell happened to happened with that statement, but I like it.

Speaker 2:54:33I don't know what's really happening here, but I like it. The best part about this is I coined it by saying, guys, asshole, Tinkerbell is dying and people seem to be quite enamored with that one, but he said, you're grappling skills coming into your last bite was not 100 percent and you can't finish heel hooks against polaris. Also, your mustache game is clearly second tier to Kit Dale. Now I feel that one is where it starts to get just

Speaker 4:55:02that one hurt, that one hurt more than anything. To be fair.

Speaker 1:55:06I like luke the Hashtag data. Her decision squad is collapsing like a house of dominoes that is essentially as a troll because it has a few levels. Obviously this isn't about that, but it's like love it. That was great. Just a anytime you can use Deanna, her decision squad in a Hashtag, you get my compliments.

Speaker 4:55:29Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 2:55:31Um, we've got a couple more. A Jujitsu Dad Bod says, was Gary Tom Bitten by a mosquito or is he starting an Itty bitty shitty committee? Now I feel that that's just. That's just

Speaker 1:55:41boob shaming and I don't know that we have time for that. I do like the bypassing of the actual bites. Just insult your nipples though, if we're just giving him category points. Eight out of 10,

Speaker 4:55:52the character alive. First of all I've been called. I've been told multiple times so that fantastic nipples and many women wishing they had nipples like math.

Speaker 1:56:01Clear on that one. Okay. It says week chest hair, game here and have to you. You look, I'm Abercrombie ready and I that

Speaker 4:56:15about that policy or policy. Every

Speaker 2:56:20kids is being addicted to cash checks and championships a because if so he's one week motherfucker. I'm our good friend drew from because jetsuite inexplicably vulnerability to Dj Jackson Fair.

Speaker 4:56:35That one hurts like a nice. Driven into my back bro.

Speaker 2:56:40So I get a lot of you do this by, because this one just said gluten and I was like, I don't know if that's a real one, but that was a little bit and I said, is that a thing? Because I don't know if that's a thing. I also liked, like you got a good picture one for Mario Fusco that says update and it's your stomach except now you've pierced. Did help me on it as opposed to just the time. I was like, that's pretty good. That's great. I want to make sure the age from Gracie Barra Riverside just put gay re tone and emphasis on the gay wow to heart. They took that. It was like no cleverness necessary speaker art. Now this one was junk food and two out of 10 chicks at 2:00 AM.

Speaker 4:57:32I mean that's a fact. I don't think the 2:00 AM really needed to be added to that, but he's right.

Speaker 2:57:41I think the last couple we'll just read a night Jujitsu, which is Eli, who's an amazing human being. Weakness to maintaining balance while throwing kicks.

Speaker 4:57:53That one again, cut like a knife.

Speaker 2:57:57Gary, I'm going to do a breakdown with you at some point on your kicking form. I feel like the next time we're in person together, I'm going to be like, is this how you kick here? Because I noticed you were going for Lou king, but like without just falling.

Speaker 4:58:13Honestly, at this point I kind of feel like I have to fall during a. kicked her on every fight or psyche. I guess my signature now.

Speaker 2:58:20No, I wouldn't worry. I think it'll happen organically. A good news update. Wise raft. I took his photo and posted it to a grindr profile and the feedback way more positive. I'm going to spare the audience, but from the amount of peaches I was sent, I think the Internet's not in the mood to roast gary tone and in the traditional ways, but I do think there's opportunity.

Speaker 2:58:46You can't criticize mosquitoes for trying to give gary abs that will be permanent. Like it just looked like they fucked up on their placement and length of what they paid for abs because I looked at the rose, like either that's an alien growing in there, or Gary's just trying to grow abs on top of abs and you just don't need no man. So, uh, Gary, in terms of your schedule and bursitis and craziness, what are you doing in the interim? Are you, is it mma right now? I don't mean that outside of Colby Covington deciding to be a moron and fights you

Speaker 1:59:22grappling wise. Are you strictly focused on it taking that path? Because we haven't seen you on the grappling side. We're obviously getting literally, but you're about to go on the mma hour again then was just no turning back at this point. Give us that. Are you stay in MMA for awhile?

Speaker 4:59:42Yeah. So the thing is, um, the timing just has to be right. If I'm going to do grappling as well as the opponent, like it has to be something really meaningful. You know, somebody has to come with me with an opponent that I really want to face and grappling. That's going to mean something, it's going to be like elevate my career if I beat the guy

Speaker 1:59:59you've never talked about in your life the way you're talking about grappling right now, but it has to be right. There has to be a physical connection. I get it. Yeah.

