The Music Man Project Podcast

Siblings Special

March 18, 2021 The Music Man Project Season 2 Episode 2
The Music Man Project Podcast
Siblings Special
Show Notes

The theme of this week's podcast is siblings. 

If you ever get the chance, we urge you to watch a young person helping someone with special needs. Their insight, kindness and empathy defy their age, and their experience shapes their personality for the rest of their life. These young people develop the most extraordinary qualities: selfless kindness, patience and love. When that young person is also a sibling of someone with a learning disability, these qualities are even more life-changing for the whole family.  

In this episode of The Music Man Project Radio Show on Chelmsford Community, David explores what it is like to have a brother or sister with a disability. He talks to two wonderful young woman, Remy and Emma, who are both sisters of students at The Music Man Project here in Essex, and he concludes with a moving interview with the most famous Music Man Project carer of them all - the legendary Auntie Ann Randal! Ann talks about her life as the sister of two brothers with learning disabilities, David and Paul.

David also chats to The Music Man Project’s resident filmmaker, web designer and all-round media guru, Paul Carpenter. 2012, Paul's acclaimed documentary “The Music Man” made a huge impression on the Prime Minister David Cameron.  Finally, Chris Stringer from the Salvation Army talks about The Music Man Project/Salvation Army partnership in an interview recorded for the first series of our podcast last year. 

The Music Man Project is a multi award-winning, world record-breaking music education and performance service for people with disabilities - direct from the Royal Albert Hall! It started in Essex but has spread right across the globe! 

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