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Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast
Verbal Tap (Ep. 299) what happened to Rousimar Palhares
August 14, 2018 Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips
Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast

Verbal Tap (Ep. 299) what happened to Rousimar Palhares

August 14, 2018

Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips

Some talk about the movie MEG, being a meme, and all things Rousimar Palhares. Listen in to some Kasai Pro comments, and really a lot of Rousimar Palhares. The people get what they want.
Some talk about the movie MEG, being a meme, and all things Rousimar Palhares. Listen in to some Kasai Pro comments, and really a lot of Rousimar Palhares. The people get what they want.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:19Easier from outside the cage, but wow. Do you never know when you're going to come in? My colon heard hot fire. Take it. Gary Tonin. Especially with the question said in jest, but that means it's time for verbal tap show that proves fighting. Fighting is just tough. Wherever you're doing it from. If you're mocking, Gary doesn't matter. I'm your host. Kevin with me. Of course. Rafa Esparza, Raf. Found out I had worked my way into a meme via context wrath. Where did you find that? What was that? This feels good.

Speaker 2:0:53I didn't have to look hard. It was just someone who said I was listening to last. That was a verbal typecast and when Gary said that the heel hooks don't work because MMA and I hate that I'm through with it because lig logs do work and I'm through, so it was longer than that, but that was the basic tone. It exuded that.

Speaker 1:1:17Right. But I listened to. I was the one saying he'll legs don't work.

Speaker 2:1:22Kind of. I mean, we were both just in surprise because Kev, you and I, I think this is not really anything new or surprising to people who have been listening to this show forever, but we just try to express a certain kind of perspective which is this sport is hard or I would tap to that or I don't know that I would say that, but here's a way of looking at it. This was a person who said no, I'll show you guys just wait. I will edit a video when write 100 words on lawyer. Hey Gary.

Speaker 1:2:00And my only critique is that it wasn't 101 I thought I liked carries, just brought to have for the record. I was having a little fun with them. You know what? Fuck that Gary sex forgot how to do and they don't work. Graph, however you say it says the guy that's like a, I want wait until I get through two more months of yoga before I ever started Jujitsu. Just in case someone tries to knee bar me little and he'll hook. Look, they do work, I've heard, but Gary's bad at them. That's the point that you should have just written like be super specific and I enjoy the shout outs. Don't forget to give us that a verbal tap bump when you're using our vocal stylings. That is a message from verbal tap legal. Thank you. Over to. They got back from playing for the Cleveland Club leaders has been amazing.

Speaker 1:2:51Everybody's back in the department. We have a pr, we got legal. We've got a rafts meme workshop, which is still just, but it's good that he no longer has to do GM duties for Cleveland. Have we told people that's what you were doing? No. Yeah, 100 percent. I'm. You know, I'm actually doing a masters class on means I also just a thousand dollars a week. I will teach you my process. First of all. That would be really cool, especially in terms of it. Judd apatow is going to talk about Improv and comedy. Lord. Yeah. I think you can definitely do a meme workshop, but specifically I just didn't know if we were telling people you were also managing the Cleveland Cavaliers there for awhile, but that's out of Lebron deal habits might still. No, no, no, I thought everybody's back. I thought after Lebron Cleveland was like, oh, we don't need anybody. So great news. You know sometimes your fantasy football team. Yes I do. Oh, and you go, oh no, Ralph, I don't because I'm a champion. I beat you like a drum and last year's series championship. The standing with Janet's are ready to ride again in the 2018, 20, 19 season. That's fine. I look forward to thrashing you very soon. But here's the nice part about all of this. I sometimes, I don't know if you ever do this, but I played one year of both fantasy, NBA and fantasy. Oh God. Okay.

Speaker 2:4:24Was it mba and it might've been majorly baseball to Kevin. No, here's, here's what you need to know about me. Uh, when I told my good friend Andrew Chamberlain, who was the one to get me into fantasy football because I said I don't play that stuff. And he's like, why? I like [inaudible] nerds and much like you, he is in that category of the 10 people who I will not let when, under any circumstances. So when someone in that category says, would you like to play this nerdy game of basically dungeons and dragons for football? And my instinct is no, but then I remember if I don't play, I can't stop you from winning. So why will play not only am I going a hundred percent in on this one thing, then I say what else you got? You guys got fantasy, a fantasy UFC. I'm in on that too. Yeah, yeah. What's that other thing? Is it basketball? Yeah, I'm in on that already. And Major League Baseball Shit is that 160 games for. Okay, I can do it. Fantasy soccer. Just give me all of it right now. So when people ask, if you're not a compulsive gambler, I say to them, I am. I've just learned how to temporary like the hulk.

Speaker 1:5:38You are a composer. He is a compulsive gambler. Big Fan of poker. If you're not filling in subscribing to the rapids bars, the feeds and well we don't get as many po poker updates probably just because you like to keep that. They don't like you live tweeting from the table. So we really don't know what though. Vegas and poker tables have changed. I see people on their phones all the time at the fucking tables now and I think it's just because they gave into the culture of somebody was taking a selfie and they go, well, if I don't tell you know on this, then, then I go nuts. Kids. I'm still mad. I didn't raise all in on an ace queen, uh, immediately on the river, a queen. I was like, Nah, fuck you in the face. It was like my second hand. I was like, I'm not ready to lose to someone would do.