Speaker 4:60:10Hundred percent never, never had that conversation. But uh, but yeah, no, that definitely has to be a really good opponent that I'd want to face. And then the other thing that has to happen is the timing has to be correct. Like if, if for instance, there was some sort of grappling show that wanted me, they can be competing, uh, sometime like in like early or mid September or something. Well, how man, almost just like nevermind doesn't make, it doesn't make a difference, but the point of the matter is, is if it was evenly, if it was evenly placed between my fights properly so that I can prepare her the grappling match, but I also to prepare for my fight, it wasn't going to impact my fight camp. No. Basically, if it's eight weeks out from whatever I'm going to be fighting, you know, uh, then it's fine as long as I have a little bit of time, at least like maybe four weeks before that to prepare for the grappling portion of whatever I'm going to do. Um, so it's, it's a little tricky. The timing of what whenever I grappling show would be and it's kind of tough because I never know exactly what I'm going to fighting because they don't really like officially locked me down, uh, until pretty late. That's the last time they didn't even announce it, so two weeks out. So it's Kinda hard man. I'd really love to do it. I would. There's definitely guys that I want to be, but

Speaker 1:61:30it's just a, it's just a, it's a tough situation that they put me in because I really got to get as much experience as I possibly cannabis point. I get it. You essentially become a least in terms of your grappling and extended Kevin Hart joke, you know, I would grab you right now, but the way my bank account set up is a, if I have like two weeks out, like can I get it to you on the first of the month and I would do it. I'm excited about. Obviously I want to fight. I'll fight right now, but I just, I can't.

Speaker 4:62:08Yeah, I guess what would have to happen is I'd have to have an organization that's a flexible and when they could put on a show and then I would have to know when I'm fighting next and then I can properly put the fight, you know, pretty soon after that site and then I could do it. That would be the best

Speaker 2:62:27metamorris we'll put together a very fancy presentation for you. We'll do it all over again. It's going to be great. But I mean think about it like this. You're going to cosign a couple of weeks. What can we expect to see from that? Because you know, you're, you're just going to be a guy chicken things up. You know.

Speaker 4:62:44I don't know if we're gonna be able to hear that. I know it sucks. I have a childhood friend that asked me to be this wedding way beforehand, like three, four months beforehand and I already paid like $350 for. I like rented a Tux for like 350 bucks. So I'm kind of in terms of pulling out of that sort of ordeal.

Speaker 2:63:11I'm phrasing second of all, um, the fact that you had to pay $350 for a Tux is as someone who's gotten married. Kevin, did I make you get a Tux new? Certainly didn't make me spend.

Speaker 4:63:24I'm part of the wedding. I'm part of the wedding party.

Speaker 2:63:27I was in my wedding. I was just going to say I wasn't top billing, but you should've seen what his best man had on as a Tux jacket. A Robin had naked women on the inside. So she's a lesbian. Oh Wow. It was worth it for 100 percent. My two best friends. Yeah. But, but like you called it a best lead with here's what I had to give a speech. I think she called herself as lesbian.

Speaker 4:64:00Cool.

Speaker 2:64:01You again? My two best fucking life forever. A bobby who is essentially an Asian surfer dude. Uh, and Robin a black lesbian. It is like between the three of us, when we would walk around at school, we were one diversity program into ourselves. The best part about robin was it's like do that. Like why do you do this? Like you should be doing the fuck Kevin. Kevin's really, you guys should all be taking pictures. You guys should all be thinking promotional fixture that side of high school. So what's happening right now was the best part. We would walk around and people would be like, oh my God, they got all the charities and that's right. That's right. Bitch. All your AP classes too. So what are the things that we told Robin was for years, you know, she didn't tell us that she was a lesbian but you know, hey, we're kind of like no big deal.

Speaker 2:64:58But then me and bobby one day like pull her aside because she tells us after high school, I was like in college and she just goes, hey guys, I'm a lesbian. And were like, dope, why didn't you tell us this so that we could have been talking to her about girls with you the whole time while we were in high school. Instead we treated you kind of like you are our sister and kind of said, oh, okay, cool. Go over there real quick. And Bobby and I would be like, yeah, she's fucking hot. Who knew you could have joined in on that conversation. Doesn't bullshit rabbit. So Gary, she walks up. Yeah, just black sort of modern, a blazer blazer, no blazer shirt. And then she says the following, fix it. She's like, guess what's under the jacket? It was like I had no idea. Pops them open the lining of the jacket is naked women just different from playboys, just titties, titties. That's confidence. I don't think I'll ever know. Rough. And she messaged me, she's like, is it cool? And I was like, of course. And then in person she asked Kelly and my wife goes, oh, absolutely, you know, so and so when she shows up and she does it, it was the best party trick ever. She's like, you want to see what's under the jacket? Every person goes yes.

