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Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast
Verbal Tap (Ep. 298) Khabib kinda sucks, Go Conor & all things UFC 227 w/ Milton Arguello
August 09, 2018 Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips
Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast

Verbal Tap (Ep. 298) Khabib kinda sucks, Go Conor & all things UFC 227 w/ Milton Arguello

August 09, 2018

Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips

UFC commentary podcast. The guys pontificate about Khabib being a bad human, and then talk big fights. Milton is back to find out how he did against Kevin, and things heat up quickly about UFC 227. Fun podcast.
UFC commentary podcast. The guys pontificate about Khabib being a bad human, and then talk big fights. Milton is back to find out how he did against Kevin, and things heat up quickly about UFC 227. Fun podcast.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:18I've never heard such a collective gasp of MMA arousal. It was as though the world parted and everyone in those futuristic movies, the TV's just dropped from everywhere and everyone sees it when it's that important. Usually it's like Fahrenheit 4:51, which is a worse image that I'm going for, but I think the fun parts of dread means it is time for verbal tap. The show that proves fighting is a massive spectacle way outside of the cage. A few months early Christmas in August, wrath, Khabib is messing with homeless people. Wait, no, that wasn't the part that he's a being a tea bag tea. No, that wasn't it. Oh, that was job creation. Job Creator. Kev. You know, I think it's weird that people get so mad that he's offering money for pushups. I mean, they should do something to go ahead and get money and you know what I mean? I don't get paid to do pushups and I can do more than 20 if you pay me a dollar per pushup. That's who I am. Is that any of that work for you guys? Uh, that was. I thought it was pretty good.

Speaker 2:1:31Thanks. Yeah, no, that's, that's essentially what the Internet's become. So here's what's weird about the situation, Kev. I saw it. My first thought was I need to see it again. I need to just be sure. The weird thing that we all agree on is whoever is laughing and I think it's supposed to be Khabib cousin. That part's not 100 percent clear to me even though I know what I've read, but I don't believe anything. And that will come into play in a second. But when you hear somebody laughing at a homeless person doing pushups, your first thought isn't, Ooh, I need to defend this guy. It's a. that's weird, right? That doesn't seem nice. Okay. So maybe some basic empathy.

Speaker 1:2:12Is that a good place to start there, Kevin? Maybe for like lessons in Khabib's. This is by the way, the write up we're going to get. People are like, dammit, why can't we just have nice things? You guys immediately have to shit on Qb. We didn't do this. This is his fault and he needs some tact. But to be fair, and this is, uh, something I saw a meme that makes me super upset that I, it also triggered a thought that might be helpful, [inaudible] connor through a, created a bus and broken glass against that. This isn't,

Speaker 2:2:46listen guys, I'm going to get to all of this. Just give me a couple seconds to bring it all home. Because when I saw this initially, I looked at it, I said, that's weird. And then I started to piece things together. I said, I know pro wrestling, I remember when that Dolly through, I remember a few weeks ago could be, was the good guy. But he's rushing. Oh, they're going to try and make me hate them, aren't they? So I'm immediately suspicious of all of that. Granted, fine. There's also those who are making the arguments, uh, you know, his culture. It's not the say please don't explain other people's culture. Most of you aren't equipped for that sort of thing. But this is where I think it comes down to a basic human decency bullshit sort of a thing. And this is where it's interesting because we have a, an age where people don't necessarily just look at it even objectively, I had a friend who messaged me and then took down his posts.

Speaker 2:3:46He's one of my good friends and he said, hey man, I was going to chime in, but this climate is too stupid. And I said, you're not wrong. But what he was arguing was he watched it three times, which is a great way to also start any argument. Uh, I watched it a lot and it's like, okay, great. But he said, you have more agency than six. Yeah, absolutely. So he said that the way he saw was that as an athlete, that's the way he relates to people. And so having him do pushups was his way of relating to a this homeless man and getting them to do the pushups because we don't know the context, but that's a cool thing to do. Or at least that was his interpretation of it. And I said, you know what? Bless your heart. That's also describing a lot of context that isn't there as well.

Speaker 2:4:37And you know what the nice part is, we just kind of agreed to disagree. It's on camera and for the world to see because he was looking at him, do some pushups. Of course they'll go like that for the bar or like could sort of. I could definitely subscribe some motive. If I were looking at motive, I could find. Again, it's the laughing dick that I think everybody seems to be on board and being like, please don't do that. But I like the fact that he put it there and even though we disagreed, Kev, we just kind of said, okay cool, but without calling each other dicks. And we left it at that and we both kind of said, oh, I guess I could see that. And I guess I can see that we had other people chime in as well with some of the stuff I espoused at the very beginning of this.

Speaker 2:5:19But the one that seemed to make me laugh the most is, please, please, if you're ever trying to get on these things, don't start by saying, you know, I'm from the streets and people just don't know what it's going out on the streets. That's how they don't know what this stuff is all about. And it's like, no, we're good. We're real good here. Streets the streets. Indeed. Thank you. To be fair, I do not know that I was raised in rural Kansas so far away from the streets. Yeah, I know. I don't know. Actually they didn't yet have a paved road to our house until I was in like third grade. Oh Shit. Maybe you did grow up on the streets that more of the roads. That's not, that's a different thing. So when we really push this through, I like the idea that we had some people pushing back and saying, you know, hey, don't judge if you don't know the context, uh, sort of bullshit. But I'll tell you this much cab, if it gets some of you guys to question the way that we treat the homeless or just you know each other, maybe it's not such a bad thing to make you think about the way that that is because these guys are people who are athletes and yeah. Is it suspicious that the UFC would put this out? Not even the UFC, just Khabib. Especially when there is that whole Dolly incident that we still can't make any heads or tails out of. It throws a fucking dollar.

Speaker 1:6:38It honestly feels joker and to face when it was Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carey. So I was like, well, he was an asshole. I have to top that. What's, what's emotionally more cruel. Plus used to live around a lot of homeless this in my. Well you visited that location that it was right across from the missions. Uh, definitely not something to take in, in a joyful way because at its core it's a heavy amount of mental illness is at its core what it is

Speaker 2:7:12the cab. How can you really know that you were mentally ill? I've met several homeless people in my experience, in my microcosm that they weren't at all and I'll tell you I was homeless once and yeah, like lit like that is the progression of everybody coming in to chime in on this.

Speaker 1:7:32I had a motivational speaker recently be like, I was homeless. My parents said I could live with them. I said, no. It was like, I don't think that counts. I don't mean to be. I don't want to like draw straws out of a hat and say who's homelessness is more aggressive, but I said I could move in and I said, no. Feels more like adult camping.

