The Music Man Project Podcast

Caring and Coping

April 22, 2020 The Music Man Project Season 1 Episode 5
The Music Man Project Podcast
Caring and Coping
Show Notes

Episode 5 of The Music Man Project Podcast, presented by founder and CEO of The Music Man Project charity, David Stanley.

The importance of effective support workers (or carers as they are often known) can never be overstated in relation to people with learning disabilities. Caring can be the difference between happiness and despair for families, especially when parents become less able to care for their children themselves as they get older. In this episode, we talk to Roger, a carer with 10 years experience and support worker for two Music Man Project students. Roger explains what it is like to care for someone with special needs. He says, "If they have smiled and laughed then that is a good day".

We also learn how some of our musicians from The Music Man Project Essex are coping with the current Coronavirus lockdown. Anthony, Donna, Roy, Linda, Dan and our maestro Daniel all talk to David, and Donna even sings and song or two!

The world record-breaking Music Man Project provides award-winning accessible music education and performance opportunities for children and adults with learning disabilities across the UK and around the world. These remarkable musicians have performed at the Royal College of Music, the London Palladium and the Royal Albert Hall.

Every podcast includes news, music, interviews and lots of other exciting features and surprises. It celebrates the achievements of all people with learning disabilities from around the world.

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