Speaker 1:6:22It doesn't currently still bother me as much as I know it does wrap. We're going to talk a lot about Rosa Rosemary, Paul, Horace, and here's why. Because you posted at me and there's no telling when these memes are gonna, find their way into the Internet's perfect Bermuda triangle of we found it well opposite Bermuda triangle. This one has a lot of buzz. You posted a simple Rosa Meeropol, Paul Horace, a picture of him looking like a teammate of mine, Eric Ko, who is like 160 pounds when he's strapped onto weights that are 20 pounds versus juice Amir Paul Harris, and these guys look different in honor of [inaudible] pro coming up and I have the fights in front of me. We're very excited to talk about Johnny Cash Stein and his friend and how he's going to lose to grandpa. That was a shot of Johnny by the way. We need to bring up some issue with one John Stein because if you recall, the whole bit of him coming on, our show was, and this isn't a bit, but I mean if you're really reducing, somebody does something, you'd call it a bit too, but the whole aspect he was trying to portray was that he couldn't get a match, right?

Speaker 1:7:40He couldn't get a super five correct. Like the show next on MTV. The whole premise was that it was just. He was struggling to find a fight, so I sent him a note and said, Oh man, you're like the Rodney dangerfield of Jujitsu, and he goes, who? And I said, we're through kid. I'm taking you off the episode list as far as I'm concerned. This is two 99 on your list. It's two 98 on my list. So any told me. He goes, Oh yeah, my uncle likes that guy. Yeah, yeah. I know who you're talking about now. And I said, what the fuck? No, of all Comedians, children, parents, people learn. Show the kids the fact that there are people who don't know who Rodney Dangerfield is, offends me. And you know what? That is something that I think even people who are against pc culture can say, you know what?

Speaker 1:8:43Fuck you. I'm offended here too. So educate people because you know what? I want to see if we can get this a continuing on with Johnny Palestine because I think he is the Rodney dangerfield and that's a compliment because he comes in here, does the podcast with us, and it's like, I don't get no respect, no respect at all. I'm grappling and we're like, oh, how much respect do you get her trying to make a grappling career over here? Barely about, sir, what's what's going on? I just liked the idea and he's got the perfect foil. Instead of saying, my wife, my wife doesn't even know who I am. You've got Matt Kaplan who basically is doing jokes every day who's like, yeah, until you go to la. My coach, my coach didn't even know who I am. Some days I walk in, he goes, Hey, I'm not your kid.

Speaker 1:9:36Try to wear a rash guard and I can't stop the rash from spreading. It's crazy. There's a lot a rodney dangerfield humor not coming up on his podcast, but again, I just. I'm glad we did it. I just wanted to take a second to celebrate it. I need you to understand that you can't just drop a mention of him without stirring up some emotions that I feel are hundred percent justified, but we never talked about it, so now we have therapy completed. Thank you. I love the movie lady bugs. I'm with you on this stuff. Certainly we're going to talk about what happened to Roseanne Bar Horace and how he found the big mushroom for Mario Kart and where the hell that came from, but first you want to look like meal par horace. Super easy, Raf. Jan on over. Now, all that. All that. That's a terrible integrity.

Speaker 1:10:27Let me do that again for the job. Hey, you didn't want to not look like a crazy person and just normal human with healthy lifestyle habits. Ready to train for hours. You need to get on the proven nutrition band wagon. We're taking it out west. We're taking it on the Chisholm trail. We're going to establish a new colony of healthy humans. Hell bent on 100 percent guaranteed proven great quality, great tasting. One hundred percent natural ingredients. Get the core. Start with the core cause. Usually be like, oh, well now I'm hooked and frankly I have ambitions, wrath. I'm hoping to work my way up to even needing creatine. Not there yet. Don't have the physical activity because I'm trying to work on flexibility. Have, but that's the beauty or an announcement. One's got it. Yeah. We are running out of core klr running out of court. There was a.

Speaker 1:11:24There was, I mean I am. I, I've sent out a wrenching. If you're hearing this, please send help. But guys, core is running out. You need to get in on that good core right now because we are finding out, Kev, this is an exclusive right over here. They are rebranding. There's going to be a new element of core is called core fit. Same product you loved but even better name because guess what? We all need to get fit. I asked Richie on his post, I said, can I still drink it if I had myself am not fit? And he's like, of course you're asked. And I said, are you just saying that because you're in shape? And he says yes. So that is the information we have for you guys. It is core fit. Look out for it. You know it, you love it. You want to drink this one too.

Speaker 1:12:08I thought it was important that we tell the people because Kevin, we are, believe it or not, we're. We are the voice of proven nutrition. I'm excited about that. In fact, I love me some proven nutrition. There is a lot to get into. Go to proven nutrition dot competent. Kevin 10. Put an RAF 10. If you feel unsympathetic, Raf, I have to tell you about a near death experience I had this weekend was in myrtle beach. Day three. The tide's really coming in. Things are getting rocky. I'm out there. I'm keeping my niece and nephew kindness sequestered towards the shore. I've got my speedo shorts on, but more importantly, thank everyone in my karmic universe for their positive thoughts. I had my north south underwear on. You can find them at north South Jujitsu that come. What I did was as I was getting stung by multiple jellyfish wrath and look down and see it crushing my knee as I just was doing a little treading.