Speaker 2:7:54Yeah, guys, again though it here says or even claims that they're going to solve homelessness, but many of us know fighters, humans. People who respond maybe a little bit better and sure we have different ideas over should they have to earn it. Should they have to do something? Where do those things come in? But maybe the one thing we can all agree from this is when somebody is like that it's a. It is a different way. It is touchy because maybe we didn't see him interacting and maybe the guy was harassing them for a long time, but if you're putting up videos as Kevin kind of identified a of interacting with homeless people in a culture that's supposed to be, hey, this is what I'm up to every day on my social media. Maybe motive might be ascribed to you. It's just kind of a thing. Maybe just maybe that's all. That's the first thing I'm going home to be really proud of. I get home, I take a video, my dog, and I'm like,

Speaker 1:8:56I can't wait to put this up. I don't like my dog and go, Ooh, I can't wait to put this one up. Test her and get a shriek. There's, there's a lot to talk about with him fighting conor, but RAF, hold on, let me. I think the audience knows. I've been a horrible jinx. I have been a whole a bull jinx to all things good. You Ready? Hit asked me if I'm excited about this fight. Are you excited about this fight? It's never going to happen. Rather boring bullshit. No one cares. Fine. First Guinness or even remember how to fight. I mean I've seen him throw metal. I haven't seen him throw hands. Second. Who's this guy? Does a big hat make you a champion? I don't think it does. This fights got us suck. If it happens, it'll never happen, so don't even worry about it.

Speaker 1:9:47Thank you. Who is this character? I want to talk to this guy more. This is just fed up with my Karma. Kevin. He comes out with a little bit more Kansas draw and he's upset that also like your take on a more modern andrew dice clay and so for a split second, the cadence I was in, I was like, Oh fuck yeah. I have another thing I've got to say. I'm not a big fan of web fucking hats. This is at its core, would make Rodney dangerfield very upset. They wouldn't get it, but it would sound like I'm a little bit. There is a lot to this fight that we will explore when it happens. That's what I. that's how I feel. Yeah, that's fair. That's fair. I will. I do like when the UFC does this and I kind of always forget because they loaned me into this false sense of insecurity in July that they are kind of capable of really putting together a fall lineup and I think they have.

Speaker 1:10:51They are putting Vulcan and Smith on like the same level briefly as some other fights. But you've got qb Mcgregor's slated for October sixth. We'll see. But everyone's going to want on that card. That is not the fight. I want to compliment them about the fight. I want to compliment. Compliment them about. It's also not Darren till versus tired with like, oh, but can I tell you something? Can I. Can I interrupt here because I'm so excited about this camp. The dare until impression is almost there. There. Oh, that is exciting for when we need him to call into the show. Everybody else else. Everybody else has gotten on this Khabib thing with the homeless. They didn't really remember the Darren till. I'm also is not going to win and father of the year. Why well be because this happened like right back to back. I want to say like day after day, and I think what he ended up saying, Kevin, and this is

Speaker 2:11:54in the very rough beginnings of it, I listened to one of our old episodes for one of my first d as impressions and uh, you know, it was, it was a work in progress. So this one's a little bit better, I'll say this, but here's what it says,

Speaker 1:12:08quite as known in terms of the way he speaks is the Diaz.

Speaker 2:12:12Right, right. And just so you guys know a little bit about my process, there are certain trigger words that will help you to create the character. So you don't just do a Christopher walken. You do? Oh Wow. And then you go into walk in, you say, wow, and that's your tuning fork word. Unfortunately, the one for Darren till involves you having to talk about country singers. Um, which that really my sort of bag. But here you go, Kevin. This is what he said. Okay.

Speaker 1:12:45Yeah.

Speaker 2:12:46Friend who's nearly seven months pregnant, I don't really care. I get a cool in Brazil right now who I haven't even seen in one year. I don't care, I just care about legacy and greatness. That's what I'm in this for.

Speaker 1:13:01So that's it. Wait. So, okay. So he's basically saying

Speaker 2:13:09he cares more about his legacy than being a dad. Now every dad, UFC fighter was gone. Now come on dude. Uh, and I get it. It's selling. It's making headlines. But this was right back to back after, uh, the Khabib thing. And I think a middle, easy just kind of threw their hands up in the air inside. Great. Now I can't like Darren till good work everybody.

Speaker 1:13:38Thanks for everything that he does.

Speaker 2:13:41Saying they don't really care. Like that's his, his tuning fork. So that's me bringing you in on the process. Fans and friends. Thank you. I'm sorry I was slightly disturbed by his comments. So the catalog, I was like, what do you wish the Kevin Buck my children, wherever they are, pre birth, current birth

Speaker 1:14:06care

Speaker 2:14:08children.

Speaker 1:14:13So overtake, get wildly out of context. That's also rap as there is a card in Russia, Atlantic versus Mark Hunt. Always excited to see Mark Hunt doing some, doing some fighting. They can say whatever they want about gay theme versus Vic, but not there yet. I did see them talking smack. They should do more of that because maybe he'll care. There are a lot of good fights coming up. Verbal tap is on its way to a historic milestone of podcasts. You saw the the 300 movie. I'm just going to tease it with that, but we are verbal tap. There are a lot of people to think I to thank two of the most important ones right now and I. I might rank them two, three just behind a lucy, mostly first. The people that keep me protected during hot yoga, which is a vulnerable time. You're trying to do a lot of stretches and bends, much like you might experience in Jujitsu when people are also trying to choke you like a holes.

Speaker 1:15:17There is so much to be said for being comfortable. North. South Jujitsu has that underwear that takes it to the next level. It's under without stealing the title. It's got that more armor rustic feel in a positive, like futuristic Batman way when things breathed raft. You know what I'm talking about, not the first bat suits. What it was like, oh my God. It's like 58 pounds Batman officers to be Mr Olympia. This is the more futuristic aversions and maybe that's why George Clooney Sections Batman, he just needed north South Jujitsu. Go to north South They're crazy amounts of deals right now because they're about to bring in a whole new lineup. Go take advantage nine on a 10. Batman's super nice. That's judge at the statistics department and George Clooney. Really didn't appreciate that. Dig? Agree? Yes. Crunch. Crunch the numbers for weak hips. Clooney. Look, anytime you're training a lot, it's important to give your body fuel.

