Between Both Cheeks

Tomai Hira's Double Mastectomy and "2 wings of Strength"

October 29, 2021 Season 2 Episode 35
Between Both Cheeks
Tomai Hira's Double Mastectomy and "2 wings of Strength"
Show Notes

When we were developing Bryght's new skincare line for #CancerThrivers , the only stock photos we could find of breast cancer models all looked... sad. While that definitely is a part of having cancer, it's not the whole story. So instead of paying licensing fees for stock photo, we decided we would scout out our own model, and that money could go towards a real person. We wanted our model to be HAPPY, STRONG, and having FUN during our photoshoot. They say laughter is the best medicine, right?

While the Bryght team took an Oncology Esthetics course from the lovely people at we shared our idea. They immediately thought of this woman, Tomai ( @tomai_hira ) Tomai lives in New Zealand and is a cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy. When we got in contact with her to ask her to share her body and her story with us, she cried. We all cried!!!

Then... a photographer. We are in North America- not New Zealand. So.. To the 'Gram we went. Through hashtags, we found a New Zealand based photographer, @annupam .. As it turns out, the day we messaged, they were at a breast cancer charity photoshoot. I mean, WHAT?! If you believe in the universe... WOW.

So, here is the result- a beautiful campaign featuring real people in the breast cancer community and their stories.

We are so excited to FINALLY share this with you all! We know Strength and Courage are going to change lives, because they already have.

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