Speaker 1:13:11It was like kids time to go in and while I hit a whole small school and my knees were shocked quite a bit or cut or stuck, whatever. The boys were intact. The whole groin old region suffered no damage. Undoubtably due to the protection provided to me by my north south. You tell me there's. There's a five star review that's going to beat that. No, it was right there. We made. We made prison contact wrap. This was the best possible protection in the water when I'm dealing with literal sharks out of the water when I'm dealing with the metaphorical grappling ones. North South run. Don't walk because they're coming for you. The other technicals. That's a huge metaphor era. Are we talking about like the mega sharks? This next segment? Raji by Jason. Save them as new. Oh, I can't wait to see that movie by the way. It's been awhile since I bet on a starring in a movie about sharks and. Got Will. You already did, I think. I think you already. Well then I'll do it again. You're a. you're a Jujitsu brown belt, I think to use any Jujitsu to maneuver around the shark. Yeah.

Speaker 3:14:43Oh,

Speaker 1:14:44all right. Thank you ladies. Gentlemen sponsored by North South. I come here to say hi, Jason Statham. Jason, thank you. Thank

Speaker 2:14:52you. I just want to point out I took one improv class and I learned, yes, period.

Speaker 3:15:05Well,

Speaker 2:15:06but I can't argue with that, especially with that jawline ladies, gentlemen Jitsu fizzy auto start, meg coming to theaters chase and say the. I'm going to bring all of your favorite hosts back to the show right now because Robin, I need to do a segment called. It's [inaudible] 99 and you can't stop us from this. You read it. Go. It's a long segment name and I do apologize for that, but this meme got some traction. Yeah, obviously it immediately got a beautiful Harrison Ford. Me. There's a lot of memes as you saluted our crowds because you're the Harrison Ford is a salute to everyone and their ability to contribute. Yes, go ahead. Did you want to give a shout out to the people before we started reading some of their responses? I have story one, right? Cute in front of me and I'm very excited for that. So we got so many responses.

Speaker 2:16:01If we did not read your response, don't hate us. If we read every single response, we would actually be on episode real one right now. So we're going to do our best. We're gonna power through a number of these, but I also want to give a big thanks to our good friends at cit scripts who created the original meme. I know you guys gave some of us a little bit of that credit. You know, I hate taking credit when we don't fully deserve it. Don't get me wrong. We contributed to the cycle. Oh, is that a right word to say this? Will you also at jet scripts to them in your meme? I did, and again, I thought, I don't want to be very clear about this. I thought we would get a good smattering of responses, but jet scripts are good. Friend Eric, again, long, long time friend of the show created something that just resonated with the heart of where people were. Now that's not to say that we didn't already agree with the perspective of, well, Polaris, something's off about that guy. It's pretty big, but the fact that it cut to our core and got all of you to respond is the reason we do things like Harrison Ford saluting. So Kev, without any further ado, let us start to walk the people through the responses they had because the question we put up was

Speaker 3:17:27how

Speaker 2:17:28in your best guest did this transformation happen from the Polaris who showed up? Mr Paul Harris and was fighting at one 72. What ever we see today. Kevin, lift us off. Use at jet scripts near you. You won't be disappointed.

Speaker 1:17:50You might do this comment from need. Can shump Tomasz sorry about what I did to your names. Is there. Comment begins. One day Paul Harris was on his regular power walk when he stumbled upon a magical frog folly Sapo. He said, or I crush you. I'm the magical frog, and if you kiss me instead of crushed me, I will grant you one wish. I want to be the huge hulk. Pull her said, look man, I'm a frog. Not Gand off, but I can get you. I can give you an endless sac is steroids. So I guess he kissed the frog. Comment over just pure genius work. It's just a real later. You got immediate risks. Prosody from our fans. A thank you on a swamp marsh.

Speaker 2:18:40Uh, Dr Edwin Eduardo said, easy one for nineties kids. He took poison ivy serum. He turned to bad pain.

Speaker 1:18:49First of all, he went 100 percent. Tom Hardy's this role, so I don't disagree with that. For Brian Glues of itch. This is a conspiracy theory raf one. And I do want it cut into a 32nd video form. So here it goes. The real Paul Harris died after sustaining a lethal injury from his clash with Gary Tonin. The umbrella corp collected a sample of his DNA to create the world's strongest bio organic weapon. Yet the nemesis Vitu. I don't disagree with that at all. That sounds like a 100 percent true conspiracy theory to me.

Speaker 2:19:27This one's interesting. I mean, it's hard to look anymore huge and shredded than he did in the UFC. I say he's added 20 to 30 pounds, but he hasn't been fighting or cutting weight fighters blow up when they don't have to make weight. Duh. Uh, we had some people who responded to that human being. It's a dude. There's 30 pounds of extra peck development alone.