Speaker 1:16:21Anytime you're driving nine hours to Kansas, you have to stop four to seven times and you don't get the proven nutrition guarantee with whatever you're putting in your Subaru or wherever. Bacardi's drip. Look, I'm obsessed with core. Raf is now obsessed with a multitude of their products. You need some creatine. You want to build some muscle, you're a little bit more advanced. They have that proven Kevin, 10 raft 10. You're going to like their products, you're going to enjoy that. It's not just a guarantee, but as Ralph says, proven and your significant other is going to see the biodegradable pouches and be like, oh, that's a great thing, and that alone is worth switching over. Utilizing best friends in nutrition, proven, proven nutrition. You're gonna like the way you look. A wrath. No, I think that's a. maybe that's men's warehouse thing. I do think a proven nutrition, which is definitely a steal of red robin thing. That little. Okay. We are going to find out who won over under and we're going to get into some UFC two, 27 including way too much knowledge I have about, about cody Garbrandt, his tattoo.

Speaker 2:17:51You don't care if. It's always interesting when the guest takes a moment and we say, Hey, are you ready to roll? And they say, let me go ahead and pull up my laptop is if they have some sort of powerpoint presentation they want to give to us about UFC two slash 27. Uh, I hope that he took meticulous notes because I saw the amount of beers he was consuming and it makes me think, I don't know how good his recollection is. So maybe he's looking at wikipedia nonetheless. We have our friend one Milton Aguayo, Milton. Why did you pull up your laptop?

Speaker 3:18:27Because a lot of these rights were trash. A lot of them are robbery, robbery, but I was just trying to remember who exciting stuff happened. A lot of crazy upsets happen and uh, yeah, it was a good car. It's just got gotta make sure I remember, which was what.

Speaker 2:18:45Sure. I know it's very difficult to days and a half is really hard to keep all this straight, but I guess the weird part of me, Kevin, is when he says that you get the feeling this was more of a business call than we normally have.

Speaker 1:18:59It did kind of feel. He was like, let me get the figures up. I need to get the sales call. This quarter has been a real bitch. Hold it, hasn't it guys?

Speaker 2:19:06Yeah. Mid Year reviews or just around the corner?

Speaker 3:19:15No,

Speaker 2:19:18fair enough. We do have a lot to kind of go over here, but you said that there was a big upset. Now I want you to look in that wikipedia page that you're clearly looking at now and tell me which fight here you thought was the upset

Speaker 3:19:32Ricardo Ramos versus a tank that was an upset. That was a robbery, a robbery. My about the upset was Ellen Johnson.

Speaker 2:19:42Okay.

Speaker 1:19:44You were on the winning end of that robbery, I think. Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 3:19:50Both. Both. Yeah. Both of those were wrong.

Speaker 1:19:52Well, let's start. I want to hit his second one. I liked that as a notation, and to me, this is obviously the dillashaw guard. Ram fights amazing and has a punctuation, but the Johnson say Hutto. I'm curious, Milton, you've done this before because you're an insane person. Did you think pseudo when the fight?

Speaker 3:20:11Yeah, I do. I did think he wanted to fight. I, yeah, he definitely won the fight. I know why. I can see why they scored it a his favor as well. I mean, it was a very close fight, but to who though? He was just the better man that night. No, no. There's no other words. He out wrestled them. He had the perfect game plan. The game plan in that. Yeah. I mean he was a better man.

Speaker 2:20:32You did signal to me, or at least you previewed on the last episode that we did that you didn't agree with the decision. Is this true or you just. Are you fucking with us? What's that?

Speaker 1:20:44No, at first of all, awesome fight. Really. I thought so. Who does showed some things and the commentary I thought skewed the fight in terms of if they had used the words, oh, he's in trouble. One more time when someone was not in fact in trouble, but the Johnson said Hutto fights specifically. They were obsessed with what happened to his leg. The fight was all talk about udo and by the end of it I just. I don't know. He definitely wrestled him more than I had seen anyone, but I didn't think he was winning the exchanges. I thought Johnson out struck him as he's prone to do and it's just when it's the champ and I, this is an old timey. I'm going to take an old, old persons for like stance here, right? You have to take it from the champ to share. You have to. That wasn't a taking. That was a fine fight, but I don't feel like it was. Yeah, that guy dethroned Johnson. I will say this has a lot of David Stern back to the NBA era when he used to like to tamper with things or anytime in the nfl ever with goodell. This also has a ring of Dana white being like to score that thing. Johnson, I swear to God, you'll never judge again. I will. Hey,

Speaker 2:22:01can I start to address a lot of what you put out there? I mean, uh, you basically compared Dana White does some sort of shady public figure in another sport and I don't, I don't know that our listeners, whatever truly agree with that, favoring his integrity, reputable nature, that one data white has a in all sports, not just this one and all of them. Let me start with this. Okay, so here's where I started to get a little iffy. The party that I was watching with the first round, they see they go, I don't know. I think the judo, and by the way, I want to make this a very clear thing, uh, the correct way to pronounce his name is to alternate them. I don't know if you guys noticed I did this last week, but I would alternate between saying so judo and pseudo because I feel it's the only proper way to address his name.

Speaker 2:22:51I've literally heard his name said a million different ways also possibly by Henry himself, but when they were watching the first round, they said, well, Henry one that, that round, right? And I said, I don't really think so. I still think Demetrius won that round and it just seemed like it was difficult and more progressively harder as the fight went on to deny Henry was in more control of the fight. Even if say he would get on and just kind of hold position in the earlier rounds, I think later you could make a stronger case that he was actually starting to put in a little bit of damage. But you know, that first minute he was able to get demetrius down, stay on top of him in Mount. He literally was looking like he was in the Ibj Jeff waiting for a rep to award him four points. He was staying there with an eagle. I have, I don't want him to get back up because this man, as soon as he gets back up my life as much harder. Is that about what you saw Milton? Because it seems like you were also begrudgingly saying we all agree it's a great fight. That pseudo one.