Speaker 2:66:17And it was very tastefully done. I don't know how that's possible, but it worked out. It's pretty awesome. Yeah. So your rash guard, Game Dickhead, that's what we're saying. I guess time to start using all those Gordon Dick pics to something useful. Just make a rash guard out of them, make it abstract so it makes the Mona Lisa or like Eddie Bravo space or something. But just make it have of Gordon's penises. Just I'm throwing out ideas right Corner Kevin,

Speaker 4:66:49know why you're so George. But my best to make it happen.

Speaker 2:66:56Curious as steroids have. Don't do it. I heard he has one for his penis. That's what hurt. Just again, same conspiracy place. When Gary told him back into the wild, it's going to be important because he's the first stop. Uh, you know, right now, this is the first interview he's had since his fight started because we complained like family. You. No, shut up. No. Yeah, I know. I received almost compliment before we let them go onto another show. I think this is the part where Gary should tell them flat out lie to see if people actually listen to the show because he's going to go on other reputable shows and they're gonna ask him stuff like, hey gary. So we hear that you do good heel hooks. I see no evidence of that. I don't know any different because I know a surface level amount of information about you. So with the people who actually know you in a follow up with you for a long time, what's a fake story that you can end on with us or that they will 100 percent

Speaker 4:67:57another show. I don't know, man. Dude, he really put me on the spot with that one.

Speaker 2:68:05Worry, a fake story. So think of something. Things start with the one that I'm still looking for. Jesus. Gary, I

Speaker 1:68:16thought, what can I do it. I got it. I got it. You're welcome, by the way, feel free to start texting me more frequently before your interviews. If you're. It doesn't matter. You did get the one fc box. It is a full on sex robot that looks like anyone you want it to like you're sworn to secrecy. It changes. Yeah. Yeah. It can be marked. Not Willing to tell you who I chose it to look like. Okay. Oh my God. That I liked that twist. But you could only program it

Speaker 4:68:53well program to look like Jordan fetus,

Speaker 1:68:58teacher teach. Have a call back one time in an interview. Well, listen, Gary, we've obviously been happening.

Speaker 4:69:07Mentioned it so much. I couldn't help. I couldn't know.

Speaker 1:69:09I do find myself. I will take. Maybe you could help yourself

Speaker 4:69:15responsible.

Speaker 1:69:17Well, let's do this. Gary. It's always good checking in with you. Uh, I'm very happy to bring you back on the show, but as we depart, we're about to celebrate 300 episodes and I think it's important that you leave us with a good thing and say one thing that you liked about us over these 300 episodes,

Speaker 4:69:37that's even harder than the last week.

Speaker 1:69:39I know I'm putting you on the spot. This is how we know we're getting a better interview out of you than other. Some

Speaker 4:69:46jude asks you every time you. I feel like almost every time we talk you guys are at some bullshit milestone or like, Ooh, it's been two years and 300. I've got to leave you guys some kind of fucking leave you guys some kind of fucking message. Like, oh my God, fuck this shit. I can't believe that anybody supporting you guys and Nelson for you guys know what it is. I think you guys just must. I don't know if you're actually getting any support and just delusional. He believed that whatever it is that you guys are doing and make some sort of a difference or like somebody appreciates it or something like that. I don't know.

Speaker 1:70:21Yeah, it must be it. You're assuming. I care right here in the present. Very. Don't. Don't Shit on any parades. All right, fair enough. When we're talking about delusional all, let's talk about flying head kicks and then we can really match it up. Who's being delusional? Here we are. The head kicks of MMA podcasts, scary tone and look for that teacher flipping head. 60 six.

Speaker 4:70:45That's probably more the way to go out. First of all, they were. They were perfectly time drop kicks. I was actually planning on fall training, both of them. I watched a lot of power rangers and it's been very effective. Occasions

Speaker 1:71:05you can find him a gary towed in to ours and he has convinced me he's right on this. If you think about the Larry and berries, so Gary Tonin to ours, he is right. They call him the lion killer when they don't know him. A more grotesque things as we have today. When they do, we always appreciate you stopping by the podcast and we would like to send you off with some happy 300 advice, sir. Those kicks kind of look like you could really benefit from some park core, maybe something where you throw a right arm down plant and then throw the kick. That way we're not as worried about the hips rising to a place that maybe they're not comfortable, so just think about it. I could actually. I think I know a good part core guy on the east coast. You know what we'll. We'll talk off air verbal attached guy. Is that what you're trying to touch back then and to play a little bit more touch, but first of all that might help with the hips. Don't knock it until you tried it. You are gary tone in this verbal type. Thank you so much.

Speaker 4:72:27The new number is. Please note the new number is.

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