Speaker 1:19:51That's what I really enjoy for its brevity and it's shout out to cheat codes long ago from Ryan Griff, or up down, up, down, left, right, left, right a, b, select star

Speaker 2:20:09saddled, little wayfair responses just because you have to imagine if you're going through your feed on your instagram and then you take a moment and you stop and you go, wait. They asked for me to comment on this and this is the calm that they put in response to my question. Wait, is that for real? Just a rhetorical question immediately because I liked the idea that I had to do that to Kev. I had, when I first saw it, I said, okay, Craig Jones, who got crazy on the photoshop and sure enough it looks like the thing when you drag

Speaker 1:20:48in photoshop and extend part of, uh, the photo to just kind of go out of its original frame and you go, oh, okay, we're just going to exaggerate this. No, no, that's real though. Can confirm it's real. And I do want to wrap. I have two real quick. I want to pop and fire from Luc Besson, which really cuts to the thesis of all this Brazilian genetics are superior, Hashtag Jealous Green goes, which I like as a defense comment and this one really hit me with a good as I was watching some roast battle earlier. This is from Anthony. Patrick. Can't tell you how, but I can tell you why five words, post-fight game, porn career and no one, no truer words were spoken in terms of potential.

Speaker 2:21:40This one's interesting because it might not be wrong for what they believe Kevin, but it said Bulls and prayers like all Brazilians get theirs

Speaker 1:21:52that I do want to give a whole shout out to the genre that suggested he just ate another human being. I don't have. I have at least 20, 22, 24 comments suggesting who that was and I really appreciate the creativity. We have a card catalog that you could sort through the different humans that were suggested just based on that one job, just in general that he ate and frankly if we expanded it to animals, we really. We really get to the heart of some people's humor.

Speaker 2:22:26Someone said, uh, let's see. Horse meat then took a beat, waited for a second, then posted, forgot to add the best cuts of horse meat. Obviously he wouldn't get this way with regular old horse meat.

Speaker 1:22:45This is a very special type of forced me. I want to give a shout out to Paul cat. I don't know, but it looks like William Defoe in the before pick another. There's a lot of good stipulation as to where that came from.

Speaker 2:23:01There's a great one here and I got this a couple times, but I want to make sure that we address this because there were some people who posted and then deleted maybe because the mob crowd mentality made them rethink their things in life. But someone asked this question at least two to three times, so let's see if we can answer it for you. It says how many years in between both picks. I'm going to ask you something real quick because I know some people are gonna say, well, you know, the years can have a big significant difference in their physique to which I would say Kevin, okay. Maybe you know that

Speaker 2:23:47joke on friends when chandler gets the good one in on Monica when she was fat and she says, you know, the camera adds 20 to 30 pounds and he says, how many cameras did you eat? How many cameras are actually on you? Correct. Or wrecked? Yeah. Thank you. That's essentially what I would respond. Just replace. How many cameras are on you with years or on you between the two because I don't care how many years that is. Kevin, you can see me in 10 years and. No, I was telling somebody this earlier today. I said you could put me on steroids right now and I still wouldn't be a fraction of that

Speaker 1:24:26big. No, I'm convinced I would just gain more gut. It's like my gut took the authority to really muscle up ball. My arms were like don't need us anymore.

Speaker 2:24:36So if you talked about genre, I also want to bring up a genre right now, which was a how many infinity stones deep is he?

Speaker 1:24:44Yeah, we have a lot of good. First of all, this is always one of my favorites. The comic book nerds immediately come out to play in this one and they did their comic books genres up there. I want to throw a cleverness to Jesse Fisher, Super Taco, horse meat and Dick Pills Diet, which is a nice shot at the John Joel's world. Things. Just remember when steroids were so much easier. Kev, I actually not specifically. What are you referencing? Are you talking about what it was just Mark Mcguire versus Sammy Sosa? What do you mean easier?

Speaker 2:25:20I'm just saying even in mma, like when you saw someone like a John Jones, you said you know your bigger, but you're also a giant athlete and you're pretty close there, so maybe you're not on steroids, wink. And we all kind of play along and we say like, oh, he's just a super athlete. This one's one where when people were trying to defend it, and I had, when I mentioned that somebody deleted a post, it's my favorite kind of deleted posts where you know, they spent a good five to 20 minutes writing the posts to defend somebody and then immediately take it down.

Speaker 1:25:56Yeah. Especially as asgard five. Oh, three posts to post stevie Cole bear just firing off steroids needles, which is way more accurate than any five minute post.

Speaker 2:26:09Also, let's get a nice shout out to bear. Ishita himself, an athlete who decided to chime in and you know, Barrett's and no bullshit sort of human being. So he takes that approach to writing his jokes and we're gonna work with them on it, but he buries the lead a little bit here. Here we go. Bear Yoshida. He took steroids, lifted weights, and then ate more food.

Speaker 1:26:33Cool. That's Kinda similar to the HBO movie about Mike Tyson when it's like, what have you been feeding this kid? Cocoa puffs and steroids. I just liked the idea

Speaker 2:26:44that I'm wanting to sit down with and again, we love Barrett. I would sit down with Barrett and just be like, can you show me your first draft and then we're going to workshop at though. Okay, he did the Eddie Bravo. I'm going to get high challenge things. You don't need to judge him.

Speaker 1:27:03I won't. I, I do also enjoy the several people that just posted some genre of Vegan question mark. There is a Keto Diet. Motherfuckers retells you and just anyone that posted a smoothie meme or a Mario meme, but the winner of the memes for me is cj hill in when he posted the turtles to the secret of the ous really appeals to me because I love that movie and in it that that is kind of the thing the ous does. It makes it giant shredder. It makes a giant spoiler alert. It also giant animals. So Ralph sacred to us seems like a really. Yeah, that's. That's what I would assume.