Speaker 3:23:58Uh, so I, I agree that he would take them down and he wouldn't. Once you got them down, he wasn't exactly doing so much damage as he should have to sway it more in his favor. But he was constantly getting him down. If I remember correctly. I think I had it to, to going into the fifth round and that fifth round was like a, a huge swing around a because I felt like if I remember correctly, they both negated each other on the feet, but uh, so who ended up taking him down twice? I might be wrong on that. And then that's why I gave him the fifth on ultimately giving them the fight. But uh, I can't remember if that was that round. There were a bunch of swing rounds in there. I think there was like only two rounds where score. Definitely Demetrius. Definitely pseudo. And then the other word like, just like flip a coin

Speaker 2:24:46to his credit, Dana White entered the press conference by saying, Hey, it was a fucking close fight that fight scored two to going into that fifth round, but who the hell cares what the fuck? I think that was. That was the way he started off that one. Here's what's weird about this one. Again, I don't know if you ended up seeing, but very early in the first, and I know you mentioned that they were talking about in the commentary, but they mentioned at the very end that um, Demetrius Johnson's foot nutty professor. No, no, no. So who knows? Foot nutty. Professor Johnson. Johnson kicked him I guess because that's what pseudo said, but apparently the broadcast just completely miss the kick and they had no ability to show us if there wasn't okay. But, but here's the thing. So, so Hutto, I thought he made that weird step at the very beginning, right?

Speaker 2:25:37Yes. And so then it was there. Well, turns out Demetrius also fucked up his leg kick anymore. Now he was detailing that he had some injuries, but I think he showed a photo that he himself had his foot expand greatly. So we're talking. People were just literally damaged all the way through. And I think one of the things that Demetrius was saying in his post presser was he couldn't really kick anymore. He's like, at a certain point your foot gets used to kicking all the time and then it just dies. And there's not much you can do in the middle of a fight. And He.

Speaker 3:26:12Yeah, he, he took, he said he felt a pop on his alcl I believe is when he. Yeah. So his foot is alcl. I mean, but like he, he himself wasn't trying to blame that as the reason as to why you lost.

Speaker 2:26:25Yeah. And I mean, to his credit it's just like he was very, very, um, it was very good about the way he did lose inside of the octagon. I think he mentioned that long forgotten GSP. The title will drive you crazy. And he seemed somewhat genuine when he said, I'm glad somebody finally took this off me. And here's where I think things get a little awry though. Kev, as close as you can score that fight, can you rationale in any way, shape or form that we see Tj and Henry before we remotely see a rematch between one Henry Cejudo and Demetrius Johnson?

Speaker 1:27:06So glad you brought this up. I thought it was disrespectful. I thought it was something that immediately. Where was this fight? This fight was in Los Angeles, California. The governor of California. Should have put the flags at half mast and been like, what the actual Henry, this is not earned yet. This is not even close. He needs to beat demetrious again. Now I don't know what the timetable looks like with any injuries because then I'll completely disagree with what I just said, but I did not enjoy his call out. Like he wouldn't go up. I will. Which reeked of, you know, I really wanted to polish off a little bit more beer and donuts towards the end of this and that 10 pounds. It's difficult to tell. I didn't enjoy that. You know, you win one after this guy's basically owned the division forever. Maybe maybe defendant one more time or or finish him. This wasn't this like this. At least dillashaw docking people out. Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, they were finishing people. Even GSP finishes people. That's why he gets to fight across. What does Connor Macgregor do? Finished people. Henry Cejudo narrowly one of very effective wrestling match. It might might want to go one more before he tries to call out a super fight.

Speaker 2:28:20It really did seem like. Go for it. Wrap. Go ahead. You go ahead. You were going somewhere on that.

Speaker 3:28:28Uh, I didn't get pick. So the win.

Speaker 2:28:32Oh, this, like I'm now Kevin is never been one to Harvard. Too much resentment. Once he picks a pig he just kinda goes, you know, I gave it to the universe and sometimes the universe is very angry at me so I don't know that that really plays a role in how angry he may or may not be. I can say this though, when you do watch the fight and you see that it is fun, it does take you out of the element of surprise. You get a great American story, you get a, an Olympic gold medalist, and correct me if I'm wrong, I can't think of another who has won a UFC title and is a gold medalist. So it is quite an inspiring story. It is kind of weird though, when that same person shows up at the post processor with belt in hand, looks at press row and goes, and then you guys believed in me. None of you guys believed in me. And it's like, well, I mean, okay.

Speaker 3:29:30That's why I'll always pick against him and I. He's French. He's the worst person in here today.

Speaker 2:29:38It is strange though because like it's that mix of that inspiration that people love, which is, yeah, build yourself up by your bootstraps. Yeah, I'd get it. You were away for an entire week in your room after the first loss to Demetrius Johnson and that sucked. I, I totally get that. And you came back and you proved them wrong and then you basically fuck your belt and when you show a photo of you in bed with the belt and it's not that kind of like, Oh man, he worked for it. It's like, no, he's spooning the belt to the point where I think he fucked it. Well it was,

Speaker 2:30:19it was his first night, so given his track record, he probably proposed a threesome with the bell and the bell was like, Whoa, pump the brakes. Just like earlier with the announcement. So they just cuddled because that looks like an angry belt. That's just my two cents. It that very much looked like it had its way of making it's way off the bed where it's Kinda like, okay dude, you're a little clingy and really you just kind of wrestle, fuck to getting this. So I'm with finishers. If I eat, it's so hot. Here's what I want to bring up. The uh, okay. So he shouldn't get that. That's super fight in my opinion. It very well could happen. Um, but that brings us to our actual main event fight. Now this is where things get a little weird. Milton, I texted you this and I need it in all sincerity. What the fuck was cody Garbrandt strategy?

Speaker 4:31:18Uh,

Speaker 3:31:20I actually have no, I wish I knew it didn't look like he had his tragedy at all. Like, I don't know, he just, he looked so out of place that he didn't look like himself. He looked past. I think he was just trying to like when a knockout again, I, I really don't. I wish I could tell you like, I don't know.

Speaker 2:31:36And mind you, this is an entire night of Milton and I exchanging a really interesting notes back and forth to the point where I think disavowed the knowledge of Daniel Taylor period. Like she never existed in his world, but I want to bring it up. The fact though that when that does happen and I do message you and I really do mean it, I was like, I couldn't see a strategy for the life of me. And all I thought was he figured he was going to bring Tj into a wild exchange and trying to win that and not only have the same thing happened that happened in the first fight, but then even when he kind of buckled on that first one and Tj got to reload that same overhand right three times, it's like I couldn't figure out what the strategy was and I think that was what was the most disappointing. Kevin, did you have a similar experience in that? I loved it. I like, this is Kinda cody garbrandt. I don't. The Tub series when I watched him was the first time I was like,

Speaker 1:32:40maybe not the most cerebral fighter is a fair. He seems like he really, even as he's talking about his tattoos, he just doesn't seem self aware in that way. He's like, I got a grenade on my right hand, you know, for obvious reasons like I don't quite follow your. Your hands get explode. And he's like, I broke it three times after that. So it was probably a curse. It's like dumb ass. Anyway, his whole approach to this fun to watch fun fighter can't seem to get past the dilla shows.

