The Music Man Project Podcast

Ruby Sparrow

June 03, 2020 The Music Man Project Season 1 Episode 11
The Music Man Project Podcast
Ruby Sparrow
Show Notes

Episode 11 of The Music Man Project Podcast, presented by founder and CEO of The Music Man Project charity, David Stanley.
A personal message from David:

I always thought the secret of The Music Man Project was to keep it purely about the Music. I never had any training in disabilities, syndromes, behaviours, medication, social care or even clinical Music Therapy. Music education for its’ own sake remains vitally important but, as the years go by, it is clear that this mini musical empire I created all those years ago is incredibly important for families on a far deeper level than just musical achievement. This podcast can play an even greater role in sharing advice, supporting families in hours of need and being there for them as they and their children get older. I adore my students and their families, and I am continually astounded by their resilience, determination and demonstration of love in all its many forms over a lifetime.  

A case in point is this week’s guest, Laura Sparrow. Laura is the mother of Southend Mencap Music School student Ruby, who has Rett syndrome. Laura talks movingly about caring for her daughter, especially during this pressure-cooker period of lockdown. 

The world record-breaking Music Man Project provides award-winning accessible music education and performance opportunities for children and adults with learning disabilities across the UK and around the world. These remarkable musicians have performed at the Royal College of Music, the London Palladium and the Royal Albert Hall.

Every podcast includes news, music, interviews and lots of other exciting features and surprises. It celebrates the achievements of all people with learning disabilities from around the world.

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