Speaker 2:27:56I'm glad that you're able to explain the plot of secret of the ous because that was a big part for a children's movie that I'm sure the children didn't themselves get. Hey, we've got a couple here that are pretty, uh, by the numbers, but I still like them a. This individual wrote, I'm going to pray for Craig Jones and I'm not religious. This one is Kev. We have many winners. This one is a winner of missed it by this much, which is, I'm not sure mushrooms will do this. My elevate your brain muscle, but not your physique. In response to our one where I created a mathematical equation that has been proven in science that said Skinny Rusa Marpol Harris, plus three mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers equals current recent Maher, Paul Harris, who that person was trying to debunk the theory of what mushrooms might do with you. There were a couple that did that as well. I'm going to say

Speaker 1:29:00no. Well, I really, instead of doing that next time finding me because the pot pie one where he eats a can of spinach made me a lot as did just the simple intermittent fasting. There's a lot of like just simple jabs. That question. First of all, this is verbal tap. We do not know. I

Speaker 2:29:22care if you're serious. We're actually quite upset if you take that choice. I mean, hey listen, you live your life however you need to. I'm just saying once it's posted, it is fair game for us to say. All right, well you've contributed to the community. Here you go. There is one that I did to share just because it kind of tickled me a little bit. Uh, which I mean there's this one as well, but absorption of broken bones and torn tendons from training partners, which is closer to science than I think, but this one from good, good spirits. The theory that, that, that was a second and it's very simple, but I like when people are able to speak in a way, you can hear them say exactly which is steroids. The answer is steroids. Yeah. Well, and people like anyone that had just a visceral reaction that Paul Butler, Jesus fucking Christ. So yeah, that's, that's the reaction you have. Here's the good news. Craig Jones doesn't care. Craig Jones doesn't know who as me, Paul Harris is. He probably won't in a week and he's not that worried about it. Plus his delicate bones. I mean, who knows?

Speaker 2:30:39It can. This is where it all started though. People were starting to slide into our dms, which was the original point of this. Oh, I like when you say it, like that always makes me feel. Nevermind. Go ahead. Again, it's the way the Internet says, man. I like it. I'm just saying it feels like you're really. Hey, they slide into our dms. Listen, I'm just saying style. Uh, I want to make sure that the children are being taught to the way that they talk. They don't understand us, Kevin, when we use certain full sentences. So we need to do a brief for the kids. It's what they're cool. Hip Lingo says. Here we go. This one a tickle me a lot though. It's from LG Econo Americano. It says, Paul Harris was organizing his coin collection when he came upon a coin that had an inscription on it. He started reading it out loud, and thus the all mighty Achilles from Mount Olympus Achilles. If you beat me at a game of Dominoes, I shall grant you the power of strategy and superior fighting skills. Halfway through the game, Paul Harris, tired of losing to him, dives in for a leg lock, knowing it's his greatest weakness, defeating him and gaining him all of his powers.

Speaker 2:31:55This, this is only gonna get worse. I also want to make sure though that people understand that's the heel hookers version of the aristocrats joke. Hold on. Yeah, that your argument, you're. That's where you're gonna. Listen, I want to make sure that you know that the Internet loves fucking Heel Hook and leg locked jokes. They cannot get enough of them, Kevin, so I feel for lazy meemers. It's one of those things where they go, what is it like a heel hook? I believe drinking this cup of coffee is like a heel hook or it's just a fly and they take a moment. Then they have a giant response

Speaker 1:32:40because it's the cool hip thing the kids are doing thus like a briefs. However, Kev, it is our job to occasionally look at those things and I liked the idea of the end is and fucking go for a leg lock, which is the end of the aristocrats. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Kevin, do you have another one? I. Well, hold on. I mean obviously I have several. I've studied deserved to rap in general because I mean I also did a lot of things were. Well their meme from Alexandra Perez, Alex friend of ours a, which is just, Oh my God. It's no, forget gay Jesus with the hands up. Nice steroids callback to our friend Yoel Romero

Speaker 4:33:26who also forgiving for my

Speaker 1:33:30100 percent. It does. Especially if you give us some of that grappling. We need you in a wrestling tournament. I've seen you in training. You'll terrifying.

Speaker 4:33:38Yeah, no, in my country I restful for food because I eat. So uh, I think Sonia

Speaker 1:33:52been baby for awhile now. I think.

Speaker 4:33:54No, I do. I live in the Rv, but sometimes we knew John Goal. You will know where you are.

Speaker 1:34:02Did you grow up in a juggle? I think so. I picked ul. What do you think happened to Rosa Mirror? I assume you do stumble upon each other casually as two of the strongest people that no one wants to fight an MMA. Oh, okay. So that would be. Yes. Then

Speaker 4:34:23I mean my, my dad helped me with my problem down there.

Speaker 1:34:29Okay. Well I like a url. Any advice for as he runs into the grappling world? Are you worried anyone's going to give them any business about it?

Speaker 4:34:41I mean, my money. I'm Greg Jones because I told them how to beat him.

Speaker 1:34:46How does he beat him?