Speaker 2:33:13Scott knocked that one out.

Speaker 3:33:17Bang did a great job of game planning for it because like they both pointed out how every time cody throws a right hand, he drops his left hand a little low to thermal power hook and I take his goto and rewatching the knockout again. Do you see? You see cody throwing that right hand and going for the left Hook and then us catching him and he called him three times in a row which RAF was talking about. So I think they were just over, like overly prepared and we're ready for cody's like big holes, I guess. I thought it was genius. They had a genius approach to this light dillashaw sense. Obviously not cody's, he got knocked out, but

Speaker 2:33:53well said. Milton, I was sure wasn't really clear on where you stood on that one. For me though, I think of it like this, you know, I had hoped that there would be a trilogy, Idaho, the cody could have put in a better kind of showing. Um, but I'm not against the super fight with Tj period. I just felt like, all right, so when somebody said Dominick Cruz, I honestly didn't have much against that. Now Milton, you're closer to that way. So that means you actually pay attention to these people who are insignificant in our eyes. Do you have a better suggestion maybe for who tj should be fighting next?

Speaker 3:34:37Uh, I think you should be fighting. I'm like super huge fan of Dominick Cruz, but I think that um, you should be farting Marlin. I think Marlin, he's on like a four or five knockout streaks and strong in the UFC.

Speaker 2:34:57Correct? He is, but does it also help that like tj might not even know who he is? You know what I mean? Because like the main strategy is just been like, Yo dog, I'm fighting people from team Alpha male and that's Kinda my thing. So other people, I just think that's worth

Speaker 3:35:18shit. Like, no, I don't think anyone who really follows it, unless you really follow him in May, you don't really know who

Speaker 2:35:26condom.

Speaker 3:35:27I think they're probably going to put them up again. So like I wouldn't, I wouldn't, I wouldn't, I wouldn't doubt that dominick Cruz fight. It depends on how Dana's feeling. Whatever day.

Speaker 2:35:37Fair enough. Just enjoy the fact

Speaker 3:35:38that we always get peaks of Milton and his hip. Sternness. Just peeking out just a little. You know those who really knew him today. I don't remember. The DJ is cool. No, no. Marlin, Marlin, Marlin. I think every. I think everyone knows if you did it now.

Speaker 2:35:59Yeah, no, I get that. Alright, let's, let's go down a little bit that this card. Kevin, what are your thoughts on watching Cub Swanson not do so hot. You know, Vulcano has this face that really just looks at simultaneously tired, am fucking pissed off. Like that's how he rests. He is like resting apathetically angry face and what he did because Swanson was disrespectful, but he did thankfully bout after. So I thought that was nice. That was nice. That bow did seem to linger a little bit too long. So two, I thought things got a little uncomfortable. Like that's the moment where somebody beats me. I'm just like, oh, stop that. Just for fuck sake. Leave me alone. I don't need you to your bowel. You can. Oh, oh, here we go. Alright. Alright. No, no, lots of honor. I get it dude. It's fine. We're all and this is the bow and now your team's bowing at me too.

Speaker 2:37:01Yep. Okay. All right. Well this has been fun. This is what we choose to do. A cody who's very funny when this is happening, uh, at least from our, our party's perspective is that, um, people weren't watching this fight so it happened very quickly. It was in the first round and I actually went outside and say, hey, everybody, the culminating event ends up next. And they go, wait, what happened to Cub Swanson? He won, right? And I was like, well, bad news on that front. I Swanson is dead. I am sorry to tell you all. But he didn't make it. So he survived this initial like blow. But then in the process he seemed to recover seem like he was trying to use his Jujitsu to keep a base or at least try to wrestle out of it. And then there was just one moment where he just gave up his back and the choke wasn't even fully under the chin. It just looked like that. And the body triangle had that look in his face where he's like, I've been through enough.

Speaker 5:37:58I'm good.

Speaker 2:38:00Thank you for the fight. It's been fun. So that was my recollection of it. But there was one person who said that the boxing would come in handy and that was Milton. So Milton, were you satisfied seeing that result?

Speaker 3:38:12Yeah, I was very satisfied. Of course. I think that my, my condo is like, in my opinion, he's like number two or number three in that division that did not get enough respect and like he had a war with Brian Ortega, which I thought he was winning until he got caught because would take us so savvy. But yeah, it's a good fighting, fun to watch, like going on. I think he's going to, he's going to be a big, big, big deal in that division.

Speaker 2:38:37Very much so. As we go down the card, I also want to say this, Kev, this one might be my bad because you know, and it takes Milton maybe a second to figure on. And most of the guests as well. I mean, if you really know how over under Kevin Works, you would know this is how it works. But I, um, I have fun making fun of the names. So I usually come up with ways that I think are either ponds or that massacre the names entirely. When I came up with Jj Aldrich Abrams, I didn't know that that would be enough to persuade Milton to go for her despite knowing nothing. So Milton got that correct, not because of his own accord, but because of my silly name game version that I did and I realized that because I was watching the fight. Yeah, Jj Aldrich one that was the women's strawweight badge, which you probably took a nice time to go reload a moment. But I just remember sitting there and I, I like, you know, because normally as I watched these things, I kind of remember, oh, kept pick this person or the guests pick this person. I had clear memories of Milton saying very early on, I don't know who the fuck these people are. I like Jj Abrams.

Speaker 3:40:02I don't really pay attention to the, uh, anyone who's like, she might be in top 10. I don't know how deep that division is, but women's strawweight is not a very deep division. So

Speaker 2:40:15it's developing its formative stages. Still trying to figure out exactly what it's trying to be. I feel like that's one of those things where at least in the women's strawweight they have a lot more going on there than they do with the women's 1:45, which is la

Speaker 3:40:34three fighters.

Speaker 2:40:35Yeah. It's basically whoever Dana finds walking down the street that day, Ngos, you won 45 chick, which is a fun game. Top five pickup lines. It's not a good thing. So now as we go down. Okay, so the middleweight fight. Now this is where Kevin, this is where the thing started to get a little bit battle when we talk about the name game. You said you were going for Kevin purely based on Kevin Isms and my instincts are spot on here.

Speaker 1:41:07Yeah. No. Despite some obvious myths in the Usada testing, which is the only way thiago Santos looks like the Argos Santos. Now. Kevin Allen is fun and there was a moment he almost won this fight, but he definitely did not and it's tough. It was a. We had a meeting about it, but you know, the Kevin's decided it's fine.

