The Music Man Project Podcast

Marc McOwens

August 09, 2020 The Music Man Project Season 1 Episode 14
The Music Man Project Podcast
Marc McOwens
Show Notes

Episode 14 of The Music Man Project Podcast, presented by founder and CEO of The Music Man Project charity, David Stanley.

No matter how driven or talented they are, everyone needs someone to believe in them, to share their vision and to take risks on their behalf. For David Stanley, that man was Marc McOwens, General Manager of Southend Mencap. 

Marc valued David's ambitions and encouraged him to follow his dreams. It was the same as back in 2001, when David had proposed a Saturday morning music school to the then President of Southend Mencap – the late Joe Dorado. The two men are widely different in many ways but in this they are the same: they supported, encouraged and trusted David and he will forever be in their debt. 

We hope you enjoying learning how The Music Man Project started with an amazing charity from South East Essex. Without Southend Mencap and Marc in particular, there would no Music Man Project and no Music Man Project podcast!

The world record-breaking Music Man Project provides award-winning accessible music education and performance opportunities for children and adults with learning disabilities across the UK and around the world. These remarkable musicians have performed at the Royal College of Music, the London Palladium and the Royal Albert Hall.

Every podcast includes news, music, interviews and lots of other exciting features and surprises. It celebrates the achievements of all people with learning disabilities from around the world.

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