Speaker 4:34:48Take all of these steroids away from him.

Speaker 1:34:53Okay. Well you heard it here. Take the steroids away from him. That'll do it.

Speaker 4:34:57Bye everybody.

Speaker 1:35:05He needs that. He, uh, is good for everybody. There's a lot to dissect it and want to make sure that we're all aware of the fact that as he was leaving he was raising the roof because raising the roof, we'd its way into the jungle. We didn't hear it, but I'm glad now that I know it's important that I convey what I see when we're in the studio together. So that's what happened here. It'd be tla where all the talent is. I'm just trying to figure it out here. I just say. All right, go up to the microphone. Polaris Harris or whoever it might be a, you know, it could be oil. Who knows who's. Hey, let's talk about Geo Martinez who wrote a. It looked like he went through puberty and then mo just said look more like he did it more than once. Said I meant to say again.

Speaker 1:36:07So dare dat. Well, there's lots of visits to the Jamba juice bar, which is a nice suggestion, Raf. Any final Paul Harris before I kind of want to hit some. Let's just do some predictions here. Alright, let's do that. You Win? Yeah. I just want to read these last couple. He started blowing on his thumb for two months every day at 10:00 PM before sleeping and making love to his wife, which has a really nice cartoon element to it because you can hear the little cartoon Looney toons instrumental that's happening in the background as he was doing you.

Speaker 2:36:46Um, we also had some people who were very, very angry about it, um, but they would say like a really angry at or gamma radiation exposure. Um, it said, I think he grew a beard first, then trimmed around it to get that sweet at stash, which very well this one made me laugh, give because of it made me think of Batman. We know that I like Batman, but it said he fell into the bomb above that at the balloon factory. Said tainted supplements. Obviously drank from a friend's preworkout. I don't know. I'm just saying all the things. And I told the guy, I was like, you had me at Bomba factory because the thought of a skinny Paul Harris being liquid. No falling in and out of steroids. Just like, you know, I might make that mean. I can't tell you that I will, but visually as well,

Speaker 1:37:52I'm excited because that's part of the fun here. Everyone has joined in and there's, we have a chance to really take this thing to the next level. Ours. Hey, we'll see when he rips, rips Craig Jones head off, we'll all know to be like, oh, that was our bad. She's a real show advisor and that's who he's fighting. Rapper you worried for cj?

Speaker 2:38:17I have told Craig Jones, uh, because when somebody said, pray for Craig Jones, I said, you know, why don't we ask Craig about this? And I tagged Craig and he sent me a note and he said, you better be praying for me.

Speaker 1:38:33I said, and easily

Speaker 2:38:36what Nigga? Well, if I'm being honest, Craig, I call him Craig Earthy, Eh, Polaris teams have been really good for business. Your friend of the show, it's Kinda hard. And he goes, Dick and I go, but what if I say this, Craig, Craig earthy, what if I say on here that you're going to win? Because if I say it on the Internet, it has to happen. So there you go. You think he's going to win? I think yes. He will ask me how he's going to do it. How Science and magic. I don't really have an explanation. I feel it in my heart and I can't explain to you how. I just have a feeling that maybe he accidentally submits them. Have you ever thought of that? Accidentally submits. Oops, I tapped him. Sorry guys. Match over. I have to tell you that had not occurred to me.

Speaker 2:39:41Okay, well now it has. I'd welcome. I'm worried about little cj. I'm just worried. I'm worried you going to get tossed around like that boat scene in Baywatch when we lost the greatest cj of all times. No, I'm. I'm not trying to rip fresh wounds open and I should have issued a trigger warning, but I'm going to talk about the saddest scene of Baywatch ever. I. I'm worried that's what we're headed for. Where it's going to be a straight sailboat. Masts falls on cj and nor Rosario ribs. Craig's leg off. I don't know what he's capable of. It's like it only takes 350 pounds per pressure groups was ball sack off. That's, that feels in play. Can I also expressed something here because did you see the flow grappling little vignette they did on his training? No. Okay. I'll send it to you right now.

Speaker 2:40:35It's a. well first it's terrifying because he's still a giant human being. These meetings are fun until you really do confirm and say, no, he is that big, but then Kev, what is he been reprimanded for in the realm of MMA and a Jujitsu, holding submissions too long. A little too long, right? Little too long and not not your submission where that's kind of okay, like a rear naked choke, but the submission where that pops your acl, like he'll hook. Now we're also talking about the fact that he has oddly and we're saying very oddly, he has oddly been kicked out of multiple organizations for doing that sort of thing, so not just one fighting organization, like several, several. In fact, if you remember, that was the whole point about people giving gary

Speaker 1:41:34balls of the year credit. Was that an award then does that and then the reward was one thing Derek gave to himself. Yes, I. Well, we'll sponsor it along with this fellow with two hours he fought him when no one else would, genuinely, no one else wanted to fight him in any genres. He had fought some people and taking it too far. And when you fuck with people's career, especially when they tap, that's how it tends to happen. A girl was like, got it. And then John Callista was like, couldn't get the fight. So He's hiding Craig Jones here and this is good for Craig Jones, but Craig Jones also has a habit of tapping some extremely high level people and if we're being honest, the whole leg gruesome are being. That big movement started when, uh, I believe it was Craig Jones posted in the put up a very apt, a Gif of somebody being surprised with popcorn that just exploded out of their hands.