Speaker 2:41:28Okay. I'm glad that you guys were all so good about it. Here's what I want to tell you guys, and I didn't realize this because, uh, Ashley Williams who is one of Brett John's a coach, has his primary Jujitsu coach. He was coming into town and he was like, Hey, let's do an interview. And I was really excited about that and I didn't actually take the extra step to find out who he was fighting until maybe a couple of days out. And I think it was maybe at the weigh ins that I go, oh, there's Ashley. Oh, that's great. There's a threat. John's. That's awesome. Who's he fighting? Oh, Pedro. Oh no, that's one of our friends. Oh yeah, I know. I should've looked that up. Oh, I know. We did it on the. The thing I know we talked about it. It didn't hit me until I solve them staring off round and round and I go, Pedro's going to try and getting this motherfucker like nobody's business.

Speaker 2:42:20And to Ashley's credit, he was not able to. And he was gunning for it. And that third round after we exhausted Brett throughout those two rounds. But that was a fun fight. Otherwise it's up until that third runway. I was like, Oh shit. I'm Brett. It's hard to kill bread. John like limping. Munoz just crushes his leg off, kicks it into the fifth bleacher. John's like, we're good. I got another one. We're one and a half more resume. Let's go. And I, I texted this in jest to, uh, to Milton, but I was like, you know, if I still remembered that gay teen he showed me because it's pretty big arsenal weapon for him that he's used multiple times. I told Milton I was like, if I remembered that I think you'd be dead. I just, I don't remember it. I remember him showing it to me and me going like, oh fuck. And for like a month and a half, I fucked everybody up with it. And then it's one of those Jujitsu moves that just evaporates away. And you go, ah, how does he do this again? I mean, I know a good chain works, but to his credit though, Ashley Williams and you know what Kev, he actually showed us some stuff from half guard, which I'm very excited.

Speaker 3:43:31Never ever, ever. I'm just going to put that out there. I will. I will never attack. I will let my arm break and I'll go to sleep before you. I physically tapped you.

Speaker 2:43:45I am fucking unnecessary human being because I'll point something out if he's going to try, you know, it's just like when he showed up last week and I was like, you don't go to the moderator.

Speaker 2:44:05I remembered it. You might actually be in trouble. However, I clearly don't and it's not of my own accord. It's somebody's giving me something that I was like, Ooh, this is a great weapon. Oh No, I forgot it shit. Anyway, yeah, yeah. I can sympathize only in the sense that I feel like that about 94 percent of my Jujitsu game on a daily basis, I just built it. Bad Ass T. it's gone. Sorry. It's like [inaudible], like I just taught you. We just finished it. It's like, sorry. I was listening to Ead, the movie medicine man. There's a moment where Sean connery comes in and out of nowhere and just goes, I've launched a tool for cans and I thought that's essentially what it is for me, that that's what that movie is. So yeah, it's melted. I'm glad that you will never, ever tap and thus making every future role for me. Completely terrifying. Being like, is he dead?

Speaker 2:45:00I don't want to have to kill this kid. He's got a very nice burgeoning career for himself and I have different opinions about that. By the way, I'm holding on. It's like a. So I see like the whites of the eyes roll. I'm not, I'm not letting you go. Perfect. Our good friend Ricky Simone, which by the way, when they said his name, I said, oh, did we say his name completely wrong when he was on the show? Kevin. Okay. Just making sure. Uh, definitely be Montell Jordan Jackson. Yeah. It looked a little rough at the very beginning, a leg. It looked a lot closer than I think two of these judges had in that first round because ricky was really gunning. He was pushing the fight, but it was a lot of wrestling and I was like, dude, I hope he's got a gas tank forever. Turns out, yes he does. So he was just so relentless and one of the things that get talked about was the size of bond tells hands and I think the fact that he had a bigger reach and that seemed to be something that troubled Melton as he was watching it live.

Speaker 3:46:02He was a. That was a great, great performance from him. I think it reaches like 73 or 75, I can't remember, but yeah, he's a very lanky dude at that division.

Speaker 2:46:14Yeah. And I mean it was again, a fairly solid fight. You said the Ricardo Ramos fight was ridiculous. I mean, make your case but also

Speaker 3:46:26[inaudible] he lost that. You lost around two and three. What do you mean you didn't? Nothing. Oh my God. How do you a what? You knocked him out with a spinning back fist. He knocked out, uh, was the other cap they were hyping up and he came out and knocked him out, whatever. Anyways, Ramos did not look great. August holes in his game.

Speaker 2:46:44Biased way. I can definitely one that first year. I'm glad because he's your boy this week, but as you were like, know who this guy is, I'm going for the Asian was I believe, because that was the way you hung out. So definitely would you put your arm around the shoulder of that guy? He's going to be like, oh, I don't know you bro. Other exciting news Shamana Morays beat Matt sales in another decision. So even those, those were decisions that was, that was at least a fund to fight. So I give it that Kev. But that's not to say that the UFC fight pass didn't have some of it's fun as well. Alex Perez with defeats. Josie Torres. A Zhang really defeats Daniel Taylor who's dead to Milton. Apparently. I will make sure that it gets back to her. Who was that exactly? [inaudible] it. It does not take too many calls for me to make it to her. Sarah. So I will make sure she hears that and be like she had. The best part is she's gonna go who? Who said that about me? I don't know him either. A Marlin Vera winds over weegee board. Beren. So Kev, this is the moment when we need to discuss who won here. How do you feel

Speaker 1:48:02right now? I do not feel very excellent. I will tell you from a pure instinct perspective, a lot of decisions, a lot of bullshit, which tends to favor something like Milton.

Speaker 2:48:16Sure. And again, we've already covered the fact that melted himself said there were a lot of upsets and divisions and complete bullshit calls. So we'll, we'll start with that. Milton, how you feeling?

Speaker 3:48:30I feel good. I feel like I should be a leading the scoreboard by one or two fights here, but I'm not going to sweat it.

Speaker 2:48:40Did you check, are you just being facetious? Do you know the result? Milton?

Speaker 3:48:46I'm pretty sure I know the result. I think it's seven to five.

Speaker 2:48:53You would be correct. And which way is it?

Speaker 3:48:57Uh, my way.

Speaker 2:49:00Okay. Well that was worth the wait and listen guys, here's what it is. Kevin did the math. I double checked it. Kevin said it was 74 or something to that effect and I said I thought it was closer than that and I was right. It was seven. Five. So Kev, what is it that you have to do now?