Speaker 1:42:30So, you know, it's not unfounded. But, uh, I sent Kevin a video and I want you to just look at going gentlemen, who I believe you might be seeing in just a second, who looks like he's going to get Alabama slammed to the ground. I'm taking the sound off, but I would, that's fine. But you also see his hair, which I have compared to, uh, basically vin diesel's tattoos and triple x. Now tell me that last leg lock right there. You might not have seen or heard, but his training partners pretty much lake. Yeah. Tap and he does the hands up in the air. I just broke out of jail. First of all. He's fucking huge. Second of all. Yeah. I'm kind of watching what you're talking about right now and his training partners like dammit. And there's a great scene of thing. He has an extra reputation of rep asked me the question about his mainstream reputation.

Speaker 1:43:33The other hidden underbelly of this from insider info or if you've read things, is that he's this way to his training partner. Yes. Which not cool. Um, but here's the nice thing. There's a moment where they do a zoom in on him to say like, Hey, are you ready to go? And I go, that's a completely worthless shot. I want footage of the dude. He's gonna train with being told you need to do an extra round with him. And him going, does the sign of the cross on his face, says goodbye to his kids, tells them, well, it's been a fun life by everybody. That's the video I want footage of up close and personal. So Kev, that's the kind of stuff that you see, uh, when you're playing around. And one thing I want to point out here is it's him doing jump rope for cardio. Which when you've done that many steroids, do you really need a jump rope? I had my same. I was like,

Speaker 2:44:32I had a completely different reaction. I was like, when I started doing steroids, I'm going to steal that jump rope seat. That was genius. He's really taken seriously. You can tell he's winded, actually cares. Who Cares? I think we should take out thrive. That's how we got to shoot our film. I've been trying to get doctors to put me on these sheets for years. Suddenly my kids, that's what we have to look forward to this weekend. We wish, you know, Hashtag pray for Craig Jones. That's where we're at. P for cj, let's, uh, thoughts and prayers to all cj's that have perished in the line of duty. Joe, Bert Burns is fighting age ag. His arm wrap. This probably happened before. I don't think so. Did it? I don't know me either. Okay, cool. Can't wait to see, uh, the poet laureate fight Gilbert burdens. John Palestine versus Giana Grippo. Yeah. Johnny and him, she'd be an interesting match. It's too small and terrifying human beings who are good at Jujitsu. So John Callista, I mean he was asking for, you know, the whole. I don't get no respect at all. He's got a great matchup here. So very much looking forward to how that one plays out.

Speaker 2:45:55There's a whole tournament featuring bog loot days. Ms Dot Jackie held send new tow Perez and international supermodel. Pj Barch. Pretty Fun. August 18th. You're going to be busy. I will be busy. I won't be watching that one yet. What are you going to be doing? Rap. So check this out guys. I'm going to be back in the microphones. There's an amazing tournament that is going to feature, you know, people like what? Phil Schwartz from Tenth Planet, Mike John From Tenth Planet, Keith Korean, uh, Kevin Melendez, Riz, I mean we've got some really solid heavy hitters. It's called inhouse tournament and it is taking place at house of gyms in Anaheim. Tickets are available for $10. Support your local grapplers guys. And it's not that much. 10 bucks is not that bad. We want to make sure that you guys were there to support these folks. We've also got re Mujica. We've got j, p Lendano and uh, Israel Salsa along with chance. So another. So it's a good card. I hope that you guys, if you cannot make it out that way, do us a solid. Why don't you share the stream that is going to be available for you to watch worldwide because we want to give these guys some shine. It's always fun. It's sub only. It's going to be sub only, I believe 10 minutes for the first two rounds, two periods of overtime. Second round is 15

Speaker 1:47:34minutes with I think three over time. And guess what have asked me how long the finals go. Sub only. No timeline it. Fuck you. The men's tournament, yet a woman's tournament. It's tough. People Tournament people tournament. That's bad. As really dealt with this pro three wrath. Hosting the baddest brown belt August 18th is shaping up to be a great day. Yeah, it's gonna be a lot of fun. You guys. You back on the mic? I'll, I'll be checking it out. I also have a particular affinity for brown belt fights. They just tend to be so uninhibited and crazy to me. I also think they're the hardest to call either way that's on, you know, they get so fucking dangled. Do yes.

Speaker 2:48:31It like you look at them and you just go, hey, could you guys keep it down? I know you're not quite black belts yet, but he don't got to prove it every second. So ever say that to them. That's not what I'm saying it here. I'm just trying to get you beat up as usual. I mean, good luck with that because those guys are going to be so tired from there. A sub only movement and I gotta tell you this guy. This was a great moment. Uh, that one, uh, our good friend Mike process putting it together and he sent me a note, he just wanted to get my input and he goes, what are your thoughts on them going adcc style? And I go, personally, I don't care dude, but can I tell you this? And he goes, what's that? I go, some people always bitches about it. And he goes, yeah, I go, if they want to do it, just let them do it. And he goes, yeah. He goes, because there's going to be somebody saying like, what if they're an Ebi overtime? And they complained that they might be a little slippery. And I was like, you know what? Fuck that. Just them in regulation, you don't have to do it. He was like, Ooh.

Speaker 1:49:32I like that. Like, there you go, boom. Done. So look out. Where are you doing it with? Anyone?

Speaker 2:49:44Uh, well that's a mystery. Kevin. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. All right. I like that way better than the mystery grappler. Maybe they will. Maybe they haven't it a lot. A lot more injury to that angle. Wrap. Any other topics before I start to circle this thing around third, I think it's been a pretty quiet week in terms of MMA and if you guys want some additional kind of stuff to see. I mean I've obviously got an amazing interview with one Brent Luttrell who did an amazing seminar over a 10th planet Van Eyes. He's one of the few people to have a black belt as both in Gracie Barra and in the Tenth Planet System Under Eddie Bravo, so he's pretty dope, did some great escapes and taught us that over that way, but I mean guys,

Speaker 1:50:28I'm just excited for you to be ready for episode 300. We have hit the two 99 milestone tonight. It is 300 time coming up, which means stick in. Let us know via five star review how much you're enjoying or would like to see certain people on the podcast fivestars. Let us know. Follow us on any of the social medias at verbal tap cast. Visit our friends north, south Jujitsu, dicom proven Wrap. What are run? It's been. We're gonna. Get more nostalgic next week. It's time for some shout outs. I will start. I was at a family event. Oh, the unexpected funerals are never fun. They are a good memory and a good reflection moment going gonna miss my cousin Joey. Don't like burying people before its time, but as we've said before, 90 years would be too much and like a lot of people, we have a lot of addict blood on this Philips Mccartney clan in terms of just so many addicts, Raf.

Speaker 1:51:46I mean I'm in there and well we'd, you know, we'd in podcasting, I guessed on the happy side, getting surgery and doing some Jujitsu right there in the middle side. Great time to see the family. Really had some good beach time with, with my direct crew. Even under some shitty reasons, but a great time to remember. Yeah, just do what you need to do to get to tomorrow. That's all we're looking for. Anything after that? Anything ever that's bonus, that's going to do it for me. Wrath in terms of the shout outs will somber will shadow. Well, you know at the nice part about that is Kev, when you do a shout out like that, it's very cool for those who have ever experienced that sort of thing and they know it sucks when you have to go out and do it, but that you could have a nice, beautiful moment went through family, which is really the most important thing because, you know, take the time.

Speaker 1:52:43You have to appreciate it with your friends and family. I know that myself. It's one of those weekends where you just kind of go affiliate paying my friend. So, uh, my condolences to you and your family, sir. Appreciate it. Let's do this. Let's talk a few things. Let's talk about how great van Nuys is specifically 10 planets Jujitsu in Van hise. Amazing people out there. I mentioned Brent did this fantastic seminar. CanNot recommend it enough. Check out our interview. Coming up very quickly on our youtube page and I got to say it, there's some more stuff coming on our youtube page. Uh, we're looking back at the vault for 300. We're releasing some stuff. We've never released a, believe it or not. Sometimes we do too many interviews that we need to air

Speaker 2:53:26them out in a certain amount of order, Aka I'm actually live life and then go ahead and release those. Some of the require a little bit of editing so we're looking forward to having those come out more and more as the days go by. Plus you're going to hear more episodes from the podcast. So if you guys have ever wanted to hear the podcast on a youtube channel, we're going to have more of those going up. Uh, so keep an eye out on those as well. I want to give a shout out to the lag Jitsu club. Congratulations are in order to both join eric who picked up winds, a friend of the show, Keith Korea, and ended up winning. That was great to watch him beast it out and do some amazing work out that way. I should be talking with Keith a little bit later in this week as well.

Speaker 2:54:07And I also want to shout out, uh, the guys from the finishers. I believe Kevin, I haven't seen it yet, but I was told by one, Zach, mass laney, there was a shout out, he was 100 percent wearing a shirt and I love the fact that people were texting me being like, do you graph? He's wearing his shirt that's like, he's wearing it guys. And I was like, I know, that's cool. He should. And like, he was very true to his word. I don't believe he was letting people know he lost a bet. Um, so no, he was, he was good. Um, but they put on a phenomenal tournament. It's for free. Ninety nine sub only finishers six. And while you're at it, take a look at some of the other events they put together because it is a great funnel leak to Ebi and uh, it was really phenomenal. Uh, so can't say enough good things about that a plus. Let's go ahead and shut out value martial arts center.

Speaker 2:55:02It felt good to be back there in training and uh, look forward to getting back out there again sometime early this week. And, uh, I mean really guys, that's going to do it for me. I'm so stoked to be commentating this gig coming up. I'm stoked for episode 300. I wonder who we're going to get the guest. Should I be working on that now? Oh Shit. Yeah. Fuck. We talked about that. I was a few weeks ago. What do you think the guys from the whole Bella tour reality series are up to these days? I don't know if it's called them. We'll see if we get in touch with their pr people. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Would ever fight master the twitter? I was like, what's the reference? Everybody, it's in there somewhere. Fight master beats. I was like beastmaster. That is the Netflix thing. It's a wonderful master asked master. No, that's not it either. No. Master masters, no fallen thing either. So anyway, let's go do it for us this week. You guys do four, two 99. I'm Kevin. Thank you for listening. Good night

Speaker 3:56:24and good fight.

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