Speaker 1:49:18I. You're going to have to help me with what the bet was. That part I did not write down. I wrote down, his name is the religious taskforce of assholes. That was before I knew who it was going to be to be fair. And it was right after sessions was like Christianity. There was a weird sorta. So that's where that came from. I did not write down the bet.

Speaker 2:49:38Okay. Do you remember it? I have it. If you don't,

Speaker 3:49:41I remember the best.

Speaker 2:49:44I would hope so. You said what it was, but go ahead. Was it sir?

Speaker 3:49:49Kevin has to wear a dodgy collective shirt and sing my little Tony on video and post it.

Speaker 2:49:57Yeah, I mean here's the good news. Cad Dodgy is a reputable bank brand. I don't know why they were behind Melton so much, but otherwise really solid. Um, what can I express some anger here? Because here's the thing, I, you know, I'm usually pretty impartial on who wins and who loses the sort of thing. But I actually had a vested interest because Kevin counter to your bit that you created right there was to have you genuine's my pony because you mentioned my little pony first. And Kevin Goes, I'll do you one better. How about you have to perform the genuines my opponent. Do you know what that song is melted.

Speaker 3:50:40I still did not my friend. I did not look it up.

Speaker 2:50:44See Kev, this is why you had to have one. This one sucks. This, this kid sucks. Thinks that he doesn't know the song except that it's been out forever. Well, I guess he didn't see magic. Mike xxl and doesn't have two years in a heart.

Speaker 3:51:02Hi. I'm fortunately did not. I think I saw the first night. It's like though

Speaker 2:51:07genuine is genuine. It's genuine. Tom, Haverford.

Speaker 3:51:13I have no idea.

Speaker 2:51:16Yeah, I mean I can't have a guest on this. I can't believe I lost it. So genuine is. It is. It hurts you have then. Okay. Pony is definitely in the first magic. Mike, isn't it? I believe it's in one of the two. I don't know which one it is, but uh, so anyway, the whole premise of the way to the audience, if you're in your car screaming, it's a, the first one you need to make better choices about the memory. Why? Go ahead. And I also appreciate the very like, coy way. Milton's like, Oh yes, I believe I have seen a magic Mike. Not that I enjoyed it. I just,

Speaker 3:51:52I wonder. I don't know which one it was.

Speaker 2:51:55Well there is a channing tatum solo that he basically just bumps and grinds on people because it is one of the, it's basically a stripper song, a genuine the person who saying it as part of the Timberland crew, Aka like Aaliyah, all of those people. And it sounds like they slowed down the budweiser frogs to create a hip hop beat. That is entirely purposed for him to use his days as being a stripper to basically say that you're going to ride his pony. Does that make any sense? Does this sound at all familiar or are you just completely oblivious to the song?

Speaker 3:52:34I looked it up. I'm reading the lyrics right now and I don't remember these lyrics.

Speaker 2:52:38So good to play the song just. I mean, because if I play it off of my phone at the very least it won't be loud enough for us to get sued, but I just need you to understand that this was so hilarious that I actually told Kevin ago I found the instrumental if he loses so it's gotta be at least that you put up a good fight and then I go, Kevin, how'd you do? So anyway, as we close out here, built in, you know, it's always fun talking with you, but do you have any words of advice for Kevin going forward in terms of playing his own game?

Speaker 3:53:18I'm playing his own game. I actually, I mean, I wish I could talk shit. I wish I was a better shit talker. But uh, I can't, so Kevin just keep trying a for effort and great job buddy

Speaker 2:53:34does that

Speaker 1:53:35so well with the area. Okay. Now that actually hurts worse than if he had something winning her rhetorical. It's like you, you know, when you go to Mcdonald's, you expect the food to be of a par, you get sick. Taco Bell, you're like, that's fine. What I feel like is that I should be someone that is more elevated than that. And here I am just lose. Just expecting a exceptional t bone with a nice porter sauce at my local chick filet. And I just, I'm melting down here. Wrap. I can't believe I lost this one. It hurts. Can I just say though that it's more like you went to Mcdonald's and you try to get us

Speaker 2:54:14salad and then you found out it had salmonella in it and you go, what? And they go, yeah, you got a salad at Mcdonald's, Dude. That's Kinda like what happened. That is exactly how this gentleman here, if you can hear from as much as to not get sick. Exactly. Now guys are excellent. But you do understand the fact that you had agreed to do that and that you couldn't remember it and that the rest of us us on the show, and our listeners knew that song and said, Oh fuck, if he loses, the stakes are very high for him. Meanwhile, Kevin singing my little pony is just a Wednesday.

Speaker 3:55:06It's a Wednesday. It's all right.

Speaker 2:55:08It's just depressing. Wednesday, Wednesday. Well, let's do this. Obviously Milton, we're very happy that you were able to come on the show this week. You know, you always have fights coming out and up. So we look forward to hearing what's next for you. And you always have a welcome place to come here and stop by and talk about it. We're very glad that we could get some good, fine analysis from you. And uh, where can people find you, sir?

Speaker 3:55:32People couldn't find me fighting in October a wink, wink, nothing is signed, but we have some potential is going on. And uh, you can find me on Instagram, twitter and twitch at the diamond mma.

Speaker 2:55:45Very nice. That's a, that's a good plug. Their kid. Now, what? You may not know, women in shape, that's obviously, that's a great call. Hey listen, that diamond didn't seem to protect cody on his fucking neck. So I just wanted to point that, makes sure that wouldn't have been a great connection if I was like, you know, I brought melted odd because his nickname is the diabetic. Cody has what? I'm fucking dead because who does that? But I will say this guys, don't be surprised if you see Milton having to defend his woub jj title very soon as the, a authority figure raining commissioner of the devil baby Dj this. So of my choosing them wearing when you have to defend that. And it is a 24 slash seven belt. So I'm just saying, Milton, you, you need to just be very aware. There are threats.

Speaker 2:56:37There are people who have asked for, for matches. If I'm being so kind, we've had several prominent, uh, Ibj Gif and world champs who have asked for their shot at it. And more importantly it's news that, why do you think I'm so excited to have them come challenged for it? But you, we've even got a certain 10th planet, a black belt who said, oh yeah, I want a shot at that. And I was like, Hey, I'm not the one that holds it. And they go, oh, all right, I still want it. So perfect. All right then ladies and gentlemen,

Speaker 5:57:14Milton Aguayo.

Speaker 2:57:23Excellent X. Yeah.

Speaker 1:57:29I only had to fight six people at best buy. It's a. that's just their process. It's like the first rounds of sumo match, which wasn't bad. I got a lightweight, but the fourth round, which was a combination. Quito and gambling. Ralph, you gotta try it. Look, this has been an amazing week. We've done a few podcasts. This is more content and we want to know what you think. You need to go to verbal taps, any of our pages at verbal typecast. You can let us know what you think. Do you enjoy the multi episode format you like, Hey, two was right. One's never enough for would be ideal. Calm down fivestars. Find us on Itunes, make a friend aware there is good pirate ships floating out in the MMA bjj commentary comedy realm. You're not going to find comedy anywhere else, ref. You just don't know. I mean, I guess if you really are paying attention to what Gary says, it's funny, but not in an intentional way.

Speaker 2:58:31No, no. Like a lot of these people are doing the, you know, Christopher Columbus version of comedy where they just. Can I go, I discovered this gay joke. No, no, no. You didn't. And by Christopher Columbus, I'm talking about the director, Christopher Columbus, the one who directed a bicentennial man. Maybe one of the home loans. Go look him up on night. And deb, you like more than you don't like because it's also Mrs doubtfire too. Anyway, Kev, I guess what I'm saying to you is this 300. It's happening. We're very excited for that. Um, a lot of stuff is coming in. We have a lot of people to acknowledge coming up very shortly. But um, you know, there was, that was a fun episode. I'm feeling good about it. I'm feeling good that we can end on a positive note. Milton really, you know, not the best gas. We produce the shit

Speaker 1:59:22out of that. He had his moments. I'm still pissed. That alone,

Speaker 2:59:27I mean kind of, again, it's one of those ones where I was like, I really wish you would've won because the fact that I found the instrumental to my pony and then having to explain the lyrics and say like, you know, just do the best you can and kid were. I'm just going to press record.

Speaker 1:59:42That would've been fun. I agree. Especially as he realized you knew the song halfway through it.

Speaker 2:59:48Yes. Especially when he's just like, oh, is that the song? Oh yeah. Everybody knows this one clearly.

Speaker 1:59:54Well, there's a lot coming is the point and you know, let us know how you feel about Milton Berle typecast. Let's shout out. Wrap. We've talked a lot already today. Sunday and the feedback has been lovely. Thank you so much for the comments about the Gary episode. Let's do some shout outs. I will start to best buy, you know, whatever. Thanks for. We got there. I got a phone calls and a, it's always a pleasure figuring out what that is. Wrath to the people at Ohana Yoga. Just getting me ready every day. I could feel it. They're like wrestling's not going to matter on that joint, that joint. Hey headstands or next. It's like combat. There is so much healing and diversity in the teaching staff is great. Uh, less violence than Jujitsu, just as much crying and in general, a little less sweating. But for me it's like I maybe if I wore my age I could have the thing, I'll think about that. Shout out to the grappling central podcast. Had a lovely conversation with Brian Ford, got him his shirts, so just thought I'd give them a little shout out for their patients and that is going to do it for me. Have a Esparza.

Speaker 2:61:14Yeah, if you're going to go ahead and shout out podcasts, I couldn't do that too. I'm going to shout out Zach miscellany from the finishers podcast who has not sent me my shirt yet, but I sent him ours. So yeah, think about that. Uh, they have their big finishers, six tournament. Joey and Eric from the lag Jitsu club will be there, I believe one yester, a Keith [inaudible] and will be competing in that. I'm just a lot of really cool people and I had the opportunity to take a seminar from one Ashley Williams and he is competing in the main event against John Battle. Now. John Battle was saying, oh my God, you're interviewing with Raf, who's the best? I mean worst, and I'm like, listen to John Battle. You're just jealous that nobody's clamoring the time to interview you

Speaker 1:62:01and nobody will with that attitude,

Speaker 2:62:04so I guess I'm going for Ashley. Suck on that. Anyway, Ashley Kev, if you like half guard, you want a seminar with one Ashley Williams. I love. Here's the thing, I love it. He's got amazing tricks. He's got amazing ways that he explains it, but here is the one thing that I will say about him that he doesn't very different than every other instructor. Do you know those instructors? When they start to tell you how it works, there's always that one guy who says, but what if it goes like this? I don't think it's going to work. If it does this, you know that I can think of seven. Okay, Ashley Williams actually says, I like that because it's bullshit. If you just think, oh well this will work is like, I like to tell you this is how it will work. I encourage you guys to share those things with me and I thought that's ballsy because you know, he says that, but I know if someone were to like interrupt my flow as an instructor and they'd go, well, what if you did this?

Speaker 2:63:13And I'll be like, I don't really know. Can I? I'll get back to you. I think so a shout out to one. Ashley Williams. He is going to be doing some seminars over on east coast, but of course if you were in the UK or in England's or whatever you would call it these days a go take a class from that man. Him and his brother, great people really enjoyed having a. have them come to La Jiu Jitsu club and if they come back to the states, please, please, please take advantage of it. But Not Kevin because Kevin's working on his fucking yoga and it's talking about how that's not going to matter with wrestling and that's rude because I'm rooting for him. And you know what, Kev, why don't you wear your fucking Gig in Yoga? Okay. Why don't you just revolutionized the game one more time. You asshole.

Speaker 2:64:02Just be that person. I actually. Yeah, I'll think about it. I'm not very good. So I had all our joe hockey. It's just a really, really old, that person that just feels like people can be like, yeah, we get it. Yoga is not your reason. It's like, no, I, I'm so flexible. Calve, we get it. This is just a stop. Not The destination. That's fine. You Dick. I just like the idea that within one episode I get Milton being like, I won't tap to anything. You do RAF. And you being like, I don't give a fuck about your wrestling rafts. Nothing. I have flexibility, which is a fucking I do to people. Anyway. A lag Jitsu club. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8:00 AM except for this Friday and this Monday because the gentlemen are going to be over on the east coast. I think they're doing some stuff out that way. So go see those guys.

Speaker 2:64:59Go train with them if you're around that way. We wish you guys the best of success over at finishers. So, uh, there is that, but yes, Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, normally 8:00 AM and then Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1130 value martial arts center. It's good to be around. I look forward to being able to train there this week. Trained with Magoon man, Casey the other day and I'm very happy to say thank you to octavio who had a beautiful, beautiful viewing party for the UFC the other night, which I got to see a whole bunch of our friends and Kevin. It was a blast and I think that is going to do it for us this week. That'll do a forest tonight. Here at verbal tap. I'm Kevin. You've been listening. Good. A good fight. Santiago.

Speaker 5:65:52Yeah,

Speaker 3:66:07the number you have dialed. Please note the new number is.

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